No Woods Walk Today — & About Veggies

When I got so excited yesterday about the prospect of hunting winter mushrooms today, I forgot that it was going to rain before the cold front moved in tonight.  Today is a dreary, soggy day that it would be no fun to venture out in.  So I’m staying inside and working on my afghan.

Taco salad low carb dinner

Taco salad low carb dinner

A friend commented in my blog yesterday about my low carb diet.  Apparently most people believe that you cut out veggies when you low carb.  Nothing could be further from the truth — at least the version of the diet that I do.  I actually eat a lot more veggies now than I did when I was not low carbing.  Sometimes I even have a small salad with breakfast!

The only things I’ve cut out on this level of the diet are grains, potatoes and high starch vegetables like lima beans and corn, along with high-carb fruits.  Low glycemic fruits like blueberries and strawberries are definitely welcome.

The starchier foods can, of course, be added in again in moderate amounts as I get closer to my goal if I can tolerate them without gaining again.  I doubt I will ever be able to eat a lot of them.

Pork chop strips & bok choy stir fry with salad

Pork chop strips & bok choy stir fry with salad

I have only been on the diet since December 22.  Already my blood glucose levels have dropped to NORMAL.  My blood pressure was running around 145/90 and now it is down.  It was 130/80 this morning.

Cholesterol usually spikes horribly the first 3-4 months on a low carb diet, but then there is an inexplicable (to medical science) normalization of cholesterol levels beginning at around 6 months, even when pre-lowcarb levels were in the sky-high ranges.

Eating healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, etc. is highly encouraged on my diet.

I am by nature a slow loser, and I’m a senior female, so my weight loss will be slow.  But I am already reveling in the increased energy and feelings of well being that my low carb diet is giving me!

And I am having NO FOOD CRAVINGS!  Just feeling happy and satisfied!

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