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Meet Mikkey!

Meet Mikkey!

When little Sunny passed, Ron and I realized we really NEED a dog.  I wanted a Casita-size dog and think the long coat chihuahuas are a perfect compromise between soft, silky fur and not needing visits to a groomer.

We wanted an adult so we wouldn’t have to go through the puppy stage again.  (Note the Band-Aid on Ron’s arm.  I have a few matching ones.  We forgot that little puppies’ teeth and claws are like needles.)

But the only long coat adults I could find were those who were being retired from breeding, and their cost was way out of our range.  So we got a puppy.  🙂

We are both smitten with him.  He is so very sweet.  He’s on the submissive side and has been well socialized, so I think he will be a good pet to travel with.

He is charted to weigh 4.75 lbs. full grown.  So, of course, I’ll have to get a puppy purse to show him off in!

It’s odd.  I adored my little Westie Heidi until she died.  I adored my little Sunny.  Instead of taking their place, little Mikkey just seems to be an extension of them.  It’s amazing how much comfort he has brought to Ron and me.

Healthwise, I had a stress test today.  Not anything I want to do again any time soon.  My cataracts are so bad that I have trouble reading — or seeing much of anything.  So I see my doctor Thursday to schedule the surgeries.  I am so looking forward to seeing well again!

Now to all of you who have Blogspot blogs…  I have tried and tried to comment on your blogs.  For a while, everything was working well.  But now, the “I am not a robot” field flashes for a split second, and despite many, many tries, I can’t click fast enough before the field disappears.

On others, after I type my comment a gray bar appears.  Clicking on the gray bar does nothing so the comment won’t publish.

I seriously wonder if Google is doing that on purpose to influence people to get Google blogs, since my WordPress credentials will not work on them anymore.

I really hope Blogspot fixes that soon.  Because it really irks me that I can’t use my WordPress login like I used to be able to.

Anyway, do know that I still read and enjoy your blogs!


  1. Oh what an adorable little doll! Glad you got a new baby. I had all kinds of trouble with my Blogspot blog and finally went back to WordPress and I’m quite happy. You’ll be thrilled with your cataract surgery; SEEING again is amazing!


    • Glad to know there are others who have problems with Blogspot. I was wondering if Google is holding a personal grudge against me! 😀

      I am getting the frightfully expensive lens that correct vision to 20/20. I have never had 20/20 vision in my life before!

      I’ll fix your link later this evening!


  2. We’ve got one of those noisy little dogs too. All black and full of vim and vigor. So tiny yet he thinks he is so big. Loves to snuggle under the covers by the feet in the winter. Very independent and very spoiled.
    I think you will really enjoy your pup and he is very beautiful!


    • Thanks, Tim. I love it when people say nice things about our baby! So far we have only heard him bark once. He did growl at something I didn’t see. Most of what we hear are baby puppy sounds.

      He is only 8 weeks old. I wish they had kept him until 12 weeks. But the litter was going fast, and I had already fallen in love with his picture, so we got him anyway. I’m glad we did!

      The snuggly part is what I wanted. Sunny adored me, but he didn’t like to be held.

      I hope ours isn’t too yippy. But even at this age, he has a big dog attitude. Which we find hilarious.

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      • Never thought I would like having one of those dogs but it turns out I do. He is just a big baby and needs more attention than any other dog we have had. Diane makes all of his dog food and he gets a big teaspoon of yogurt as a treat after going potty. That helped a lot with the training. We just don’t trust the mfg animal food due to all the deadly recalls.
        Ours brings a lot of joy as I’m sure yours will too.


        • I just wrote a long post, hit the wrong key and lost it.

          I have read that chihuahuas do best on a rice and chicken diet. I’ll ask my vet and don’t mind cooking for Mikkey. I will not bring any vet products labeled “made in China” into the house. And I’m leery of all the weird ingredients in any dog food.

