Last of the Spooky Photos

Ron walking Sheba

Ron walking Sheba

I like this campground and love the campers we’ve met.  But I have had all the swamp I want to see for a while.  For that reason, I’ll be glad when we leave Thursday and head back to Gail’s  house for a few days.



I don’t know how I missed that the little Scotty trailer belongs to a camp host.  I talked with her today.  I asked what year model the trailer is.  She said 1962 is stamped on the tongue of the trailer, but her title says 1965.  It has always been in her family.  She bought it from her mother “15 or 20 years ago” for $800.  She said everything in it is original — even the cushions.  They were apparently made of extremely good foam because she says they are still springy and are not deteriorating.  I’m guessing it’s latex, based on that — although I would not expect even latex to last 50 years.

Another picture of the little Scotty -- with the clearly visible Camp Host sign that I missed before.  :)

Another picture of the little Scotty — with the clearly visible Camp Host sign that I missed before. 🙂

As for the surroundings here — swamps, sinkholes, and more swamps.  The nearby town, Marianna, is beautifully clean and well maintained, though.

I did feel a little spooked when we went to Walmart and saw several Middle Eastern men — and they were not smiling.  One had his wife (I guess) in a hijab with him.  (Or is it burqua?  It was all black, full body covering.)

Since I had never seen anyone actually wearing one, I took a long look at all I could see of her — her beautiful, expressive eyes.  Later I wished I had smiled into her eyes instead of curiously gawking.

Swamp 1

Swamp 1


Swamp 2

Swamp 2

Swamp 3

Swamp 3


  1. Soon you will have plenty of mosquitos to go with the swamps! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



  2. Like every new adventure the swamp was cool now it’s all over with 🙂 Sorry to hear Sheba is misbehaving. Had a problem with Fred today he wasn’t aggressive just wouldn’t listen he took off to play with a dog that was being walked. I had to pick him up and carry him home with a jug of weed killer in tow. Fred does’t look like much but he sure is heavy


    • Yes, the swamp was cool for a couple of days. 🙂

      I know how heavy Sunny can get, so I can imagine how heavy Fred was.

      At least Fred was friendly when he misbehaved. 🙂


  3. Think I can understand being ready to leave the swamp. It is somewhat oppressive in an odd sort of way. A bit of strong sunshine will clear out the swampiness.

    Jezzy is not too friendly with other dogs as well, although there are some that she gets along with very well, for no apparent reason. I hate to avoid other dog walkers, but I do. She has a very low tolerance for the sniffing thing. Maybe Sheba is just putting her herding instincts into high gear. She needs all the other dogs to bend to her will. Hope you find the right balance for her.


    • I’m ready for a beach, a lake, a mountain — anything but a swamp!

      Sheba likes some dogs. My neighbor back home brings her border collie down to play with Sheba and they have a romping good time together.

      I had never associated that with being part of the herding instinct, but it might well be.

      She has strong alpha tendencies and I often have to make it clear to her that I’m the only alpha female in this family!


  4. If I may….I haven’t been following your blog long enough to know how long you’ve had Sheba, or how old she is, but I would like to suggest a couple of things?

    Firstly, she needs to regain her confidence….somehow it’s been lost.

    I don’t recall where you live…but when you get back home you want to use a trainer who only uses positive reinforcement. Look for a trainer certified in the Victoria Stillwell (It’s Me Or The Dog; program) method.

    Do not, I repeat Do Not use anyone following the Cesar Milan method, or similar. It will be a disaster.

    Good luck



    • Cindy, I appreciate your suggestions. I am wondering if having to keep her tied up so much (per campground regulations) has something to do with it. She gets several walks during the day, but she has to be leashed at all times in the campground. At home she has a huge yard to run in at will.

      She turned 3 years old in Feb. and is still very much a puppy. She loves ALL people and just takes it for granted that everyone loves her, too. It’s just other dogs she gets aggressive with.


      • Hi Sharon,

        It’s usually an anxiety problem, due to external things.

        It’s also true that some dogs don’t appreciate being sniffed by other dogs. It’d probably be better if she did the “first” sniffing of other dogs. I’m thinking she feels threatened by the ones she doesn’t like. Also, how are YOU when other dogs approach? Do you right away get anxious? She can sense that. If you are not calm…she’s not calm. Don’t be afraid to say to certain people, “My dog is not comfortable with your dog.”

        When I’m walking dogs around other people walking dogs…I’m all the time watching how those people act with their dogs. If they are not conscious of their dogs as individuals…I have to be aware of their dogs as individuals and act accordingly. What I mean is people tend to put their own personalities into their dogs, instead of actually notice their dogs as dogs. That’s very, very common. So, what happens is they miss everything. If their dog is being weird socially …they’ll never see it. At the same time if their dog has some basic need…they’ll never see that either. They won’t notice anything unless it’s a reflection of themselves. I see it as a narcissistic problem, with that person.

        You mention that you have to keep her “tied up.” Do you mean literally tied up? That is very damaging to a dog’s psyche. Dogs should never, ever be tied up. And yes…it does encourage aggression. The more you do it…the more aggressive she’ll get. This could be the sole source of her anxiety, as well.

