Carry a Big Stick!

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up enough so I can work on my Casita projects.  Right now it’s still too cool for the adhesives to set properly.  It’s supposed to warm up this weekend, though.

Sheba's toy box

Sheba’s toy box

In the meantime, Sheba is the only one who is enjoying the outdoors.  She has gathered an impressive pile of country-style toys, proudly displayed in the yard, which she apparently considers her own personal toy box.  🙂

Even though we live in the woods, her junk piles have become a little too much for us to ignore.  Hope she’s not too upset when we clean up the mess!

Nah.  She’ll probably just thoroughly enjoy having a new project.

“Betcha wish you had it!”

"You gotta protect your important stuff."

“You gotta guard your important stuff.”

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