The Fishing (non) Adventure

The fish pond

WordPress has changed its photo editor.  I can’t use full size photos in my post tonight.  Phooey!

Today I went out to try to catch some of the bass in Ann and Cecil’s pond.  I had Cecil tie on a new lure for me.  After a couple of casts I got a bite.  I reeled a small bass in almost to shore before he broke free, swimming away with the lure in his mouth.

Sunset this evening

I tied on the second lure, and my next catch was a BIG bass.  Ann said she thought he would run about 3 pounds.  I am no good at gauging weight, but he was one to be proud of.  I got him to shore and over my bucket when he broke free, flopped on the bank and made it back to the water — with my second lure still in his mouth.

Cecil tied on my last lure, and this time I actually landed a fish, but he was a small one.  I kept him in my bucket while I fished for a while longer.  But by then the fish were spooked and would have nothing to do with my line.

My baby sister gave pink flamingos to Ann as a joke when they first dug the pond. This is all that remains. 😀

I might could have caught more if I had switched to live bait, but by then I was out of the mood.  So I made the little bass I had caught very happy by releasing him back into the pond.

I feel awful about the two fish who still have my first two lures.  Wish I had known better how to tie them on.  And wish there was some way to rescue the fish.

Instead of making chicken soup tonight as planned, I made chicken and dumplings.  After I ate them, I realized I should have stuck to chicken soup!

Tomorrow we’re invited to Mom’s for a seafood dinner.  Then Saturday we plan to go to Christmas on the Square.

And Sunday we plan to head out for some real camping.

The West Point Lake Area

Ron checks out West Point Lake

Ron checks out West Point Lake

We picked the wrong campground!  I had originally planned to book a site at R. Schaefer Heard campground, but a friend of Ron’s had highly recommended Whitetail Ridge.

I can’t imagine why!  There is a reason R. Schaefer Heard is so popular.  It has some gorgeous water vistas… and the water is clean!

Roadside fishing area

Roadside area set aside for fishing

Maybe we can switch campgrounds after the weekend campers leave.

We drove across the dam today and discovered some beautiful recreation sites.   One is simply a place to park and fish.  Another is the trailhead area.  And we didn’t even make it to the large day use area.  We’ll check it out tomorrow.

Another view of the roadside fishing area

Another view of the roadside fishing area

We watched several people fishing from the bank.  No one appeared to be catching anything.  Maybe it is because the wind was brisk and the water was choppy again today?  Wish I knew more about those things!  Surely fish have to eat on windy days!  This area has a reputation for excellent bass fishing.

We took a short walk down the Lakeside Trail, but my energy isn’t back to normal yet, so we didn’t go far.  Maybe we can tackle it again in a couple of days.

Lakeside Trail

Lakeside Trail

We were pretty tired when we got back to our campsite.  But my immediate impression when I saw the little Aliner was, “That is the cutest little camper in the world!”  Glad I still feel that way about it.


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