Felt Like Summertime Today

Shamrock flowers (I think). On edit, blog reader FLkamper has identified these flowers as woodsorrel, Oxalis violacea

Ann had these little flowers in a pot for a couple of years.  Apparently they weren’t doing too well, so they threw the flowers out along the fence line.  The flowers not only survived, they thrived and have naturalized out there.  They have shamrock-like leaves.  Cecil called them “woodland grass”.  Whatever they are, they were a delight to stumbled upon today.


Roses are also blooming.  This evening I also saw a yellow one but didn’t have my camera with me.

Today got HOT!  I had the air conditioner in the trailer running for a couple of hours this afternoon.  This evening is cool, but not cold.  It does feel like a slice of paradise!

Today was chore day on the Casita.  I emptied the hot water tank and cleaned the calcium deposits off the anode rod from a week of running Mom’s extremely hard water through it, filled the water tank and added bleach, and changed the air conditioner filter.


Then I caught up all the laundry, so tomorrow I will be free to play.

Sheba was a major problem today.  She was so good at Mom’s — never left the yard.  But here, she refuses to stay in the yard.  She followed Ron’s truck down to the road.  When he brought her back, I held onto her for several minutes.  But the minute I let her go, she headed for the road again.

So she is tied to the tongue of the trailer now and will have to stay restrained or penned.

Odd, twisted limb on old live oak tree

I am having problems with my gas furnace.  After it gets hot, there is a terrible clanging sound like the fan hitting the metal housing.  I took the cover off to see if I could find the problem.  But the interior is all sealed and I don’t know enough about how they work to chance taking it apart.  So I’ll just use the electric heat and hope that we have hookups if it gets really cold again.

Air plants growing on tree trunk

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