          My vet sells dry kibble with no grain in it. All I remember are chicken and eggs but it contains several healthy ingredients. I might try that.

          I would not have thought of yogurt as a treat. Good to know, and the calcium ought to be good for bone development.

          I can tell the potty training is going to take a while!


  3. Congrats on the new addition to the family – he’s a cutey!
    Hope the cataract surgery goes well – I’ve had it and was amazed at how easy it was – hopefully, your experience will be too!


    • Thanks, Anne. Mikkey says thanks, too. 😉

      Ron had both eyes done in June (I think) and I was really surprised at how easily and quickly they healed.

      I was thinking earlier that without cataract surgery, I might be legally blind in a year or two. Now this miracle is routine!


  4. Jo

     /  August 3, 2015

    Oh cute he is! So happy you found another little guy to love. His face is so cute.
    You will be so happy after your cataract surgery. I have had both my eyes done and what pleasure. I still need readers but to see with out glasses and read street signs is amazing hahaha
    sorry you can’t comment I will file a complant


    • Yay! Another compliment for my new fur baby!

      Ron has to have two pairs of glasses–one for reading and one for computer. I am planning to find out how much it would cost to have plain lenses with the computer and reading glasses in one. That would be a lot more convenient.

      I would still rather carry 2 pairs of glasses around and have perfect distance vision, though.


  5. Roy and dolores Bjornson

     /  August 4, 2015

    We really enjoy all your writings, love your puppy


  6. Oh, my – what an appealing little face! When I had two poodles (toy and miniature) and two St. Bernards, I swear they all thought they were the same size – B – I – G !!!

    I have the same problem with trying to comment on Blogger blogs. I have an old blog on Blogger, so I just use that sign in to comment. It works, but isn’t what I would prefer. Like you . . . I find that when trying to use my WordPress sign in, I get the “chase your tail” syndrome. Not worth the effort to me.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < — wishing you many happy years with Mikkey!


    • Judie, isn’t it funny how the little dogs are just as big as the others inside?

      My neighbor came down to meet Mikkey today. At first Mikkey stayed warily between my feet. But within a couple of minutes he was running to Cindy and asking to be picked up. So for the half hour Cindy and I chatted, Mikkey ran back and forth between us, being picked up, petted and spoiled. Finally when I picked him up, he fell asleep in my arms.

      I was SO relieved. I want a friendly little dog who enjoys other people. It looks like it’s going to work with Mikkey!

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      • Sounds so sweet. My tiny silver toy poodle was a rescue (had been a stud), and he was truly damaged. If anyone came around, he would bark at them once or twice, but then run to me to be held while they were in the house. We had him for at least ten years, and he NEVER normalized, even with three other totally normal dogs around as role models.


        • That is so sad, Judie. Sunny was a bit like that. He never did trust other people, except a select few. And he would only be friendly when they were sitting down. Standing people made him feel terribly threatened.

          That’s what was so special about loving him. He really needed it. And when he trusted Ron and me, it was a major victory. He finally became our dog instead of my dog. We both called him our baby boy. I think we gave him a very good life after his rough start.

          It makes me smile to think of your little poodle knowing he was loved and protected by you.:)

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  7. Marcia GB in MA

     /  August 4, 2015

    Congrats on your new puppy. He is adorable and I hope you have many wonderful years together. Wishing you the best for your cataract surgery!


    • Thank you, Marcia! The new puppy is making me feel years younger!

      My neighbor today suggested I set up arrangements and a small trust fund for him since he will probably outlive us.


  8. I’m assuming his complete name is Mikkey Mouse? He’s charming. My guess is that both you and Ron will sport many more bandaids before the endless puppy stage has ended. But having a dog again is worth every scratch. Dogs make life better, no doubt in my mind.

    Since adopting Jezzy, I’ve had to have her on a special diet, since she appeared to have an allergy to wheat, which was causing her to scratch constantly. (What a long discovery process that was!) We use California Natural dry dog food. Just five ingredients. No crap. The variety we use is herring/sweet potato, but I know they make a chix/rice version. It’s not cheap, but far less than specialty vet food. There are lots of good brands available at the pet warehouse stores. Plus, they’re a fun place to socialize your dog.

