New Rain Cap & Antenna Advice Needed

Casita with new rain cap for the fan

Casita with new rain cap for the fan

Since it will be a couple of weeks before we can get out camping, I am working on my project list in the meantime.

Yesterday we got the rain cap for the new fan installed.  I am so excited to have that done!

Then today I washed the trailer.  She sure does look beautiful — to me, anyway!

Sun rotted vent cover

Sun rotted vent cover

While Ron was on the roof yesterday helping me tighten bolts, he started to slip, so grabbed the antenna and the black water vent cap.  The vent cap is so sun rotted that it shattered.  And the antenna got turned around a bit.

I have ordered new caps for the black and gray vents, and will have to buy a rivet gun and rivets and learn how to use them.

I am very tempted to just take the antenna down.  We don’t watch TV when we are camping.  We get our news on the net.  And the antenna is a pre-digital TV model.  So I may just take it off and patch it with a piece of the fiberglass I cut out for the fan installation.

Crooked antenna

Crooked antenna

I would appreciate suggestions on whether or not to keep the antenna.  As I understand it, it is an amplified antenna, but it is not directional.

If I keep it, I will need to remove the old sealant and reseal it tomorrow.

Tatted Spring Flower Motif — Framed

Framed tatted flower motif

I love this little flower motif!

I had done it several times for Christmas gifts, but this is the first time I’ve done it for myself.

I had trouble getting my clover petals close enough that a small amount of thread didn’t show between them, but it is still sweet.

This is a modification of one of Nancy Tracy’s free patterns.  Here is the original pattern.

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