At the Springs

Looking from the swimming area toward where it joins the river.

Looking from the swimming area toward where it joins the river.

We broke the rules today.  We left our dogs in the truck while we strolled around the day use area.  We decided that just because someone made a rule because someone in the past might have left their dogs in a hot car in the sun in summer, it was silly to apply that rule to dogs in a deeply shaded truck when the high was in the 60’s.

One of the deep vents where 72 degree waterboils out from the aquifer.

One of the deep vents where 72 degree water boils out from the aquifer. There is no vegetation next to the vent. That’s the reflections of overhead trees.

So that’s my excuse, officer!  😀

The water is so crystal clear here that you can look through it and see every grain of sand on the bottom.

The swimming area is shallow.  You can walk the whole area, except for where the vents are.  A few hardy souls were swimming when we got to the day use area.  Obviously they are from somewhere a lot colder than here.  We would have frozen!

Despite the name, the water does not taste salty.

We had a wonderful visit with Linda and Marty yesterday.  The day was balmy enough for us to be outside.  When we got tired of sitting, we took Sheba for a long walk.  Marty is undergoing radiation treatment so was not as chipper as usual.  But he was his usual sweet, friendly self.

We will be leaving here Wednesday.  The time has flown!  I’m looking forward to some more family time.  We’ll stay at Mom’s for a night, then head to Gail’s where we will homestead for a few days.  🙂

I had several more photos I wanted to share with you, but my signal is so poor that it is giving me http errors every time I try to upload another one. So I’ll accept the inevitable and sign off now.

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  1. Marcia GB in MA

     /  February 2, 2015

    Sometimes rules beg to be broken! Beautiful water. I wish Florida had some real hot springs, for therapeutic reasons. But they are lovely, nevertheless.


    • I wish they had hot springs, too! But that might mean more geothermal activity than I would be comfortable with.

      Bubblebaths with candles and soft music would be a tolerable substitute, I bet. 🙂


  2. Wow, Sharon! That place is so beautiful and looks inviting… much more so than Iowa. We had 13 inches of snow over the weekend.


  3. I would love to just jump right in that water. I bet there is a rule about no jumping in haha. I don’t think the dogs were in danger with those temp and being in the shade. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip to the Springs.


    • Jo, there IS a no diving or jumping off the concrete walls rule!

      Fortunately you can swim in it. I’ve done it before when it’s hot outside, and that cool water feels heavenly!


  4. That was one of the best springs!!! All of them were neat but that one was over the top. Zero Tolerance? Even when there is no danger?


    • Wayne, if you read for a while at you can read about the overenthusiastic enforcement of rules. It was quite a problem for a while. However, they must have gotten enough flak about it that they are a lot more relaxed now. I personally chafe at all the pet rules but have not been bothered in any way by management — even when our visitors parked with two wheels on the grass. So I regret my unfortunate wording. 🙂

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  5. Glad to see you are still enjoying life!


  6. lovely reminder of a special place! It is not too cold to swim if the sun is out….the water stays at 72 if I remember correctly. We usually swim but not when it’s in the low 60s!


    • Lynne, we swam the last time we were here. I think it was in November. Anyway , the temperature was up in the 80’s and the water felt wonderful. I also got a sunburn. I had forgotten how quickly you can burn on the water.

      It is a lovely place and not too awfully far from civilization.


  7. Endless memories…Great way to live 🙂 ….Horst sends


  8. Looks lovely! I love clear water – feels cool just to look at it.


    • Many years ago, before they added the concrete and improvements, my BIL and friends used to come down here and dive for crabs in the vents. I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend a hot summer day!


  9. I enjoy your posts! I don’t comment much but read every one!


  10. What a pretty place! I think I’d have tried a dip as well.


  11. happytrailsga

     /  February 4, 2015

    What a wonderful time you all have had making special memories!!! That water looks amazing!!!


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