Coffins Floating in Suwannee County

Coffins floating out of the ground in Suwannee County, FL

I talked with Mom today.  The roads to town are still flooded from Tropical Storm Debby.  Very fortunately, my family in Florida always keep a hurricane pantry stocked with essentials to tide them over times like this.

A couple of days ago, several coffins were discovered floating.

Here’s what the Suwannee Democrat said about it:

The recent floods have also caused several coffins to emerge from the ground.

It’s hard to see in this tiny photo from a news video, but it’s another shot of floating coffins.

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron said search teams were sent out to retrieve the coffins once SCSO was notified they were floating in the flood waters.

Once collected, the coffins were taken back to the funeral home, though Sheriff Cameron did not want to specify details out of respect for the families.

The funeral home is collecting the coffins and will re-bury them when the water goes down enough.

So right now we have Americans dealing with unprecedented heat, devastating fires, the effects of the fantastic winds of a super derecho… and back home in north central Florida, epic flooding.

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