Sunshine at Last!

Coots and a waterbird. Sorry, I don't know the ID of the waterbird.

Today was sunshiny and in the high 60’s!  Gorgeous camping weather!

When I took my coffee outside this morning, I was entertained by two Canada geese at the swimming beach directly in front of our campsite.  They were near the water’s edge, and spent much of the time bottoms up, beaks working the sandy bottom.  Then they would raise their head, swallow something, and go back to digging in the sand.

Shells litter the beach, exposed by the receding water level. They give a pretty good clue to what the geese were eating.

Little coots would swim by the geese within inches, with the geese taking no notice of them.  But after the geese left, a swarm of the little coots moved in to mine the disturbed sandy area.

Unfortunately my camera was inside the Casita at the time.

We spent the afternoon shopping in Augusta.  I was trying to find a replacement glass tabletop for the oval one we have in the Casita.   I love the glass table.  But I want a smaller top for it.  We didn’t find glass tabletops anywhere,  but we did find a glass company that could order one for us.  The only problem is that it wouldn’t be

Mussel shell

delivered until next week.  Since we’re leaving Sunday, that wouldn’t work.  So I’ll just order one online when we get home.

We met our reclusive neighbors in the next site today.  We had wondered why they were always gone.  Today we learned that their son was killed by a drunk driver here two years ago and they are down from up north for the trial.  They are camping because they have three little Pomeranians and it would be very difficult to find a motel that would allow them.

Our campsite neighbor with his three little Pomeranian dogs

The two little blond Pomeranians are shy, but the little black one came over and introduced himself to me.  A very friendly, very sweet little guy!

We were planning to have a campfire this evening, but I was tired when we got back from town and still have dinner to cook.  So we’ll save the campfire for tomorrow.

Sunny paying rapt attention to the honking of geese as they take flight

Just had to include this photo!

The Casita and blue skies!

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