No Visible Accident Damage After Scrubbing the Casita!

She's as beautiful as ever!

She’s as beautiful as ever!

A few days ago we got a day up in the 60’s, so I decided to wash the Casita.  I am so glad I did!  The top was covered with black crud!  So I scrubbed it with a dishcloth that has the nylon scrubbie net on the back, using dish soap, bleach and baking soda.

It came out shining like new!

Ron held the ladder for me.  I wanted to do the scrubbing myself because I am a lot pickier than he is.  🙂

So over a period of 4 days, we finally have it looking good as new.  I saved scrubbing the bottom front until last because I knew I would encounter damage from the accident.  I wanted to get it super clean so I could determine what was dirt and what was damage.

No visible damage!

No visible damage!

If I put my face right up to the fiberglass and look really hard, I can see some tiny, barely visible stress cracks in the gelcoat.  I checked on some boat discussion boards and found that those tiny cracks are totally cosmetic and nothing to worry about.  Since I am the only one who can see them (Ron can’t), I’m just going to strip the existing PoliGlow from the area, put on a couple of new coats, and call it good as new!

The top of the gas tanks were bent when the truck jackknifed.  The plastic gas cover saved the Casita from getting gouged by them.  There is one horizontal rub mark in the fiberglass where it was forced against the trailer, but that is all!  And cleaned up, I have to really hunt for it.  With a coat of poliglow, it, too, will be invisible!

The bent tops of the propane tanks

The bent tops of the propane tanks

We moved the gas tank that was on the right to the left when we were straightening them out.  I’m not sure why as the tops of both were bent, but that was the decision the guys made!  🙂

Even the plastic gas tank cover was undamaged!  It just flexed.

The only real repair I have to make to the trailer is to drill holes in the bar at the bottom of the gas tank support and bolt it back down again where the welds popped loose.

The truck, on the other hand, sustained $3700 worth of damage!

I never realized how wonderful the Casita’s belly band is at protecting the body from damage.  It just makes me appreciate my little camper even more!

Sheba supervising.  :)

Sheba supervising. 🙂


A Beautiful Day

The Casita tucked into the river campground

The Casita tucked into the river campground

We are taking our time leisurely meandering toward home.  Today we drove a whopping 160 miles.

The river

The river

We’re at High Falls this evening, but are in the River Campground instead of the Lake Campground where we usually stay when we stop over.

It has been such a happy, peaceful day.  The weather was warm enough to be comfortable in sweatshirts and the sun was out.  Ron and I felt especially close to each other all day, and being out together felt almost like being on a date.  🙂

We are still in awe of the fact that I wasn’t hurt when I stupidly tried to push the runaway jacknifing truck away from the trailer with my hands.  No one was hurt, the truck didn’t hit

Picturesque fallen tree

Picturesque fallen tree

the two vehicles that were in the driveway, we didn’t hit a tree, we didn’t back into the pond…. there were so many things that could have gone wrong.

I think my guardian angel was working overtime!  🙂

We’ve already submitted the claim on the truck.  Ron will make an appointment Monday to take it in for an inspection.  And then, as soon as the parts come in, they’ll fix it good as new!

Another picture of our sweet (intact) little Casita!

Another picture of our sweet (intact) little Casita!

We plan to head home tomorrow.  Then we’ll pick Sheba up when the vet’s office opens on Monday.

Life is good!!!

I Had an Accident

Peace the day after the accident 🙂

We are back at Reed Bingham State Park again this evening.  There is nothing in the world as peaceful as being in our little Casita in a quiet, pretty campsite.

The left rear panel of the truck.  This damage is from the Casita's belly band.

The left rear panel of the truck. This damage is from the Casita’s belly band.

The funeral itself was a sweet, graveside ceremony.  The throngs of people in and out of the house before and after the funeral were so stressful to me that I was an emotional wreck. I don’t deal well with crowds, anyway, and under the circumstances, I felt like I might fall apart at any time.

We had planned to stay overnight there, but when another brother invited us to park at his house, we gratefully accepted because it would be a lot quieter there.

