Swamp Swimming?

This was the free daily jigsaw puzzle in my puzzle app last night.  It describes the weather here perfectly!

This was the free daily jigsaw puzzle in my puzzle app last night. It describes the weather here perfectly!


Our Casita at Florida Caverns State Park

Our casita at Florida Caverns State Park

Last night was the first night in Florida that we seriously worried about our water freezing.  I ran the propane furnace instead of the AC’s heat strip.  I pulled out all of our underbed storage and opened all the lower cupboard doors so the heat could reach the water pipes.  I also left the bathroom door open so heat could keep the pipes behind the shower pan from freezing.  It worked!  Thank heavens that no more temperatures that cold are predicted!

Entrance to swimming area

Entrance to swimming area

Ron and I have decided not to do the cave tour.  Many years ago I toured some huge caves (maybe Luray — can’t remember.  It was the one with the rock formation in it that looks like two poached eggs), but they were huge and felt more like cathedrals than caves.

These caves are a lot smaller.  I was told there is some crouching down required in some places.  Just the thought of it triggers claustrophobia.  So we’ll just enjoy the above-ground sights — which is mainly a lot of eerily beautiful swampland.  So glad it’s not mosquito weather!

Another shot of the swimming area

Another shot of the swimming area

A nice thing about this park is that it is near stores and fast food places.

Also, important to me, they do allow clotheslines.  In fact they have clothesline poles at each site — to keep people from using trees.  So if I decided to use my laundry drying rack behind the trailer, it shouldn’t cause problems.  I probably won’t, though, because they have laundry facilities here.

Swimming area.  You can tell I was boggled at the swampy swimming!

Swimming area. You can tell I was boggled at the swampy swimming!

Sheba is embarrassing me!  There are several other people here with large dogs.  They are all so sweet and friendly.  And they don’t bark at other dogs.  Sheba still has to sound the alarm and try to intimidate any other dog she sees.  It makes me feel inadequate as a doggie mom!

This place is not big rig friendly, so there are lots of tiny campers, along with several medium sized rigs.  Next to us and across the street are two matching teardrops.  Ron said they are two single women, each with their own teardrop, traveling together.  I said hi to one of them and she didn’t answer, so I’ll have to take Ron’s word for that.

Final swimming area photo

Final swimming area photo

About the swimming area….  I don’t think I’d want to swim in a cypress swamp.  Even if the weather permitted!  But it’s gorgeous viewing.

And, as at Newport Park, the ground is covered with little violets.

A little Scotty trailer

A little Scotty trailer

One of the twin teardrops

One of the twin teardrops

This photo is the last one I took at Newport Park.  I liked it enough to insert it here.  :)

This photo is the last one I took at Newport Park. I liked it enough to insert it here. 🙂

I found a place to store my drying rack.  :)

I found a place to store my drying rack. 🙂

Little violets

Little violets

Bridge built around trees

Bridge built around trees






  1. happytrailsga

     /  February 20, 2015

    I can’t say I blame you about the cave situation!! This cold weather is about to do me in!! We have been wanting to get out, yes with the camper, but the weather is just too cold. We also have doctor appointments coming up the first part of March. As soon as we are given the ok we are heading out. We’ve decided to travel short distances because of Casey but at least we’ll be traveling!! Can’t wait!!

    I sure like that Scotty!!


    • The cold is no fun. We seem to be managing, but will be so glad when it finally warms up.

      I hope that Casey is like Sunny and Sheba, in that they love camping. Sunny sometimes gets anxious in the truck. But as soon as we get out and I open the trailer door for him, he is home. Same with Sheba, except she really does enjoy the traveling.

      I loved that Scotty, too. At first I wasn’t sure if it was an original, or one of the copies they made a few years ago. But the finish is oxidized and the paint fading, so that leads me to believe it’s an original. If so, it’s a treasure!

      I am so glad to hear you are going to be traveling. You can feel like you are in a completely different world sometimes just 50 miles down the road. It’s also easier on the nerves and body, I think!

      Looking forward to seeing you on the road again! 🙂


  2. it has got down into the teens once or twice while we were out and we just kept the little ceramic heater going…turned up. Did not encounter any problems…except it was impossible to dump when everthing is frozen.


    • Thankfully, we haven’t encountered a frozen tank yet. But it’s so encouraging to hear that your water lines haven’t frozen in those temperatures! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂


  3. The thought of getting in the water in a swamp just creeps me out! Really cannot imagine it.

    It looks nice and warm in your photos – hope you are over the worst of the cold. Florida sure is getting the chilly weather right now. Sounds like you are really well prepared food keeping your Casita thawed out, though.

    Camping in the cold beats staying home. Keep telling yourself that!


    • When I think of swamps, I think of water moccasins and alligators. And unknown stuff. Scary to even think of swimming in one.

      Judy, since I am on thyroid hormones, the cold is not bothering me. It’s not a lot of fun, but I am handling it better than Ron. Not once have I thought it’s too cold to be camping. I only think how very happy I am to be in my snug little Casita on cold nights.

      Today was only supposed to get up into the 40’s, but it got up into the high 50’s. So with a long sleeved shirt and undershirt, I was fine.

      Ron and I need to seriously consider what we need to do to make full timing work for us. We are still putting off thoughts of going home. And yesterday I changed our mail forwarding stop date from March 1 to April 1.


  4. The cave thing would not be on my list. I have been to one here in Tucson and I just didn’t like the feel. There is a man made one at the Desert Museum that was more my speed short and fast. haha. I don’t think I would want to swim in that water not very appealing for swimming but yes nice to look at take pictures.

    I would like to think the lady just didn’t hear you but you never know. I guess everyone can’t be friendly like us. Love the bridge around the trees.


    • Jo, I had Sheba with me, and she had her dog with her. After I thought about it, she may have just been trying to avoid a dog encounter.

      Isn’t it funny how we develop phobias… I just know I’m going to suffocate and never see daylight again in a cave! Probably I’d be fine if I went. I just don’t want to take the chance.


  5. Bummer on the ‘not big rig friendly’. There sure some neat places we don’t fit into easily…
    Don’t feel too bad (Sheba) Lily STILL does the same thing. We keep working on it.


    • It must be an older state park to not think of big rigs. But it does have full hookups, which surprised me.

      Sunny finally stopped barking at everything when he started losing his sight and hearing. Here’s hoping Lily barks for a long time! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Really enjoy your blog….keep on traveling…we live in FL but have never been to most of the spots you’ve stopped at.


    • Thank you, Carol. 🙂

      I’m a Florida native and I have never been to some of these places. It is mainly because the state parks are heavily booked through March and into April that we’ve had to scramble for places to stay.

      I’m glad it worked out this way, though. I’ve really enjoyed discovering new places.

      Thanks for commenting!


  7. Diane

     /  February 23, 2015

    Your photos are always great as are your stories! My sister lives in Tampa and I teased her the other day when she experienced the cold, as she has been teasing me about our MA weather of late! I will be happy to leave the snow and cold soon!

    Glad nothing froze in your “home”!


    • Thank you, Diane!

      This has been a strange month. Usually there is at least a 10 degree difference in temperatures fom where we live in N. Georgia and here. But a couple of times it has been warmer there than here.

      Are you heading down to Tampa soon, or just praying the winter up there ends soon?


      • Diane

         /  March 4, 2015

        We won’t get to FL for a while. We plan on being out west for this year and into next, with a trip to Alaska next summer. It will be late 2016 or even into 2017 before we get back east, I think. And warm weather can’t come soon enough! We’re expecting more snow tonight on Cape Cod!!


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