Surprises at Ocean Pond

Back at Ocean Pond

Back at Ocean Pond

We snagged the last available water and electric site on our return to Ocean Pond.

The home built RV from Eastbank

The home built RV from Eastbank

Gail is too sick to visit this evening, so I’ll see her tomorrow.  Ron and Mike have gone grocery shopping and are picking up take out food, so we are off the hook for cooking this evening.

The last time we were here, most of the RVs were big rigs.  This time I discovered it is the week for small rigs.

Cute teardrop

Cute teardrop

And remember the home built rig I posted a photo of a couple of days ago at Eastbank?  They are here now.   I stopped and  chatted with them.  I reminded them that I had met them a couple of years ago and they had told me the story of why and how they built their rig then.

They asked me if I knew their rig was on the internet.  I said yes, I put it there!  After a good laugh, they told me they remembered my Casita and Sheba from Eastbank, and that someone else had told them to look out for me.  I didn’t stay too long because they had visitors and I didn’t want to intrude.

More small rigs.  There was also an R-Pod, but I didn't get a good shot of it.

More small rigs. There was also an R-Pod, but I didn’t get a good shot of it.


Small world!

So here’s hoping Gail feels better tomorrow.  I am thinking of making a pot of homemade chicken soup for her.

Ron is picking up puppy pads for Sunny, so hopefully our problem with his not being able to make it through the night anymore will be solved.

We are in for cooler days and cold nights for a while.  I checked the weather in Central Florida and it’s about the same as here, so it looks like we can’t escape the cold for now.

It sure is a friendly bunch here in the campground.  🙂

From a lake view to a deep woods view.  I'm loving it!

From a lake view to a deep woods view. I’m loving it!



  1. Is that truck “small rig” a Tiger? They formerly just made van conversions, but their pick-up based Tigers are pretty spiffy. I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

    Virtual hugs,



    • Judie, yes. it’s a Tiger. I had never heard of them before, but I have been admiring it since we were here before. It really caught my eye.

      I also saw a Born Free that impressed me, as well as the new Winnebago vans.


  2. I bet some home made chicken soup will be great for Gail. Wishing her well soon. I would love to be there at that campground.


    • Jo, it is so beautiful here!

      Gail was doing much better today. I couldn’t do the soup because I didn’t bring a big enough pot. I’ll buy one tomorrow.


  3. Horst

     /  December 12, 2014

    I’m going to have to spend some time roaming around this area…you have found some magnificent camping spots…Glad to see Gail is on the mend…have a great weekend…Horst sends


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