Oopsie Tatted Rose

Oopsie rose

I was trying to recreate the modified tatted rose that I had done here.   It was one of those projects that didn’t go well.

First of all, I got the chains for my rose tighter than I liked, so they don’t have the graceful curve that looks like rose petals.  Secondly I got the tension on the outside chains of the rose uneven.

And, instead of ten clovers around the outside, I ended up with 11, which made them a bit crowded.  And finally, I broke my thread right as I was starting on the last clover.  So I got some practice attaching a new thread at the end of a chain, and only ended up with one slightly lumpy ring as a result of working the ends in.

Anyway, it does look okay, I think.  So I am using it on a card.

I did want to correct an error I made in yesterday’s entry.  When I was labeling my photos, I automatically labeled the little white lily-shaped flowers atamasco lilies.  Only when I was in bed last night did I realize the wrong name had popped into my mind.  They are actually Stars of Bethlehem.

I’m not sure if that was a senior moment or a generic brain cramp.  🙂

Denim Tatted Tote Bag

Denim tote bag decorated with tatting

Here’s another tote bag I finished for Christmas.  The tatted edging at the top is from a 1915 pattern that was reprinted in one of the Dover pattern books.

I am still having major problems tensioning my rings and chains evenly, and the work is not very good when viewed separately.  But it is the best I can do at this stage, and I do think the tote bag turned out cute.

I am now working on a canvas tote with brown and variegated spice colored thread.  I did one motif last night, and it turned out too uneven to use.  So I will start again tonight.

If tatting was easy, everyone would do it, so I keep telling myself to be patient with my mistakes.  🙂

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