        I see she at least has a friend at home….that’s great. But after being tied up, and having gotten aggressive from that…she may turn on this friend, too.

        Getting lots of walks is great…but make sure she actually is getting exercised during those walks; run with her, walk fast…whatever.

        But when you get back to the RV…take her inside and make sure she gets that she’s part of whatever you’re doing in there, too. No tying her up. And now that there might be a problem with her as a result of being tied up, she’s probably not a good candidate for being put into a crate either. So, don’t try that…at least not for now.

        Let us know how it goes. 🙂


        • Cindy, the truth is we should never have gotten Sheba. I am in my late 60’s and my husband is in his 70’s. We are not physically able to exercise her as we should.

          We are campers. That’s the only time in our lives we enjoy every minute and feel like we are really living.

          Our little trailer is 17′ long, with usable interior space of 12×6. Built in furniture takes up all the space except for the narrow hall.

          Campground rules everywhere (at least in the East) demand that pets be restrained on a leash not longer than 6′.

          When Sheba was 9 months old, we realized she was too much dog for us and tried to find her a home. Absolutely no one wants such a boisterous dog for a pet. I even contacted two rescue organizations and neither got back to me.

          So we committed to keeping her and doing our best for her. It’s not good for Sheba and it’s not good for us. But we love Sheba far too much to take her to a shelter or put a “free to good home” ad in the paper.

          In short, we are stuck in a Catch 22 and making the best of it.


          • I appreciate your honesty, Sharon, and I had a feeling it was something like that.

            What kind of a dog is Sheba?

            Also, if you camp at BLM lands, or National Forests…places like that, you won’t have such restrictions. Also, there are such things as dog gyms, and dog sports clubs…designed to really work out dogs on a regular basis.

            But, I’ll leave you with one final thought; there’s no way around the increasing aggression problem if she is continually tied up. Thus; she may eventually seriously hurt another dog, or worse go after a person. If that happens….well, you know what’ll happen….I don’t have to spell it out.

            I got on here and started talking to you about this because caring for animals has been my life for nearly 50 years…professionally since 1992. I won’t let a problem like this go by me without trying to help divert a possible serious situation.

            It is my hope that you’ll try to go outside the box and rethink this.


            • Cindy, I’m so glad you started this discussion. Ron and I have talked on and off all evening about what we can do.

              He is the one who suggested bringing her inside every time we go inside. We can do that, and it might even encourage us to stay outside more –which would be good for us, too.

              I had been making progress with her. Then cold weather came and I was happy to let Ron take over the dog walking chore.

              The only thing is, Sheba listens to me, and she doesn’t to Ron. So when he walks her, she tends to ignore him, which irritates him, which leads to a vicious circle.

              I’m glad this problem came to a head now because it reminded me that Sheba is my dog snd it’s my responsibility to walk her and teach her.


  5. Sounds like it’s time for the doggie psychiatrist. Maria’s sister had to take one of her dogs and it helped out.

    Also, we nominated you for the Liebster award. You don’t have to participate but it is a great way to help get your blog noticed and connect with other bloggers. If not it’s no biggie.

    Check out the link if you want to participate.


    • We are definitely going to have to do something with trainers/doctors — whatever it takes.

      Thanks so much for nominating me for your award, but I must decline the honor. My blog is not about a bigger readership, but more like conversations with friends. I’m content with the treasured readers I have.

      But I really appreciate your offer. 🙂


  6. cozybegone

     /  February 24, 2015

    Maybe some Bachs Rescue Remedy…calms me down on travel days and safe for animals. Ps….loved your “bun” shot you’ve made it through the hard part of hair growth…like!!! Taking off this weekend for west central AL…if we ever get our truck back. Day 5…ugh! Hope our coughs gone by then. Saw many to be at Gunter but we’re moving the other direction to be ready for gig April 1. Last few weeks have flown….ready to move on.


    • What is wrong with your truck, Carla? Will have to recheck your blog and see what I missed.

      Yep, I like my hair. I like wearing it down in the evening. Just another fun thing to do.

      Gunter will always be associated in my mind with you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Really enjoy your pictures. We do a lot of boating on the St Johns River and see lots of Cyprus Trees and knees. No mosquitos? Enjoy your trip.


  8. Agree that a little swamp time goes a long way.


  9. I’m trying to get caught up on Blogs…you Guys have been busy..the CG reminds me when I had the Gboys and we where at Suwannee River State PK…a little gloomy, though the rain helped that feeling….Boys where glad to leave…I like the swamp photo’s…safe journey to your next adventure…BTW..I noticed that you are following “tiny House Swoon”…I thought I’d see what it was all about and spend the next half hour looking at the magnificent stuff folks did with the limited space…very nice…have a great week…Horst sends


    • We are heading to our favorite camping spot in the world Thursday. Gail’s house!!!

      Tiny House Swoon is one of my very favorite places to learn how to make tiny spaces functional and beautiful. And just to marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of the builders.


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