Camping at Mom’s Place

Casita-scale birthday flower arrangement from Hope

We left Ann’s house after lunch and moved to Mom’s place a mile down the road.

My sister Hope greeted me with a birthday card and a beautiful birthday bouquet just the right size for the camper.  So the removable coffee shelf that Rob built for me has yet another use — flower table!

Mom had visited a friend in the hospital before we got here this morning, then stopped by the furniture store on her way home and bought herself a new mattress.  So Cecil and Ron picked it up for her this afternoon to save delivery charges.

Magnolias high up in the tree

Magnolia closeup taken last year when we were here


The magnolias are blooming.  But they are so high up in the tree, it was difficult to get a good photo of them.  So I’ll post a photo taken today, along with a closeup taken last May when we were here for Mom’s birthday.

I kept the dogs in the pen when we first got to Mom’s.  But later this afternoon I relented and let them out.  They headed for the cool dirt underneath the trailer.  Sheba, of course, started digging a cool spot to lie in until I scolded her and put a stop to her project.

There is bare sand covered with fallen leaves underneath the live oak trees, so a hole on the edges of Mom’s property isn’t the disaster it would be elsewhere.  Especially a little hole.  🙂

I’m not digging, Mom. Honest!

Sunny with a leaf hanging from his muzzle

Half a tea ball makes a perfect sink strainer

Parked at Mom’s place


I had been looking for a strainer for the camper’s sink, but hadn’t found a store that carried them.  But while we were grocery shopping, I found a mesh tea ball that I thought might work.

I got it home, took the two halves apart, and it just happened to be the perfect size!  No more coffee grounds in the gray water tank now!


Low Carbing Hostess

Low carb devil’s food cake with strawberries and whipped cream

Gee, it sure is nice visiting a sister who is on a low carb diet, too.  I never make desserts like she does.  So the devil’s food cake with strawberries and whipped cream that she fixed for us today was an absolute delight!

Ann and I went shopping today.  She bought new towels and looked for a dehydrator.  I bought fishing tackle.

I had planned to fish in Cecil’s pond.  But the fish are so tame that when we walk by the pond, they line up in the water and watch us curiously, totally without fear.  I just didn’t feel that it was sporting to fish for them, so will use my new tackle somewhere else.

Sheba was a bad dog!

Sheba dug a hole in Ann and Cecil’s yard.  So she spent much of the day in her pen with the dig-proof hardware cloth floor, only getting out for leash walks.  Traveling with her looks like it’s going to be a real challenge for a while.

We have decided that her crate takes up way too much room in the Casita.  We took it out today, and she will sleep on the floor by the door tonight.  If she makes it through the night without a potty accident, then we won’t use it in the trailer again.

The crate is way too big for the camper, so we took it out today.

If she does have an accident, then I’ll put the crate back in the trailer for the remainder of this trip, but build her a crate underneath my bed when I get back home.

I am starting to think that I was nuts to want a puppy!  🙂

Quick Casita & Puppy Update

I got the few rust spots removed from the tongue and bumper of the Casita, then treated them with Rust Reformer and painted them with black satin Rustoleum.  It looks nice.

I also discovered that some of the exterior caulking is shrinking, so I’ll replace that this week.

Sunny and Sheba in the playpen

The guy who was going to fix the tow charge line on our truck never showed up, so we will take the truck to the Chevy dealer this week.  Between that and taxes — and having a puppy who is not house broken yet — there will be no camping this month.

I go out into the Casita often to just soak in the peace and dream of when we can be on the road again.

My joy over Sheba training herself to puppy pads was short lived.  I’m now doing crate training…. and getting up at the crack of dawn to take her outside to do her business.  That is NOT my normal schedule!  😀

She is doing pretty well, but it will be a while before she can be trusted to run loose in the house for more than a few minutes at a time.

Fortunately, she enjoys her outdoor playpen, especially after I crawled into it with her and Sunny to demonstrate what a wonderful place to play it was!

At first Sheba dug holes — lots of them — in the fenced area.  I was dreading having to train her not to do it.  But then I put piles of pine cones in the holes yesterday to discourage her digging in the same places — and by some miracle she lost interest in digging holes!  She started one time today and I told her to STOP — and she did!!!!  She never did attempt to dig another one.

She is an incredibly sweet puppy (with a stubborn streak).  I believe that she’s going to make a wonderful companion, hopefully for the rest of my life.

The diet is going well.  At my age, I am not losing fast, but I’ve lost 14 pounds since February 5, so I am pleased with that.  I expect to be at my goal before the end of the year.  I’m eating a lot better and feeling great!



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