Please Prove You’re Not a Robot

Arghhhhhh!!!!  I have just tried several times to comment on another blog, and my “please prove you’re not a robot” numbers and letters keep getting rejected.   No offense to anyone who uses that method of deterring spammers, but it is just getting too aggravating for me to mess with!

There are several blogs that I love to read, but I give up on trying to comment on them.

That’s one thing I really love about WordPress.  Their Akismet spam killer is really good.  Once in a very long time a spam will sneak through, but it’s a rarity when one does.

Today was errands…. got the taxes done.  The first time we’ve ever gotten them done before March or April.  It feels so good to have that behind us.

Ron needs new glasses before we head to Florida again.  Maybe I can get him an appointment next week or so.

I am so antsy to do some more mods in the Casita.  Our rear dinette cushions are 5″ thick and so hard that they are very uncomfortable to sit on.  I came so close today to buying more fabric and ordering some better-suited foam.  But I was a very good girl and stuck to my budget and just said no!  😀

New Table and Storage Solution

The new glass table with baskets for storage under the rear twin bed

I had planned to build a drop leaf table for the Casita.  But the more I thought of a large expanse of solid wood tabletop and how cramped it would make the area look, I decided against wood.

Then, in searching online for small tables, I found a couple of glass topped ones that I liked.  Best of all,  I loved the idea of how open they would make the space look.

Here the table is slid to the side so we can easily walk past it.

But after pricing them, I wasn’t sure it was such a great idea.  So I headed to the thrift store on a hunting expedition.  I looked in every nook, but didn’t find anything that I liked.  But just as I was leaving, I saw a cute little plant stand and thought I might be able to modify it to make it work.

So I took it home, took it apart and cleaned it.  I gave the metal a couple of coats of spray paint to freshen it up, and discarded the 12″ wood top.

Here the tabletop is placed out of the way on top of a cushion, giving us even more space.

We had thrown out some old wicker furniture a couple of years ago, but I held on to the glass table tops, thinking I might could use them for something else some day.  I’m so glad I did.  The small, oval tabletop is a perfect fit in the Casita!  Best of all, it’s solid as a rock.

I love the small footprint of the table.  When we are not using it, I can slide it to the side to give us walking room.  Or I can completely remove the top and lay it on one of the dinette cushions, giving us even more space to access the storage baskets.  In transit, the glass top will travel on the bed, wedged in with pillows.  And the table base will be wedged between the wall carpet and the mattress to keep it from sliding around.

My beautiful storage baskets!

The wood color of the table base doesn’t match anything else, but I really like it, so I am leaving it as it.

I feel that we have succeeded in making our little 17′ trailer into a camper with the convenience and amenities of a much larger RV.

I also replaced the plastic drawers under the rear bed with pretty baskets.  That was a project!  Those of you who have suffered through descriptions of earlier projects know what’s coming, right?  😀

I found the baskets at Hobby Lobby.  The bases were the perfect size to fit the underbed cubby hole.  However, they had rounded “treasure chest” tops, so they needed some modification to work.

First I used my Dremel to cut through the fat globs of solder that secured the hinges, chain and latch to the basket frame.  After I figured out where not to stand to keep hot metal sparks from flying up my sleeve, the job wasn’t bad.  Just tedious.

Next I ground down all the sharp solder edges until they were smooth and rounded.  Then I rubbed black paint on them to tone down the shiny silver of the solder and to cover the small gouges I put in the surrounding metal so it wouldn’t rust.

Then it was time to make the muslin lining.  EXCEPT there are dozens of very tiny, very sharp little wires protruding into the basket…. and they poked right through the muslin.

So I am going to have to build 1/4″ plywood liners for the baskets.

But that’s a project for another day!

New Cushions for the Casita

The new rear single bed and small dinette

I got the cushions finished last night.  So now my Spirit Deluxe has the twin beds that were so important to us.  The back cushions are pillow shams with pillows that can be stuffed behind our backs, under our knees, wherever needed for comfort.  And if needed, we could store off season bedding and clothing in them.

I had hoped to have the valances and coral throw pillows and accents completed before the trip, but I’m out of time.

I bought light brown runners and throw rugs to use on the floor to make it warmer and to cover the table leg holes in the floor.

Some thoughts on the new layout:

New twin bed where the small dinette used to be

I love the twin beds.  Knowing we won’t have to crawl over each other for bathroom visits at night is wonderful.

On days when we are stuck inside due to bad weather, we’ll have a lot more personal space this way.

I used 5″ foam for the dinette cushions because that’s what I had left from an Aliner bed.  But we are short and our toes barely touch the floor, so eventually I’ll have to redo them with 4″ foam.

I’m not sure what kind of table I’ll build.  I’m thinking of a drop side (not drop leaf) table.  But I think we’ll wait and see how we use the space on our trip and decide later.  We’ll temporarily use a folding TV tray.

Anyway, it’s a great relief to have the hard part done.  Now I need to mop the floor, put the rugs down, spray the beds and cushions with Scotchgard, then pack the food and clothes for the trip.

Shopping & Upholstering

I am pooped this evening!  I got the second mattress/cushion for the beds made yesterday.  I intended to get the cushion backs done today.

But I had to do some more shopping for supplies today and when I got home I crashed into bed exhausted!  This evening I am still too exhausted to resume my project, but I hope to make a lot of progress tomorrow.

I did discover that I miscalculated the yardage I would need, so  I am going to have to buy 2 more yards of each fabric pattern.

As soon as I have something to show off, I’ll post pictures!

I think it is going to turn out gorgeous.  Sure hope so, anyway!

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