Woodsy Treasures & Another Bearded Tooth

Young hericium erinaceus (lions mane, bearded tooth)

Young hericium erinaceus (lions mane, bearded tooth). This photo makes it look larger than the fist size it actually is. Eventually it will be much larger.

Ron was trimming brush at the edge of our yard today when I noticed something white in a tree out back.  On closer inspection, it proved to be a young bearded tooth mushroom. It was WAY up in the tree.  There’s no way I could get it to turn it into tonight’s cuisine.  🙂

The mushroom tree

The mushroom tree. The white spot is not the mushroom in the header photo. It’s much higher up–way out of reach!

The funny thing is, the tree looked healthy from the yard and I was curious why a mushroom was growing on it.  But when I got out there, I found that it has a huge hollow inside.  So that explains how the tree was weakened.

And just so the non-mushroom lovers aren’t too grossed out, I’ll include a photo of cute little wildflowers that were growing beneath the mushroom tree.  🙂

The others are photos of some of the mushrooms I’ve found over the past week.  I haven’t had time to do any serious study, but I have them all identified as to genus but two.  I’ll worry about narrowing their IDs down when I have the time.

A photo for non-mushroom lovers!  :)

A photo for non-mushroom lovers! 🙂

This is one I can't get narrowed down to genus.  It has a beige spore print that doesn't fit anything in my books.

This is one I can’t get narrowed down to genus. It has a beige spore print that doesn’t fit anything in my books.

View from the bottom.  All I'm sure of it that it's a bolete.

View from the bottom. All I’m sure of it that it’s a bolete.

This is a suillus.

This is a suillus.

An amanita

An amanita

Amanita - view from bottom

Amanita – view from bottom

This is another one I'm unsure of.

This is another one I’m unsure of. (A guy on my mushroom board identified it as Chalciporus piperatus the Peppery Bolete.)

The pinkish pore surface stumps me

The pinkish pore surface stumps me

Poisonous Mushrooms in My Yard

Common characteristics of a deadly amanita — white spore print, ring around the stalk and a cuplike volva at the base

Disclaimer:  I am NOT a mushroom expert.  Do not use my photos to positively identify any mushroom you may find.  I often make mistakes!  🙂 

There are around 600 species of mushrooms in the genus amanita.  Many of them are poisonous, some are deadly, and a few are edible.  Some of the more common ones have descriptive names like Destroying Angel and Death Cap.  Unfortunately, I have several kinds of them growing in my yard.

Young Destroying Angel with veil covering the gills that will become a ring around the stalk as the gills expand and tear free of the veil.

I almost panicked when the mushrooms started springing up because Sheba (my Australian Shepherd puppy) eats everything — grass, moss, cow poop.  To my great relief she shows absolutely no interest in mushrooms!

Since my primary interest is in edible mushrooms, I avoid eating gilled mushrooms with any of the characteristics of an amanita, including warty patches on the cap.  In fact, I

More amanitas

avoid most gilled mushrooms except for the very easily identifiable ones that have no poisonous look-alikes.

While I’m very grateful for our recent drought-breaking rains, I do wish that yummy edible mushrooms had sprung up in my yard instead of these!

Another danger sign — warty or patchy remnants of universal veil on cap

I found these at the edge of the woods bordering our property.

Finding Beauty in the Rain

casita at Petersburg COE Campground near Augusta GA

The Casita perched on a hill in the fog

Even though it’s foggy and soggy again today, it is beautiful here.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  The photos are all clickable if you’d like to see more detail.

But I must admit I will be very happy to see sunshine again!  🙂


Coots coming ashore

These two coots were far away from the group. Maybe they're a scouting party?

Ghostly island

Holly berries

Mossy tree

Although the raindrops came out a little blurry, this was a beautiful sight.

More beautiful raindrops

Red berries

Sweetgum balls

Remnants of a ring and a bulbous base mean this is probably a deadly amanita.

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