The Star Party that Wasn’t, a Park Liner & Long Gray Hair!

Looks primeval, doesn't it?

Looks primeval, doesn’t it?

We heard about a star party at the visitor’s center around 6:30 this evening and were really looking forward to going.  But, due to overcast skies, it was canceled.  I hope they schedule another one while we are here.

Letting my hair grow.  I usually wear it up.

This is for Kim and Judie who know I am letting my gray hair grow long. I’m really loving it after decades of ultra short cuts.

Today was a leisurely day of chatting with other campers and meandering walks.  While we were out, we met a nice couple from Pennsylvania, Tina and Sam, camping in a 15′ Park Liner.  Park Liner is the latest manufacturer that I am aware of to build molded fiberglass trailers.

I was so excited when I saw the Park Liner that I asked Tina if I could take photos.  She graciously consented.  I apologize that my camera didn’t do it justice.  It doesn’t do well in low light conditions and gave the pictures an odd color cast.  But you can still see the layout.

The Park Liner exterior.  I love the wood, residential style screen door.

The Park Liner exterior. I love the wood, residential style screen door.

I have found (and sampled) all kinds of good edible plants and trail nibbles here.  But since I haven’t stayed intensively committed to it, I have forgotten many of the plants’ names.

I’ve decided to start brushing on on both the edible plants and mushroom skills.  Especially while we are essentially living in the Casita  (temporarily, of course), it helps to have an absorbing hobby to focus on.  It keeps life new and exciting.

Large comfortable bed in the Park Liner, which can become another dinette.  I apologize for the color cast my camera gave it.

Large comfortable bed in the Park Liner, which can become another dinette. I apologize for the color cast my camera gave it.

I am surprised at the number of families with young children that are camping here in tents and popups, considering the cold nights we are having.  I love to see them enjoying campfires and outdoor pursuits.  Those are memories that will last!

Another view of the Park Liner interior.

Another view of the Park Liner interior.

A tiny 13' Scamp is camped next to the Park Liner.

A tiny 13′ Scamp is camped next to the Park Liner.

Nightfall in the campground.

Nightfall in the campground.

These little flowers are blooming all over the place, unfazed by the below freezing weather the  night before last.

These little flowers are blooming all over the place, unfazed by the below freezing weather the night before last.

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  1. Star parties always seem to have their own schedule with the clouds! ;-> Is Kim letting her hair grow out, too? It’s looked longer in pictures lately.

    Virtual hugs,



    • At least we’ll be here a few more days so maybe can catch another star party. I’ve never been to one.

      Kim’s hair has been long since I have known her. She usually wears it up, but sometimes wears it down. You, Kim and Peggy are the three that I know with long hair. I always wanted to let mine grow, but figured I was too old. But since I liked everyone else’s long hair, I decided to go for it!

      Oddly enough, my husband prefers mine short. But I think he likes it when it’s up. 🙂


  2. If you keep it long, you can make it “short” in a flash. If it is short, then you are stuck! At least that’s how I have experienced my own hair. It is baby fine, thinning even faster with age, and slow growing. But it keeps my scalp warm! ;->


    • Mine is silky and baby fine, too, and I definitely have less hair than I used to. But it looks okay if I lean forward and brush my hair from the bottom up. Gives it a little lift–which I then spray the heck out of to keep if from going limp right away.

      You know what’s weird? When I wear it down on my shoulders, I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. So I don’t care if I look old — it just feels so feminine. 🙂


  3. You’re only as old as you feel! I pay no attention to that elderly-looking lady in my mirror. I know not who she is, but she seems intent on following me everywhere! 😦


    • Reminds me of a poem Daddy used to quote when we all followed him around:

      I have a little shadow
      who goes in and out with me.
      And what can be the use of him
      is more than I can see.
      He is very, very like me
      from my heels up to my head,
      and I see him go before me
      when I jump into my bed.

      I’ve got one of those old ladies shadowing me, too. I just ignore her most of the time!


  4. We had a little song like that in Girl Scouts back in the 50’s, but the words seem a little different. I probably knew the Florida version! ;->


    • I wish I could find a like button. Sometimes I see one, but usually I search high and low and can’t see it. Anyway, I LIKE your replies! 🙂


  5. Well, here’s another song you will LIKE:

    “There’s something in my pocket
    that belongs upon my face.
    I keep it very close at hand
    in a most convenient place.
    I know you’d never guess it
    if you guessed a long, long while.
    So I’ll take it out
    and put it on
    It’s a great big Brownie Smile!

