Back to the Wave 3

I had been so overwhelmed by John’s amazing offer to talk me through the furnace repair that I forgot something important.  I don’t WANT to fix the furnace.  I WANT to replace it with an efficient, quiet, boondock-friendly Wave 3.

My concern had been how dog hair would affect the Wave, but from everything I’ve read, it seems to be a non-issue.

So I’m back on plan to budget for a Wave 3 installation… and will use a portable catalytic heater when needed until then.  🙂

Bunnies are Safe Here

Late today, uncharacteristically, Sheba began insistently barking.  I finally went outside to see what was causing all the commotion.

Over in the corner of the yard was a young bunny, munching on grass, calmly ignoring both dogs who were  barking their heads off at it from the deck.  Sunny didn’t see the bunny. He was just barking because Sheba was barking, so he figured he should, too.

Once I came outside, though, Sheba got brave, tore off the deck and chased the bunny into the woods.  What a dog!  😀

I have almost everything packed in the Casita except the refrigerator foods.  Tomorrow I’ll wash the trailer, and we plan to leave for Mississippi Saturday.

Ron will take the truck back to the Chevy dealer again tomorrow to see if they can fix the electrical problems with the 7 pin plug.  After they worked on it last time, the running lights burned very brightly for about an hour, then they all blew.  The bulbs were completely blackened.  Now the new bulbs don’t work at all.  Also, it’s not charging the trailer battery when we tow.  But the brake lights and turn signals work.

Sure hope they can get it right this time!

Getting Ready for a Trip Home

Our electrician installed my new Progressive Dynamics 4645 converter with 4 stage smart charger this week.  So I can leave the trailer plugged in without boiling my battery dry now.

It’s too late for the existing battery.  It was reading 10 amps the other day.  So I plan to get a new Deka Group 27 battery this week.  I wanted an AGM battery, but the RV place said they don’t carry AGMs for RVs because it needs a specific kind of charger.

I guess that’s true technically, but I had very good luck using two 6 volt AGMs in the Aliner with a PD 3 stage charger.  I have to get the battery this week for our trip next week.  If anyone reading this has a better suggestion, I’d love to hear it.  We are in a rural area and there aren’t too many battery dealers nearby, so I’m not sure where to look for true deep cycle batteries.  Most people only know about dual purpose marine batteries.  Sure don’t want to pay for shipping on one!

I caulked around the refrigerator vent, outside lights and kitchen vent.  Not a perfect looking job, but I did it with Proflex, and the seals are nice and tight.

In the process of cleaning before and after the caulking, I damaged my PoliGlow finish, so will have to strip and redo a few areas.

I am not fond of going to Florida when it’s hot (and it’s already in the 90’s at Mom’s place), but that’s how it worked out this spring.  We plan to leave on May 6, spend three days with my sister Ann, then move to Mom’s for Mother’s Day and stay there a few days.  Then we want to head somewhere in Central Florida that’s central to Ocala, Orlando and Clermont so it will be easy for friends and family down there to visit us if they want to drop in.

I was thinking Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont would be ideally situated.  But there’s no shade there, so I’ll look for some place a little cooler.  We might end up staying at Salt Springs again as they have full hookups, the icy spring to swim in, and a beautiful campground for $18 a night with our senior pass.

I’m working on trying to regulate the temperature in my refrigerator.  It usually gets up to 65 when days are in the mid to high 90’s.  It looks like it is only cooling 30 degrees below ambient temperature.

I need to take it in and have the refrigerator properly serviced, but the budget is REALLY tight lately, so I am going to try to make it through this trip without it.

I’ll probably take it in to the shop before we head to Mississippi in June.

I love our little Casita so much.  I would so desperately love to fulltime, but it’s not in the cards.  So I escape out there and just soak in the peace and beauty of my own private little retreat at least once a day.

It’s the most perfect little camper in the world!  🙂

Refrigerators & Battery Monitor

We finally got a break in the rain today long enough for me to gather up the food in the Casita and bring it into the house.

After I got the food inside, I thought, I’ll go ahead and clean the refrigerator before putting the food into it.  So I cleaned the shelves and walls and got it looking good.

Then I thought, It’s been a while since I pulled the produce drawers out and cleaned under them.  Might as well do that now.

YERK.  All kinds of goo had leaked under there and solidified into a gross brown mess.  So after soaking, scrubbing, soaking and scrubbing some more, I finally had it clean.

Then I thought, Might as well go through and throw out everything that’s been in there a while.

Then I went out to the camper and scrubbed its refrigerator, too.  So now I have two squeaky clean refrigerators.  🙂

My battery monitor was delivered today, so I unplugged the shore power and plugged the monitor into the DC plug in the trailer.  The numbers jumped around for a while, but then settled on 12.71.  GREAT!  I was wondering if I needed to replace the battery that came in the trailer when we bought it.  Apparently not.

My LED lights should be here sometime this week, I hope.  That will be another step toward making the trailer more suited for boondocking.

I’m hoping to have a nice solar system installed in the Casita by the end of 2012.  That will open up a lot more camping possibilities to us if we don’t have to worry about having hookups.


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