The Sun Finally Came Out!


This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved it in the evening sun so am posting it here.

This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved the Spanish moss in the late afternoon sun so much that I am posting it here today.

We made it okay Saturday without hookups.  But we were getting tired of having to watch every light, use of the fan, use of the furnace, and use of our computers during the nonstop rain.  Our solar panel did charge a little under the leaden skies, but not enough to keep up with our usage.  It was muggy inside the Casita and we felt miserable and sticky.  So we decided to try to get a water and electric site.

A water only site

A water only site

Mike and Gail called us early Sunday to say, “One is leaving!  Get down here as fast as you can!”

So I threw everything off the TV shelf and counter onto the beds and we got the trailer hitched in record time.

It was good that we got that slot because we were in for two more days of nonstop rain.  I felt sorry for people who were parked in the water only sites.  They cruised through our loop several times a day hoping for an opening with power.  But not one other rig left.  All the people are here through Thanksgiving.

Our site

Our site

Many of the campers are local who have been coming here for years.  Apparently it used to be a primitive hunt camp.  But in 2001, they ran electricity and improved the campsites.  (Or so we were told.)

It amazes me that the spaces here are so huge.  They could easily get 4 or 5 times as many rigs in here.  But they have elected to keep it spacious and beautiful.  So the lucky people who do get sites here have beautiful vacation settings.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Gail, Mike, Ron and I are planning to barbeque huge slabs of ribs tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  They put up their screen room this evening.  They are planning to put plastic panels over it so we can run a heater in it tomorrow because it’s going to be cool.

But next week it’s supposed to warm up and we’ll have days in the 70’s again.

A cool mushroom --  Spongipellis pachyodon

A cool mushroom — Spongipellis pachyodon

We plan to leave here Dec. 2 and go camp down south again.  Then we’ll come back and camp with Mike and Gail again.  They should be able to move into their new house the middle of January.

I did have to break one of my cardinal rules — no cooking in the Casita.  The weather has been too raw to cook outside.  Tonight I was able to grill pork chops outside, but since I broke my rule during the rainy days, it was just easier to warm green beans and cook pan cornbread inside this evening.

I do hold the stove cover straight up to the hood with magnets and run the exhaust fan.  I figure that will keep steam and any grease off the carpeted walls.  I hope!

A primitive site

A primitive site

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

The lighting on this picture is awful.  But it's Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

The lighting on this picture is awful. But it’s Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

Cooking inside the Casita

Cooking inside the Casita

sunset magic

Golden sunset magic




New Rugs and Table top

New rug and tabletop


I didn’t like the cheap brown rugs I had originally bought for the trailer.  So yesterday we went to Target and I found some really pretty ones.  I got one for the little dinette area and another for the front entrance.

They feel good underfoot, and the one in the rear covers the hole in the floor where the original table post went.

I also found the 20″ glass table top I was looking for at Hobby Lobby.  I love this size.  It’s big enough for us to eat at, but small enough to maneuver around.  And when I move the table to the side, it gives us even more walking around room.

When we were at Petersburg campground last week, some days and evenings were too chilly to enjoy.  If we could have kept a fire going the whole time, it would have solved the problem.  But firewood is expensive when you buy it by the bundle.  And although I don’t mind occasionally smelling like woodsmoke, I don’t want to reek of it all the time.

So I ordered the Firedancer propane campfire today.  It has a 5 star review at Amazon.  The propane will be less expensive than buying bundles of firewood, there’s no smoke, and we can turn it off and put it away when we are ready to go inside for the evening.

The Firedancer propane campfire

I’ve wanted one for a couple of years, even back when we had the Aliner.  But I was too cheap to spend the money for one.  Last week made it clear to me that if we are going to camp in cool weather, the campfire has moved from the luxury to the necessity category.

Also, we’ve been doing with a tarp as a a rather unsatisfactory patio mat.  So I ordered a camper patio mat to help keep the mud and leaf litter out of the camper.  I’ve heard good things about this one.  It’s supposed to be lightweight and easy to hose off and clean.

Reversible acrylic patio mat




A Day for Surprises

Today has been a day for people surprises!  I’ve given three tours of the Casita, met some wonderful local women (one gave me a beautiful coffee cup), and — Ron met a long-lost cousin!

Winter color

Ron had gone to the bath house to do laundry.  While he was there a guy came up and they started talking,  “Where are you from?”  The talked of places and people they knew, then the guy asked Ron if he knew a certain woman.

“That’s my Mom’s sister,”  Ron replied.

“That’s my mother-in-law!”  the guy exclaimed.

So soon he and his wife were at our campsite catching up on family news.  They are camping here because

More color

they have a new grandchild in Augusta.  Since there are tons of family visiting the new baby, they decided to bring their camper here so everyone would have more breathing room.

Today has been chilly.  Not that cold, but a brisk wind makes campfires and jackets feel good.  And the campground is starting to fill up today with weekend campers.

I normally don’t like to go to the same campground twice, as there are so many new places that I haven’t seen yet.  But this is one that we will

The Casita hidden in the trees

Picnic pavilion


View from our rear window

definitely plan to return to.

We’re planning to go into town for dinner tonight.  I am hankering for Chinese.  🙂

Petersburg Corps of Engineers Campground

Petersburg COE campsite on a gray day

Even though it’s a chilly, gray day, it’s beautiful here at Petersburg COE campground.  The warm weather that was predicted to arrive here Sunday has moved back two days.  It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday now.

A foggy and drizzly drive

The day started out foggy and drizzly and stayed that way all day.  It made the 3-1/2 hour drive seem a lot longer than it actually was.

It felt so good to get set up and establish our little home-for-a-week.  We took a short walk to get a quick overview of the scenery, then Ron took off to buy a couple of grocery items that he had forgotten.

I snugged in my bed, propped up on pillows, enjoying the scenery outside the windows, and surfed my favorite discussion boards.

The swimming beach a few yards from our campsite

Where the swimming beach goes

The Paige Bridges print that Gail gave me is now hanging in the Casita!

Tomorrow will probably be a very laid back day, too, due to so-so weather.  But when the sun comes out, we’ll start exploring in earnest!

Last Day at Indian Springs

View of the Aliner from the next campground

Today was another beautiful day.  Tomorrow we head home.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast predicts 100% thunderstorms.  If it’s too bad in the morning to travel, we might stay here one more day.  But Ron is antsy to get home as he needs to get a prescription filled.

I, on the other hand, would be happy to never go home!  🙂

This stump holds water and reminded me of a doggie bowl for wildlife.

The oldest camper (see yesterday’s post) is back from visiting her friend, so tonight is actually her first overnight camping trip.

On our walk today, I gave up trying to get nice landscapes until things green up a bit.  Instead I concentrated on trying to find interesting details to photograph.

Fishing pier at Campground #1

Fishing pier at Campground #1

Part of what makes staying here so wonderful is the camp host, Dick.  He is the friendliest camp host I have ever met and goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

He has been here for two years and is fulltiming (with his dog Willie) in a tiny Tab.  But he did say that he wants to get something a little bigger–maybe in the 22 foot range.

We built a cheery camp fire this evening that made sitting outside in the chilly evening a memorable way to end our vacation.

Above ground tree roots

Campground #1 is closed until the crowds pick up a bit. I liked it even better than our Campground #2.

Field garlic along the roadside

Attractive site in Campground #2

Terraced campsites in Campground #1

Dick, the world's friendliest camp host with Willie

Ron and the camp fire

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