    And with that, I must close my computer and cook dinner! ;->

    Keep smiling!


  6. Jane. Cato

     /  February 21, 2015

    12 degrees earlier this week in central AL. 63 today ! Back to deep freeze again next week. My daffodils have frozen petticoats! Nix the long hair–it ages you 10 years!! I’m 83 @ just chopped mine off. Feel younger anyhow ! Love your journals & photos! Am hoping to buy a 17′ Casita.


    • That is just plain weird weather! I giggled at the daffodil’s frozen petticoats. If mine back in north Georgia have started sprouting yet, they probably met the same fate.

      My face is so aged, hair styles can’t really help or hurt it! Glad you are here. And I hope you get your Casita. The joy when we got ours over two years ago has never faded. 🙂


  7. Sharon, I envy you your long silver hair. My gray hair is a short chop, that looks pretty much the same when I pop off my baseball hat or bike helmet. I’m all about simplicity, but I long for the touch of elegance of your long locks.

    I wouldn’t trade your gorgeous Casita for the newcomer. You win that battle hands down!


    • I was just wearing my hair in a ponytail that didn’t look that great. But it’s finally long enough to do something with. I just adore the feeling of long hair… makes me feel pretty, no matter what my lying mirror tells me!

      And I do love my Casita. The feeling of HOME is powerful when we walk in the door, no matter where we are parked. I’ve learned some more storage and organizing tricks. So the next time we head south for the winter, we will feel like we have a lot more room. Even with the onboard laundromat! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Your hair is pretty.. I was letting the color grow out and on a whim I decided to color it and wish I hadn’t.. Mine has grown out as in longer and I will work on being content instead of talking myself into cutting it off.. So many decisions…lol!I see a lot of elegant looking older women with long hair.. I love the look of pulled back and swept up like your pic..


    • Thanks! 🙂

      You don’t know how many time I decided to let my gray grow out and changed my mind. I finally got tired enough of having the roots retouched that I just let it go.

      It seems to me that the worst time in letting hair grow is that middle stage when you can’t do anything with it. So many times I almost had it cut. But I’m glad I didn’t now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well this is it for me..No more coloring! It was actually looking good and gray growing will take a while now. Enjoy your hair and length. My hair is thick and wavy and it is easier to control when it is longer..


  9. Marsha

     /  February 22, 2015

    I wear my hair shorter and have been coloring it for years. I always told myself when it gets to be to much I’m going to let it grow and go for a long bob. I feel like I’m at that point.

    The Park Liners looked more spacious inside on their website (I’m going from memory). They must have different sizes. We went down to Tennessee last week to tour the Oliver factory and now we’re hooked. We just got the Casita modified to a usable space for us, but Oliver offers a 23.5′ and with our longer trips in retirement we couldn’t resist.


    • Long bobs are beautiful. I colored my hair for years and liked it. I think seeing others with long hair and noticing how attractive and carefree it seemed to them was the main reason I decided to let mine grow.

      As far as I know, Park Liner only makes a 15′ model. It looked bigger inside to my eyes than it did to my camera. The photos look cramped, but it didn’t feel that way.

      I wouldn’t dare tour the Oliver factory! I’d be smitten, because it’s like a Casita on steroids and I would be unable to resist! 😀

      Did you go ahead and order the Oliver?


      • Marsha

         /  February 22, 2015

        We did order the Oliver. Our delivery date is June 3. Just in time for our Alaska trip.


        • Congratulations, Marsha!!!

          An Alaska trip in a new Oliver! That’s the stuff dreams are made of! 🙂


  10. Marcia GB in MA

     /  February 22, 2015

    To add to the hair discussion: yours looks very nice long and your gray is a pretty shade. I decided to grow my hair out this year, too. It’s just now creeping past the awkward stage but I won’t trim it until we get home mid-April. I stopped coloring mine when I turned 65 and I’m looking forward to all gray instead of the salt/pepper look I have now. Mine has also thinned and become more limp with age but the gray pieces are curlier. We’ll see!

    We’ve noticed a lot more folks down here in tents and pop ups, too. Some from far away. I think they just got fed up with Winter and came to FL anyway they could. I don’t envy them with the cold and torrential rainstorms we’ve had this year, that’s for sure. We’re at Ft DeSoto and a couple pulled in with one of the new Escape fifth wheels. I am hoping to catch up with them and maybe get a tour. That’s my idea of a sweet rig. But anything that gets you where you want to go and keeps you warm and dry is good.

    Hope you get your star party. We were coming home from seeing friends on Fri. Night and the sight of the new moon with Venus and Mars, complemented by a gorgeous red glow in the evening sky was spectacular. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic.


