Dinner on the Back Porch

After dinner

After dinner

I didn’t think to take a picture of our having dinner on Ann and Cecil’s back porch.  Cecil grilled pork chops and Ann made a huge, artistic salad using lettuce from Cecil’s garden.  I did manage to capture the leftover iced tea glasses.  🙂

Sheba pilfered Cookie's bone.

Sheba pilfered Cookie’s bone.

Beau, the golden retriever has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Cookie misses him terribly.  Cookie raced out to greet Sheba, tail wagging furiously.  But Sheba’s exuberance soon had Cookie looking for a quiet space of her own.

Sheba is improving.  She’s not quite so boisterous as she was.  We figure, if we survive the process, she will be a fantastic dog in another year!  She willingly came into the Casita at bedtime the last two nights, which sure beat having to wrestle her inside!

Sheba on Ann's front porch

Sheba on Ann’s front porch

She has loved being able to run free at Mom’s and Ann’s places.  The big test will come when we leave here for a campground where she will have to be restrained all day.

As you can tell, today was a slow news day.  We had lunch at Mom’s, towed the trailer a mile or so down the road to Ann’s, got set up, ate dinner, and are now just enjoying being here together.

Our campsite at Ann's house

Our campsite at Ann’s house

Someone is too rambunctious to be allowed indoors here.  :)

Someone is too rambunctious to be allowed indoors here. 🙂






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