    So, so happy you got a pup. This will keep me smiling all day. Smiled all day yesterday as well because I took Jezzy for a walk in the park, and as we passed the tennis courts where four elderly women were playing tennis, one came running over to me and said “I’ve never seen a dog prance like that! Your dog is positively prancing!!”. Well, I guess she was. Head up high, ears back, giving every gram of air in the area a good sniff. But, prancing?? Eh, made me laugh.

    Great post, Sharon. Give Mikkey an extra hug for me.


    • When we were coming home with him, Ron teasingly said, “He looks like a little rat.” I tried out several names, but Mikkey, along with the connotation of a mouse, was perfect.

      However, we also call him Mighty Mouse, and Mikkey Motor. 🙂

      Mikkey is not due for more shots for 3 weeks, but I am planning to take him in to my vet next week anyway. I will ask his advice about what would be the very best diet for Mikkey. I want him to have the best nutrition possible.

      That California Natural may be the kind of dog food my vet sells and recommends. It sounds like it might be the same thing.

      I must meet Jezzie in person some day. I am already in love with her through your blog! I think it’s cute and funny that Jezzie’s “prancing” distracted the little old ladies from their game! 😀

      Mikkey gets so many hugs, I don’t know how I’ll squeeze in another one. But I will for you!

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  9. Hi Sharon! We have a new puppy, too. It’s sometimes like bringing a 5-month-old gator into the house, that mouth is always open, looking for something to chomp down on! Ours is a peeing machine as well. But so much sweetness and love in a little package. This is such an important time since you are shaping the dog you will have for years to come. Enjoy Mikkey!


    • I really giggled at the 5 month old gator description. It’s perfect! Often Mikkey will open his mouth wide and look around for something to chomp.

      I would never have imagined such a tiny puppy could pee and poop as much as this one does! But he has the sweetest and funniest disposition. And every time I look into those big eyes, I melt!

      We are trying to do everything we can to make sure he is so loved and cared about that he will not be fearful of anything. It’s an easy job with him! He is so awfully tiny. He usually pees on the puppy pads, but does #2 wherever the urge strikes. I have stepped in it once. But at this point, I am encouraging him to use the pad, but feel he is too young to push it.

      So glad you got a new puppy, too! What kind?


      • Ours is a Staffordshire bull terrier, we named him Rocky. We got him 3 weeks ago, he will be four months old on the 12th. We are at about 50/50 inside and out now for peeing and pooping and he does go to the door on occasion. I have heard that they are not even capable of really holding it at all till 4 months at the soonest, and of course males are going to always want to pee every 2 minutes! Just today I got him a Kong and some treats to put in it to try to give that mouth something to work on…. Puppies are wonderful but a handful, aren’t they?


        • Sounds like a wonderful addition to your family. Kongs are wonderful. I think I’ll btowse Amazon tonight to see if they have Kongs for itty bitty dogs.

          Yes, they are wonderful, but a full time job!

          Your new dog sounds kind of like one that Cindy recently rescued. She also is a beauty.


  10. Glad you have a new dog…you sound like great “dog parents” and losing a part of the family is terrible..but there are many dogs out there that need that good home that you have…glad you found someone to share all that love with.


    • Bless you for that sweet compliment, Carol. That’s exactly what we needed… someone to shower with love. In return, we get showered with love, are entertained, and it helps me to avoid being such a couch potato! 🙂


  11. Hey. Very happy for you! A very perfect camping companion!

    Glad to see that I can still comment on your blog. I have been out of touch for some time.


    • Thanks, Lynne. And he’s small enough he won’t take up a lot of space in the Casita.

      It’s so good to hear from you.


