Baby Alligator, Heron & Puddles

This morning started out with a thunderstorm.  Ron got the awning down just in time.  Then we were without electricity for a few hours.

Boy fishing with small alligator trying to get his bait

We were sitting outside having coffee when a lone Canada goose walked right into our campsite and honked and honked repeatedly.  I thought he was probably trying to tell us something, as animals in distress will sometimes do that.  Since we didn’t have any idea what the problem was, he took off, honking constantly, and walked the entire length of the canal near our site.

Baby alligator

It finally dawned on me.  Geese mate for life.  He was alone.  I bet he was looking for his mate, and I’ll also bet an alligator got him or her.  So sad, if that was the case.

Later this afternoon, we were walking the dogs when we saw a boy fishing from the bank.  We struck up a conversation with his dad.  Then we learned that a small alligator was messing with the boy’s fish line, maybe trying to steal his bait.

Here’s looking at you!

His Dad called out, “Don’t you try to catch that alligator!  Don’t you try to catch that alligator!”

I had Ron hold the dogs, then walked down the bank to get a closer look.  Sure enough there was a baby alligator, with just his nose above the water.  As I watched, more of the head appeared.  And soon the body also came into view.  The dad told me that when they come in at night, the boat lights reflect off so many alligator eyes that it looks like someone strung Christmas lights.

Baby alligator’s body comes into view

What is really scary is that this is the “safe” part of the water that I was letting Sheba play in up until a couple of days ago.

Sheba apparently senses that something is wrong with the water because she hasn’t tried to head into it lately.  However, rain puddles in the street are fair game!

Sheba finds a safe rain puddle in the street

Tonight is our last night here at Cotton Hill COE.  It’s been one of the most beautiful places we’ve stayed this far south.

We’ll be back.  But probably in the winter when the alligators are hibernating!

Walter F. George lake at sunset

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