We Got a Cuddler

Mickey on my lap

Mikkey on my lap

Mikkey is the sweetest little cuddler you can imagine.  We are thrilled with our new baby (most of the time).

Mikkey on lapp2He bites.  I read that with a chihuahua you must train them not to bite when they are small or they can be aggressive when they become adults.  I bought him scads of bones and toys of all kinds and thought I was starting to make a little progress tonight, so I told Mikkey, “You are such a good little boy!”  He promptly bit my nose. Hard!

Also, he knew what pee pads were for, even though he only used them for #1.  But we picked up some cheaper ones that don’t contain the attractant scent that lets them know that’s where to go.  So now I have pads all over the floor, and he chooses to avoid them and use a more appealing (to him) open space.  I know I should keep him confined in his pen until he understands that he is to go on the pad.  But we do so love to see him race around.  Sometimes we call him Mikkey Motor.  The flame collar suits him.  🙂

So I’ll pick up some of the right pads tomorrow, scrub the floor with OdoBan, and see if we can start over.

His just-cleaned house before all the toys are piled back into it -- and all over the living room floor!

His just-cleaned house before all the toys are piled back into it — and all over the living room floor!

I don’t know how such an incredibly loving, submissive (he rolls over for us to scratch his belly or pick him up) can be so aggressive with the biting.

But I’m watching a lot of chihuahua videos and reading everything I can on how to train them, so I’m sure it will work.  Eventually!

I had the cataract surgery on my right eye and it is truly a miracle.  I discovered I have been seeing the world through an olive-greenish yellow filter.  Colors are stunning now.

I go inThursday to schedule the left eye.


I am having to postpone the eyelid surgery until next spring.  We had so much going on with the two trips to Florida, then there were other tests and procedures to schedule, so it just didn’t work out.

Camping seems like a far off, much longed for mirage at this point.  But I am still hoping we can make it down to Florida in November for the winter.





  1. Seems like everyone I know is having cataract surgery! I was just in for annual check up, and so far, so good. No need for surgery any time soon. Whew!

    Puppies are a lot of work! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



    • I am surprised at how most of my friends have had or are going to have cataract surgery. I guess it’s a rite of passage.

      So glad you get to skate for a while…. hopefully a very long time!

      I really wanted an adult dog, but Mikkey’s personality has us in stitches laughing part of the time, and our heart melting toward him the rest of the time. So it will eventually work out..

      At least when he gets too hyper, I can pop him in his pen, unlike Sheba! 🙂

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  2. My eye surgeon in Ecuador told me that everyone past age 60 has cataracts at some stage or other; when he does the surg. for macular holes he ALWAYS does cataract surgery at the same time if the patient is over 60!

    Ahhh, the joys of puppyhood. They’re so darned cute, and so darned much work!


    • It’s funny how you rarely hear about cataract surgery until it’s your turn, then it seems like everyone has or is having it done.

      I was probably out of my mind to get a puppy. But I’ve read that when they finish the teething process, it gets much easier.

      As far as pottie training, it reminds me of a friend when I was a young wife who was trying to pottie train her young son. She dejectedly told me, “He’ll probably go to college wearing diapers!” 😉


  3. This made me laugh. Yes, they are bery loving but when they roll over to be scratched their belly isn’t the only thing they want scratched.
    Ours has never bit us but when scolded he argues like a child. Even makes a crying sound. Funny to watch him.
    For potty training we give him a teaspoon full of yogurt after he goes out. He is close to two years old now and demands his yogurt for a job well done.


    • I am amazed by all the sounds they make! Funny.

      One good thing is that Mikkey rarely barks. When he does, it is usually because something new is invading his space, like a broom or mop. He chases them.

      And even then, he is not yippy. It’s a cute bark.

      Mikkey has used the pad for #1 today, for which he was praised to the skies. He also walked with me around the yard on a leash today. He got treats and a new toy for that.

      So I am encouraged that he will respond to patient training.

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      • Ours is about 2 years old and it took him much longer than any other pup I remember to get it right. He was over a year old before he learned to wait on a regular basis. As soon as he was fed he was taken out to go. He would go potty but after coming inside he would just go without warning. We always tried to take him out every two hours but still…
        Now he has it down ok.
        He loves his loving and comes up to me and likes to bump noses for his “kiss”.
        We never take him outside without being on a long leash because he will just take off. We are in the country and there are predators that would have him for lunch. Let alone any passing vehicles that might hit him.
        He just likes to be babied.


        • Tim, after 3 years with Sheba, this almost feels like a cake walk!

          I read that chihuahuas don’t take to denning like other breeds. My hope is that he will come to love his little crate, but he shows little interest in it now.

          I am counting on his considering it his safe space in the Casita when we have to leave him.

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          • Ours has separation anxiety. Gets all upset and cries if we leave him. I think eventually he settles down. When he was little he got locked in the carrier if we were not home. Now he doesn’t have to be but I think he knows he doesn’t like that dog carrier at all. He is not used to riding in a vehicle but I don’t think it would be a problem as long as we ate with him.
            The other dog sees me with car keys and he is ready to go.


  4. jerryc

     /  August 19, 2015

    Good luck with your puppy. Not sure we could go through training another one. I need to get my eyes checked, also. It seems those cataracts sneak up on us old folks.


    • I didn’t think I could do it again. either Jerry. I seem to be drawn to jumping in over my head just to see if I can swim.

      There’s nothing to remind you that you are not a spring chick like cataracts and arthritis!


  5. Emily

     /  August 19, 2015

    Despite the cataract surgery hits us over 60 year-olds (still safe myself), you sound so young again.


    • Emily, I feel a lot better now. I haven’t felt well for a while. So now that I am feeling better and living one day at a time with my attention diverted off myself and onto Mikkey, I am feeling better, too!


  6. Jo

     /  August 19, 2015

    Sounds like your happy to have this little guy and to be able to see. been having some medical issues lately and I am not happy about it. But Fred keeps me on my toes some what. Silly little guy


    • Jo, isn’t it wonderful how our fur babies brighten up our lives?

      Hope you get your medical issues resolved soon.

      Scratch Fred’s chin for me. 🙂


  7. Glad you are happy with the results of your cataract procedure….I was amazed at what “white” really looks like.. :). I’m guessing you’ll have your hands full for a while with the new puppy…but in the end they sure can bring happiness to a family…take care and good luck with your other eye…Horst sends

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  8. Hi Sharon – Would you kindly contact me as soon as you have a minute, please? Thanks so much!


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