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It's been a while since I've seen an old fire tower.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an old fire tower.

…A mini post as far as content today.

We didn’t see the ships today.  Ron was sick and spent most of the day in bed.  I am not feeling great, either.  It didn’t help that it was really cold today.

Another wonderful old tree.

Another wonderful old tree.

So I just walked Sheba around the park, and that was the extent of our adventures.  Except for the price shock of the little country grocery store we stocked up at this evening.  WOW!

But the refrigerator and freezer are packed, so we are good for a week or so.

Tomorrow is supposed to be up in the 60’s and sunny.  Probably it would be a good day for visiting the Pinta and Nina.  But we have decided to wait until the weekend crowd is over.  The ships will be here until the 23rd.  So we’ll wait for a warm, sunny day during the week.

I love rock scaping!

I love rock scaping!

I was thrilled to see two kinds of tiny wild violets blooming all over the campground today.

Also tomorrow is laundry day.  I have a new laundry system that I tried out at Gail’s house, and it’s a perfect solution to being where laundromats are not available or are not clean.

It’s a Wonder Wash and a spin dryer that gets the clothes damp dry.  (I also have a Wonder Wash at home for power outages and love it.) And I have a wooden rack I’ll secure to the trailer as unobtrusively as possible to dry them on.  I’ll show you how it works out tomorrow.  🙂


I’ll close with some sweet little violet pictures:





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  1. I climbs one of those fire towers in Pinetop, AZ well not all the way. One of the guys in the group hates heights so my excuse was to keep an eye on him for his wife. haha. They didn’t buy it but we had fun.
    Sorry you an Ron weren’t up to par today. Sure hope it is gone by tomorrow. Wonderful violets popping up all I get are weeds.


    • I wouldn’t even attempt to climb one! I also have vertigo and would probably pitch over the side. Way to go! 🙂

      Ron is feeling better tonight. Hopefully I’ll wake up feeling good as new in the morning, too.

      Violets are such sweet little flowers. These are so small you have to be almost looking at them to see them.


  2. Always nice to see the violets for the season. Hope your weather warms back up again, pronto!


    • So far, the week ahead looks brisk, but not too cold, with lots of sunshine predicted.

      I put a mushroom ID and a weeds ID app on my phone to help ease me back into those pursuits. 🙂


  3. Diane

     /  February 14, 2015

    Hi Sharon, hope you are both feeling better! I am so glad to hear you have and like Wonderwash. We just ordered it for our full-timing USA travels in our teardrop camper! It looks like such a great “appliance”! Happy travels!


    • Diane, I just uploaded a new post about my experiences with the Wonder Wash. I bet you will love it! Let me know after you try it out, okay 🙂


  4. bonnie borgeson

     /  February 14, 2015

    Hi Sharon, I never thanked you for your pics and help converting my Casita to the 2 bed change. I just love it. Hope you and your husband are feeling better, hope you are not coming down with the flu. Take good care and thanks for all the enjoyment you bring with your pics. Happy Valentines Day


    • Bonnie, I am so glad the conversion worked out for you. I much prefer it to the Liberty twin bed model.

      Ron is feeling much better. I am still a little cranky and irritable today, which is a sure sign that I am not quite up to par. Maybe tomorrow!

      Thank you for your lovely comments about the blog. That did make me smile! 🙂


  5. cozybegone

     /  February 16, 2015

    Nina and Pinta came through here. Pricey to walk the plank but fun sight from land shore. Two weeks until we moved to central AL…darn times flies!!! I’m so excited you found openings and family visits…soon we’ll see spring! Hugs..


    • I saw that the ships had been to Gulf Shores before coming here.

      Time is flying! I can’t believe it’s almost spring already. I have found several wonderful places, Carla. Just had to move to a different section of Florida!

      Hugs back at you! 🙂

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