Spring is following us north.

Spring is following us north.

I was seriously tempted to take some of the redbud flowers to make pancakes with, but decided I didn’t want to have to explain to a ranger why I was eating his trees!

Field garlic

Field garlic

So I settled for using a little field garlic in our dinner omelets this evening.

It’s fun watching spring start all over again after experiencing it in Florida.

Dandelions.  My favorite spring flowers.  Seriously!

Dandelions. My favorite spring flowers. Seriously!

We have had to take turns walking since Sunny can’t be left alone now. We went shopping in Valley yesterday, but had to take turns shopping, too. It was too hot to leave Sunny in the truck without air conditioning.

Lush clover.

Lush clover.

I thought I would always have a dog. But after being so constrained by Sunny and Sheba this trip, I think that when Sunny passes on, I may wait a while and see how I do without one.

Nature's lace.

Nature’s lace.

Another beauty.  Can anyone tell me what it is?

Another beauty.

Another cute COE safety sign.

Another cute COE safety sign.

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  1. What pretty colors. I hope the rain stops by tomorrow as I am sure with so much rain we are going to have beautiful wild flowers in the desert. Poor Sunny he has been such a trooper this trip. I don’t think I would get another dog if I was still traveling if I lost Fred. But I hope we will have lots of years together still to come.


    • I have seen so many eye-popping photos of desert flowers after rain. I hope I can see some of yours, too!

      What we are going through with Sunny is sad, but it’s part of owning a dog. He has given us so much love and enjoyment. Now it’s our turn to make his life as rich as we can. 🙂


  2. Sure is cool rolling north at the same pace as spring. We did that last year and it was really cool.
    Good luck with Sunny and those decisions… not easy.


    • Wayne, I’ve decided to just concentrate on one day’s tasks at a time. It gets too overwhelming when I look at the big picture right now.

      But it really is fun traveling north with spring and getting to stretch the season!

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  3. I love it when you go for a walk, and find things to put on your dinner table. Your foraging is my favorite topic of your blog. Hope we can meet someday – I would love to wander down a trail with you.

    Aging pets are so hard……the thought of losing Jezzy is overwhelming. Sunny is lucky to have you and Ron in charge of his wellbeing. Sigh…..


    • Judy, I had gotten away from foraging much, but am feeling the urge to brush up my skills. As soon as we get home, I’m planning to order a superb wild foods cookbook that concentrates on the foodie aspect instead of the survival aspect. It should make wild edibles twice the fun.

      I’ll review the book and post some of the recipe results. I’m excited about it!


  4. cathieok

     /  March 20, 2015

    We love our dogs, but when they go, we will not have another one til we are not traveling anymore. Just so many times we want to do something but are hindered by the dogs. Would not trade them for the freedom, but will not tie ourselves down again. I think the tree is a redbud tree.


    • Cathie, I empathize wholeheartedly with you. I dearly love my dog(s) including Sheba, but traveling with them is difficult, especially when you can’t safely leave them alone in the camper for a couple of hours.

      Thanks for the info on the tree. One of my sisters also confirmed it. What threw me were the seed pods. I had not seem them on a flowering redbud before. Also my glasses prescription is bad. An eye exam is another item on my must-do list!


  5. Marsha

     /  March 20, 2015

    I love any sign of spring. The birds are singing and I noticed the finches at our feeder are starting to get their yellow color back.

    Oh yeah – and the raccoon has come out of hibernation and is pillaging the birdfeeders in the yard 😦


    • Finches are the sweetest little birds. A few years ago I had them in droves when I grew cosmos. They loved the seeds. I guess they had come down from your place on their way south to wherever they spend the winter. 🙂

      If I had my computer to type on instead of the phone, I’d tell you about my favorite camping racoon encounter.

      I’ve not seen raccoons at our house. But there used to be a persistent possum who would visit our deck and scrounge cat food.


  6. Horst

     /  March 22, 2015

    Hopefully I’ll be out a couple 3 weeks and see, smell and partake in “Your” Spring activities.. 🙂 Never had field garlic, how does it compare to the regular stuff…BTW, meant to ask, how do you like your portable Solar unit and where is your controller located?…thanks…have a great Sunday…Horst sends


    • Hi, Horst. Good to “see” you. 🙂

      Field garlic is strong and has a richer, more complex flavor than regular garlic. I use the small bulbs the same way.

      The green tops are too fibrous to eat, other than a few snippings for color.

      I was just reading Wildman Steve Brill’s book and he says that no one who had actually tried field garlic would say that. I could say the same of him. Either he is talking about wild garlic as opposed to field garlic, or there is some other difference.

      I know that his descriptions of the taste of poke sallet is totally different than ours. It may depend on weather, rainfall, or other environmental factors.

      Wow… I got carried away! The answer is that you can use field garlic bulbs just as you would regular garlic.

      Yes, we love our suitcase solar panel except that it’s pretty heavy for us to lug around. We keep the connector on the battery, so we can just pull the connector through the vent holes in the battery box and plug in any time.

      The solar controller is built into the suitcase unit, so the unit is truly plug and play.


      • Thanks for the reply…so how do I know its Field Garlic…I keep thinking mushrooms….and how leery I get picking them……as with you Guys, I really am liking the suitcase unit…I am thinking of moving the controller off the panel into the camper…monitor from inside rather than going out every time I want to see whats going on…but it sure is handy and easy to set up and maintain…plus I don’t need to run the generator unless The temps are high and I need to run the AC…..have a great Sunday and safe travels…Horst sends


        • Horst, you are wise to be leery of mushrooms. As to recognizing field garlic, if it smells like garlic, it is garlic. 🙂

          There is no reason to move the controller inside. In faci, mine does not have a digital readout.

          I use an inexpensive (Under $10 ) gauge that I plug into the cigarette lighter over the TV table that shows me the state of my battery. I do miss having a fancy one like my old Blue Sky MPPT controller when we had the Aliner. But that’s just because I’m impressed with tecchie stuff. 🙂


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