Phone Blogging?

Tinycamper's laundromat at Pine Island Campground

Tinycamper’s laundromat at Pine Island Campground

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Since I can’t blog on my computer, I decided to see how it would work on my phone.

The view from our awning last evening.

The view from our awning last evening.

The answer is, slow.  And I can’t see it the way it looks on a computer screen

But it works!

We are at the Cottonhill COE Park, Pine Island Campground, on Walter F. George Lake, on the southern part of the Georgia/Alabama border.  We have not camped in this particular campground before.  It is so much prettier than the other two.

I’m still loving my Wonder Wash and spin dryer.  I’m using it mostly for small things like wash cloths, dish cloths, socks and underwear.  It would work fine on jeans, shirts and sheets, but as long as Ron is willing to do the rest of the laundry, I keep it at play level.

My new Camping World treasures -- a mud and sand scraping mat and stair cover.  Love them!

My new Camping World treasures — a mud and sand scraping mat and step cover. Love them!

What is funny is that a big 5th wheel pulled in next to us this morning — and set up a laundry rack just like mine.

We stayed at Eagle’s Roost RV Park just over the FL/GA line for 4 days before coming here.  That’s our favorite place to change gears from going to Florida to leaving Florida.  There’s a lot of interstate noise there, but we like the park well enough that it doesn’t bother us.

We did notice that it’s not being maintained as well as it used to be.  Someone told me it’s because Camping World (across the interstate) bought it out.  I don’t know if it’s true.

Eagles Roost

Eagles Roost

I’ll close with a picture of Sunny’s eyes. They looked good when we left home in November. But my vet would only give me 2 bottles at a time of his eye drops, so he ran out. The insides of his eyelids looked like hamburger and the whites of his eyes looked bloody.  Scariest of all his pupils are red.  I have only seen that years ago before we got his medicine right.

I took him to a young know-it-all vet in Apopka who wouldn’t listen when I told her what we needed.

So she prescribed something different, and his condition continued to worsen. I finally found a wonderful vet near Newport who took us as walkins on a very busy day. He gave us what we needed, and Sunny is slowly improving. I will be so glad when his pupils are no longer red.

And I’m going to have words with my vet when we get home and make sure this never happens again!

Sunny's eye disease.

Sunny’s eye disease.


  1. Awww…poor kid. 😦


  2. Good job with the phone. ;-> I actually did my very first post with my iPhone 4, just as a lark. I like the results from the computer better, but it isn’t difficult to do with the iPhone.

    Virtual hugs,



  3. Marcia GB in MA

     /  March 10, 2015

    Poor Sunny! I hope you can get it under control when you see your regular vet . Doesn’t it make you mad when vets/mds won’t listen to what you know? I’ve had that issue when having to see drs. in FL about my autoimmune disease. This year I just didn’t see any down here. My rheumatologist isn’t going to be happy when I get home but I actually feel pretty good. So what?

    Good to know you can post a blog entry via phone. Tech is wonderful – when we can make it work right for us. Sweet dreams 🙂


    • What’s even worse is when they treat you like you are stupid when you tell them what has worked for years.

      I was supposed to see my doctor in Feb., but I’m doing fine, too.

      How did you know I was planning an early night? 🙂


  4. Some eye “potions” have a very short shelf life, that may be why your vet wouldn’t give you more of a supply. Glad he’s improving!


    • Janis, these have a 2 year shelf life. But the last vet gave us 3 bottles, so we are good to go.


  5. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA

     /  March 10, 2015

    And sometimes it seems doctors/vets get complacent and don’t take care of business like they should. May be time to get another vet. That’s what I had to do with my babies. Just sayin.’

    Cat Lady


    • CL, that thought has crossed my mind more than once. It might be time to act on it.


  6. Thanks for suffering thru the idiocy of typing on your phone, and actually doing it. You are the Queen.

    I couldn’t quite decipher the photo of Sunny’s eye. But I’m glad you find a vet who will listen to you, and would help you out. We have some of these same types of circumstances…..we know we will be going for five months, and need prescriptions for that length of time. Sometimes it’s just hard to make yourself understood.


    • Judy, in retrospect, maybe I didn’t make it clear to our vet that we would be gone the whole winter. Will try to state things more clearly next time!


  7. What a nice spot you have right on the water and the color of the water is gorgeous.
    Poor Sunny glad you found a better vet.


    • Jo, it is so beautiful and peaceful here.

      I am worring about Sunny. He seems to be losing strength. Poor little guy.


  8. Great post!
    Which app did you use for the phone? I tried one and could not get it to publish.


    • Lynne, I tried using a WordPress app and I couldn’t figure out how to make it do what I wanted.

      So I uninstalled the app and just used the browser like on a regular computer.


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