Wave 3 Catalytic Heater?

The Wave 3 Catalytic Heater

The Wave 3 Catalytic Heater

I’m having a debate with myself about whether to have our Suburban RV furnace repaired or to replace it with a Wave 3 Catalytic heater.  Apparently the fan bearings have gone bad in the Suburban.

Adventurenet RV has the Wave 3 for $191.00, and Amazon has it for $202 with free shipping.  Regular price is $300.  If I have an RV shop install it, I will pay $300 + labor.

The two things I love about the Suburban furnace are the thermostat that I like to set to around 60 degrees when we sleep in cold weather.  I also love the fact that, no matter how cold it gets, the furnace can be cranked up to keep us toasty.

What I don’t like about the furnace is that it is noisy, and it’s a battery hog.  That’s a big consideration when we are camping without hookups in cold weather.

I would put the Wave 3 where the furnace is now.

I would put the Wave 3 where the furnace is now.

I’m convinced that the Wave 3 is safe, as long as adequate ventilation is provided.  And I love the feel of the soft heat it provides.  I believe that, unless we were in extraordinary cold for our area, that the Wave 3 would keep us warm enough.  And we could run it non-stop without it draining our battery.

But I’m hesitating, and I’m hoping that some of my readers can answer a question for me.

I’ve read that the Wave 3 must be covered when not in use, and that if dust gets into the pad, it can poison it.  Replacing the pad involves sending the heater back to the company, and is expensive.

I would keep it covered when not in use, but I am very concerned about floating dog hair.   Sheba sheds prodigiously.  There are always light, airy balls of black dog hair floating around, no matter how often or vigorously we brush her.

And I’m afraid all that dog hair would ruin the catalytic heater.

Apparently other RVing dog owners are happy with their catalytic heaters, but maybe their dogs don’t shed as badly as Sheba does.

So…. does anyone have any person experience with dog hair and a Wave catalytic heater?

And finally, I have taken gas lines apart and reattached them before, and know how to make sure the gas doesn’t leak.  I wonder if it’s feasible to attempt a Wave 3 replacement by myself, or if it really is a job that must be done by a repair shop.  I could do it myself for around $250, but will probably pay someone at least $400 to install one at full retail price plus labor.

I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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