    • I’ve noticed my hair changes gray colors. It was a pure silver about 10 years ago. Now more dark hairs are creeping in again. It must have something to do with nutrition? I dearly loved that shining silver and was sad when it faded away. I also remember my grandmother’s hair doing the same thing — periodically lightening and darkening. It could also be stress related because 10 years ago was a very difficult time for me.

      I also have talked to people who have been up north all winter, but have come down here for a couple of weeks.

      Oh, my! An Escape 5th wheel! You have no idea of how much time I spent on their website — or lurking at the Escape forum, before I finally realized that they really were out of my price range. I hope you get one! Those little 5th wheels also have a huge “cool” factor! 🙂

      Wish I had seen that sky. I saw something like that back in the late 80’s when I was doing a lot of solo camping. It was so perfect that it became an indelible memory.


  11. Emily

     /  February 22, 2015

    Love your hair which ever way you wear it; and, oh the first line of your poem brought back to memory A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. The last verse was my favorite:
    One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
    I rose and found the shinning dew on every buttercup;
    But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepyhead,
    Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.

    I have the book (almost as old as me) still and it is sitting on my breakfront in the front room,


    • What a treasure! I had forgotten (if I ever remembered) that verse.

      Don’t you love the way children’s literature back then used real words instead of a dumbed down vocabulary? And we understood them and learned from them. The only modern day children’s author I really liked was Dr. Seuss because he wasn’t afraid to throw hilariously fun language around!

      I think I will try to find a copy of A Child’s Garden of Verses. It would be astronomical in a rare book shop. But maybe I can find a free Kindle or epub version.


  12. Gorgeous locks! I know what you mean about feeling feminine. For the first time in decades, I love my hair. Thanks for the Park Liner tour.

    Judie – I remember that Brownie poem now.


    • The hair discussion is fun! It is kind of like when I was 17, sitting around discussing hair styles with girlfriends. What was the name of that magazine geared to teenage girls that featured long hair styles? But it’s so great to FEEL like doing it at my age!


  13. Hi Sharon–I keep meaning to pop in with a few words about one post or another I read on here. But with the hair pic, I just have to take a moment to comment! I’m so glad you stuck with it till it got long enough to put it back in a clip if you want. I rarely go out with mine down since I think it does look better up with some loose strands in the front, but at home it’s always down. Since my natural curl has disappeared completely, I have rediscovered pin curls! With a little gel and one great big pin curl on top of my head all night after washing it, I get super curls only at the ends in the morning, and they stay like that. That also helps when I put it back in a pony tail, instead of it all just hanging there (like, say, a pony’s tail….).

    Winter is fun up here….it was 3 the other morning. And snow!

    Enjoy your long camping trip!


    • I had forgotten about pin curls! I also love it when my pony tail has a nice curl at the end. I don’t have curls per se, but I still have the same pattern of waves I did when I was young.

      3 degrees! WOW! I think I’ll stick to visiting NC in the summer!

      We are loving the trip. Never want it to end! 🙂


  14. Molded trailers are really starting to show up a lot. I still like what you have done to yours the best. But OH how I want a little 13′ Casita or Scamp. I just can’t get around letting my hair grow and right now need a hair cut so bad.


    • Jo, after following your efforts to find the right trailer, I think that a 13′ Scamp or Casita would be perfect for you. I do wish you could find one at a decent price!


  15. Enjoyed the hair discussion interspersed with camper comments. I miss having girly talks!
    My hair is getting longer…and I like it at the moment. But then it starts bugging me and it all gets cut off again!


    • It was fun, wasn’t it? 🙂

      I used to reach a stage where if I didn’t get my hair cut that day I felt like shaving my head! It was so hard hanging on through that stage! Yours seems to have so much natural lift and curl. Sure wish mine had more body!


  16. happytrailsga

     /  February 24, 2015

    I have had short hair for a very long time but once upon a time it was much longer. About a year ago I decided to grow it out and have been working on it since. It still seems short to me but it was very short before. I have also stopped coloring it. I’m not too grey and I like it. It is so much less trouble when traveling because you can’t always know who you are getting to color it. Talking “girlie” talk is fun!!
    Glad you included the pics of the Park Liner!! I read a little about them before purchasing the Casita. I (we) would love to have an Oliver but so far it is only a dream!!


    • Love the girlie talk, too! It’s fun how the girlie talk became the main theme of the comments section!

      With me dream is first an Escape, secondly an Oliver. Fat chance. 😀


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