Comfort Food & the Furnace

Hopping John almost done

Hopping John almost done

This crisp weather is making me want to cook rib-sticking comfort food.  Last night we had homemade hopping john over brown rice, and I can’t remember when I’ve eaten a more satisfying meal–although I did go a little too heavy on the hot peppers.  😀

The mobile RV guy checked the Casita’s furnace this morning.  He found dirt dauber nests in the outside vents and thought that might have been the problem.  When he turned on the furnace it just purred.  But he decided to leave it running while he cleaned the back of the refrigerator and the water heater with compressed air.

Then we heard it. Clank.  Clank-clank.  Clank-klittety-clank.  And it continued to get worse.  So a new fan motor is definitely needed.

He is also going to install my new battery wiring kit from Little House Customs since I don’t have the hand strength to crimp the cables.

A camp fire from an earlier cold weather camping trip

A camp fire from an earlier cold weather camping trip

And he promised to get the job done in time for our trip to Alabama.  I am so relieved to know that will be taken care of!

I am getting excited about the upcoming cold-weather camping and imagining the fun of huddling around a nice campfire.  Got to remember to stock up on hot chocolate and mocha.

We will not be taking our nice propane campfire on our upcoming trips.  We learned that it’s great for atmosphere.  But when it’s really cold, it doesn’t put out enough heat to keep us warm.  We need the real thing then!


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