The tail lights are sticking way out due to the bend side.  We duct taped the lights to the truck for the trip home.  Red Green would be proud.  :)

The tail lights are sticking way out due to the bent side panel and the tail gate won’t open. We duct taped the lights to the truck for the trip home. Red Green would be proud. 🙂

So we got to Glenda and Rex’s house.  I was parking the trailer.  When I am backing up, I always get out of the truck a couple of times to see exactly where the trailer is so I know how to maneuver.

Well, this time I thought I had the truck in Park, but it was actually in Reverse.  I opened the door and saw the ground moving, but was so stressed, it didn’t register.  So I jumped out of the truck….. and it kept going.  The trailer jacknifed, and there was this awful grinding sound.  In the state of mind I was in, I was trying to push the truck away from the trailer while it was still backing up.

Finally, the truck stopped… I guess because it was jacknifed so badly that it jammed.  So Ron jumped into the truck and put it in park.

The damage to the truck was substantial.  I won’t describe it.  Will just post pictures.

The damage to the trailer was limited to a slightly bent  area on the belly band and the bar under the propane tanks popping its weld when the tanks were jammed sideways.  The plastic cover over the propane tanks kept the metal tanks from gouging the Casita’s fiberglass.  There are a few small abrasions that I can probably buff out and recoat with Poliglow and they won’t even be noticeable.

The tail lights

The tail lights

I thought I was over the stress and nervousness today.  But we went into Adel for dinner.  It’s a terrible little town… run down, and very scary looking to me.  We ate at the world’s worst Chinese buffet after threading through a parking lot with concrete barricades everywhere that I just KNEW we were going to crash into.

I think the food had been left out since lunch and was dried out and unappetizing.  But we were not up to leaving and trying to find someplace else, so we choked it down and prayed that we wouldn’t get food poisoning.

Ron and I both feel that we wouldn’t have survived the ordeal if we had had to cope with having Sheba along.  It was so special just having our little buddy Sunny with us.  We realize what a huge mistake it was to get Sheba, and are seriously going to find her a good home as soon as possible.

Propane tank damage to bumper

Propane tank damage to bumper

So tonight we are exhausted, but so relieved to be cozied up in our little Casita.  We’ll head home tomorrow and take the truck in for the insurance estimate as soon as we can get an appointment.

The Casita belly band scratch -- the only real damage to the Casita

The Casita belly band dings — the only real damage to the Casita



Hit & Run RV Accident

On the way home, we stopped at a Flying J near Lake Park, Georgia.

Hit and run driver hitting fifth wheel

Right after impact

We parked, and Ron went in to pick up coffee and snacks.  I was sitting in the passenger seat of our truck.

A burgundy pickup truck pulling a very long fifth wheel came by me on the right and turned left without swinging out wide enough.  I realized he was going to crunch the right front of our truck, so reached over and leaned on the horn.

He didn’t even slow down… just kept coming.  There was no way he could miss us, I thought.  But by the grace of God, he did–probably by a fraction of an inch.

Fifth wheel right after it hit the jeep toad

Fifth wheel pulling forward after impact. You can see black pieces of the fender and white pieces from the fifth wheel on the ground.

After he got past us, he turned left at the end of the parking area.   I heard a very loud crunch as he slammed into the toad of the motorhome parked at the end.  The driver stopped for a few seconds, and then, incredibly, kept going.

When the couple who owned the motorhome came out of the store, I met them and told them what had happened.  I also handed the guy my camera so he could download my pictures to his laptop.

Driver continues across parking lot

Fifth wheel continues across parking lot

Other people in the parking lot got the license tag numbers of the hit and run driver.

The motorhome owner called the police, but since it was just property damage, it apparently was not a priority call.  So they prepared to wait.  I offered to stay in case a witness was required, but they didn’t feel it was necessary.  So I gave them my phone number, and Ron and I headed north.

Hit and run driver exits Flying J

Hit and run driver exiting Flying J

I was stunned that an RVer would hit another person’s rig and not even stop.  Usually RVers are concerned and considerate about other RVers rigs.  I wondered if the hit and run driver had stolen the fifth wheel.  He certainly didn’t know how to tow it.

Driver heading down road from accident

Hit and run fifth wheel on the road leaving scene of accident

I do hope that the couple who owned the motorhome were able to get their toad repaired, continue on their journey, and put the accident behind them.

And I fervently hope that the hit and run driver got caught.

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