View from our site

View from our site. Can you see the small tree on the point? I bet it will be beautiful once it gets its leafy summer dress. 🙂

This morning as we were getting ready to hit the road I was flooded with happy anticipation, which changed to sheer joy once we were underway.

As I’ve said before, I am happier than I have ever been. Ron and I are both talking about “when” we fulltime — not if.

Yesterday, at Pine Island, I sat outside observing the activity around me. Coots bobbed up and down on the sparkling waves. An osprey flew overhead and landed on the sandy beach, picked up a long stick in its beak that looked too big for it to carry, then flew heavily to its treetop nest on the mid-lake island.

Our Casita at R. Schafer Heard campground.

Our Casita at R. Shaefer Heard campground.

Later that evening, as the sunset faded, I watched dozens of small, maybe 3 or 4 inch long fish jumping out of the shimmering, liquid copper colored surface of the water. They fully cleared the water with each jump and it looked like they were trying to fly.

On our previous visit to that lake 2 years ago, a fisherman told me they were carp when I asked him what kind of fish were jumping out of the water then.

Another view from our site.

Another view from our site.

I deliberately did not have my camera with me because I feel and observe so much more when I’m not distracted with trying to photograph my surroundings. I think I need to devote one day a week (at least) to doing that. When I do, the sights, sounds and scents are more deeply embedded in my memory.

So tonight we are at West Point Lake in the R. Shaefer Heard campground. This is another of our old favorites, and is only a little over an hour from home.

We plan to stay here 7 days, then this fantastic journey will end.

We did discover anotther swamp at our last campground.  Fortunate the area was hilly and the campground wasn't swampy at all.

We did discover another swamp at our last campground. Fortunately the area was hilly and the campground wasn’t swampy at all.

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  1. You are in exactly that happy spot where we all hope to find ourselves at some point in our lives. Yay! You deserve it.


  2. Diane (Teardropping in Paradise!)

     /  March 17, 2015

    This journey might be wrapping up, but full-timing will bring you another whole round of excitement! Enjoy your week now and I like your idea of going out without a camera for less distraction. The one piece of equipment that always goes with me is my pair of binoculars. The day I don’t bring them, some beautiful rare bird will appear!!


    • Diane, I’m not a birder, but the idea of carrying binoculars is a great one. Thanks!


  3. Now enjoy the adventure toward the FT goal. It will pass quickly and once you are ‘out here’ you won’t look back. Enjoy


  4. All good things must end, but then you can start planning the next one. Your joy on this journey has been apparent from the beginning. So glad for you.


    • Thank you, Jerry. If we weren’t also planning to get a small home base in Florida, I would probably be afraid of such a giant leap.


  5. Emily

     /  March 17, 2015

    Oh my, the happy song in your writing.


  6. Happy for you!


  7. Never thought I’d hear full time in your vocabulary….how exciting!!!!


    • Carla, I didn’t even really realize that was what I wanted until now. I was thinking of all the reasons it wouldn’t work. Now we are looking at how to make it work. Finding a new home for Sheba made a big difference, too.


  8. It must be so wonderful to feel the way you do about each other at this time in life. This trip certainly has done wonders for you both. As I read this post I felt the complete relaxed mode you are in, it flowed over to me thanks


    • Jo, We are as surprised as you are. It’s like everything is just falling into place for us.

      So glad for your constant positive encouragement and support. 🙂


  9. Horst

     /  March 19, 2015

    What a great decision you Two are making…I am happy for you Guys….enjoy the adventure towards your FT Journey…can’t wait to follow along..Horst sends


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