  12. Woof

     /  August 4, 2015

    I’m sorry you lost your dog…but….the only adults you could find were “retired breeders?” Have you been to any shelter in America lately? Chihuahuas are among the most euthanized dogs in our nation’s shelter. A quick search on Petfinder.com would have yielded tens of thousands that needed a home.


    • Yes, I pored through Petfinders in our state and 4 surrounding states, and couldn’t find one that looked like THE one I wanted to spend my remaining years with. Mikkey was THE one.

      This is the first dog I have owned that was not a rescue, so I am well aware of the need to rescue those poor animals. But, in this case, Mikkey was right for us.


  13. jerryc

     /  August 4, 2015

    Happy for you. Happy camping, too.:-)


    • Jerry, I’ve been keeping up with your travels–with maybe just a wee touch of envy. So glad to see you out exploring and enjoying!


  14. Emily

     /  August 4, 2015

    Another bundle of memories for you guys. He already has you wrapped around his . . . . ah, paws. I had my stress test today and what a long day it ended up being. Am glad to be home. Had to have my “get pass Border Patrol” card from the clinic so that when I set off their radar (because of the nuclear test), they wouldn’t hold and search me. Darn and the BP gentleman was good looking too.


    • I went in expecting to be there around an hour. Then when I checked in, they said it would be 3-4 hours. It ended up taking 6 hours because the photos of my heart didn’t turn out well the first time.

      Alas, there were no handsome guys in sight, except one other patient. 😉

      I didn’t have to get a border pass unless there was a chip in my ID bracelet.

      And yes, we already have a heartful of puppy memories. 🙂


  15. Your new little fur baby is adorable! Enjoy!


  16. Horst

     /  August 5, 2015

    Congratulations on your new Family member….That face will “melt” your heart every time!…Good luck on your cataract procedure…you’re going to really like it…INSTANCE fix….what a difference it has made for me…I look forward on you review on the “expensive lens”…take care..Hi to Ron…I hope to be off to points West in 3 weeks…we’ll see how my COPD deals with the 11000 ft passes and such…”Damn the torpedoes….full steam ahead”…Horst sends


    • As always, thanks for your encouraging comment, Horst.

      I am very curious to see how you do at that elevation. Please let me know. I’m fine at 5000 feet, but not sure my lungs could take 11,000.

      Have a GREAT trip!


  17. Pat Smith

     /  August 5, 2015

    SOOO Cute!!

    Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 01:52:20 +0000 To: misileaff@hotmail.com


  18. Mary

     /  August 6, 2015

    I enjoy your blog and the new addition to your Casita family is really cute.


  19. I love that face! Sorry you are going through puppy training, but at least you don’t have to retrain any bad habits.

    About the comments. I totally understand and went through that myself. I was with blogger, then moved to wordpress, didn’t like it as well as I hoped, and came back to blogger. The main reason I moved to wordpress was the comment thing.

    For me, it was because of the browser I was using. Chrome. Owned by Google, which owns blogger. And blogger doesn’t like wordpress. Once I switched to Explorer, everything worked again. I would put a link to my blog post where I explained everything, but then this message would probably go to your spam folder. So that’s the short version.


    • I bet that is the problem. I am using Opera on my phone because it uses less than half the bandwidth. And I use Firefox on my laptop.

      I will try with Explorer and see if it helps.

      Thanks so much for your suggestions!


  20. Cozygirl

     /  August 16, 2015

    What a cutie pie!!!! Been driving a friend for cataract surgeries…amazing how quick. Really glad you got a new pup…great companion. Sorry so late here…I’m lost or felt a tad overwhelmed lately. Some struggles but heck we deal with it, don’t we. Will write or call soon. Xo


    • Hang in there. Gulf Shores time will be here before you know it.

      The puppy is adorable. A real cuddler. But I’m not having a lot of luck with pottie training. His attention span is too short. Hopefully it will be done before our winter trip south.

      Will email you soon.

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  21. She’s really cute, really adorable 🙂


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