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lg g3

The LG G3 (web photo)

In a stubborn effort to hold on to my unlimited Verizon Data Plan, I have resisted upgrading to a smartphone.  However, my Verizon agent was able to upgrade the phone plan and leave the data plan untouched since they are separate contracts.

So tonight I am the very happy owner of a new LG G3 with 5.5 inch display–and my grandfathered unlimited data plan!  I did have to buy the 2 GB data plan for the phone.  But it’s still cheaper than the new tiered data plans.

I imagine I will be taking most of my travel photos with the phone’s camera, and using my other camera when I feel like taking the time for special, macro shots.

As soon as it finishes charging, I’ll add the Allstays and Passport America apps.  It comes with Google Maps, so I will use it unless I decide I want to upgrade to something with more features.  It should make our trip south a lot more easily organized than relying on printed maps as in the past.

The back of the case is a screaming pink.

The back of the case is a screaming pink.

I wanted the pretty blue Otterbox phone case, but all they had in the Symmetry model was hot pink.  I am not a hot pink person, but that’s what I ended up with!  I also got the tempered glass screen protector because it is crystal clear and I can’t tell it from the original glass screen.

We’re still dealing with a crazy round of appointments and last minute things to do.

I plan to turn off the water while we are gone, but do not know how to drain the water system.  If anyone has some tips, I’d appreciate them.  I guess we need to drain the water heater, too.  Clean out the fridge.  Still more doctor and vet visits.

otterbox purple sides

Fortunately the front of the case that I see when I am using it is a nice, subdued purple.

I don’t know if we will make it the full three months in the Casita with two dogs.  But if we don’t get a terminal case of claustrophobia living that close together for that long, that’s our plan.



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  1. Marcia GB in MA

     /  October 21, 2014

    Nice phone! I will be getting a new phone and plan next week. When we leave for Fl for the winter, we drain the hot water heater, turn off the water at the main and run the faucets to get water out of the pipes. We leave our heat on at 58 degrees, probably more than we need to, but only have someone checking our house about once a week, so we want to be on the safe side.

    I think you’ll be fine for 3 months in your Casita. We have a bigger RV now but when we had the Casita, I used to kick my hubby and dog outside until I had coffee and breakfast going in the morning. It made all the difference 😉


    • Thanks for the tips on what you do before leaving. I had planned to leave my thermostat on 55. Maybe I’ll up it to 58, too.

      What new RV did you get? I do love the Casita, but am longing for washable walls! Maybe I can send Ron for a long walk with Sheba every morning to give me some breathing space. 🙂


  2. Good for you! We use Google maps, with the audio voice, to keep us on the road, and (generally) on the correct path. Can’t imagine life anymore without Google maps.

    I use my phone camera exclusively, as well. It takes decent photos – would be much better if I would take the time to change settings for scene, exposure, etc. But most of the time, I’m in a hurry, or just don’t bother to do the things that will give me a better photo. It’s very easy to get lazy!

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for an unlimited data plan….


    • I’m really surprised that your photos are taken with a camera. They are always beautiful. Glad to hear that Google maps are good, too.

      I am one of those people Verizon probably wishes would hurry up and die. I’ve had my unlimited data plan since 2006 and refuse all inducements to part with it!.


  3. Great to hear from you. So nice to hear the excitement in your voice! Don’t know what’s with Verizon but a month ago they called and offered me unlimited talk and text for less than a dollar more a month! Can’t imagine unlimited data!
    We turn our water off at the street, drain the water out of the pipes and turn the hot water heater off at the breaker.
    Looking forward to reading about your journey!


    • Fantastic on the deal from Verizon! It’s so nice to talk and text whenever you want without worrying about the charges racking up. I was paying per text before I got the new phone and so did very little texting. That will probably change now.

      We can turn our water off at the pump which should be the same difference.

      I hope we enjoy the trip, Lynne. It’s been so long since we’ve been out more than a week! It would be so much more enjoyable without Sheba… but that’s what I get for adopting a working dog! 🙂


  4. I was thinking how lucky you were to get such a pretty pink Otter Box! I love pink! Hint: Items in pink are seldom “stolen” by DH!

    Virtual hugs,



    • Judie, I really got tickled when I bought the pink cord and car charger to match. I KNOW Ron won’t steal them! 😀

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  5. I don’t know how anyone manages without a smart phone, nowadays. I would be lost without mine. We cut our water well pump off at the breaker, and drain the water tank. Water heater off at the breaker inside the house, and leave the thermostat set on 60*. Never had a problem, and the heating bill is quite low with the thermostat set that low. Three months would be getting at the limit of our comfort level, but bet you can do it if you want to…:-)…jc


    • Glad to hear I don’t have to be on pins and needles about leaving the house for so long… but I really have my doubts we’ll last 3 months. I hope we can. I would really love to stay down there until it got warm again here at home.

      We’ll give it our best shot! 😀


  6. Congrats on the new phone! I have the G2 and love it! I use Google maps all the time – I like that I can put in GPS coordinates as well as street addresses. I do use another app to find my current GPS location (I like to keep track of boondocks I like)
    Have a great trip!


    • I am truly like a kid at Christmas with that phone. I can’t remember when a thing has been so much fun to explore!

      I have Allstays and Passport America already downloaded. Will wait till tomorrow to think about others.

      I am hoping I can rip music from my CDs and put them on the phone, too. Another experiment to try!


  7. EmilyO

     /  October 21, 2014

    Yes, one can hear the excitement in your voice. How great to get away. And great news Sharon – my daughter is buying my house! She has a contract on hers and is downsizing into mine. Guess that is the reason for no interest in my house, for 16 months. Was frustrating but happy. Safe travels and happy times.


    • EMILY!!!! I AM ECSTATIC FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome that she is buying your house!!!

      It took a while for the prayers to be answered, but they finally were!

      Congratulations — to you and your daughter both!


  8. I am still holding off on the smart phone, I know soon I will have to upgrade but I’m in no hurry. My kids make fun of me all the time but hey they won’t pay for the phone so I will keep my small hard to see one. LOl Besides I have a TomTom to tell me where to go. That is an upgrade since the last one was stolen.

    Getting ready for your trip must be exciting.


    • I don’t think that younger people understand that we don’t have to have the newest and most advanced of everything anymore. However, I guess it was time for me. I love that phone! 🙂

      Yes, we are so excited. Especially about seeing my sister who just moved back from Texas!


  9. Get a camouflage skin for your phone and it’ll be all set for camping! 🙂


    • I would lose it for sure if I did! One of my reasons for picking pink instead of black was so I could find it instead of running around trying to find a ringing phone! 😀


  10. Don’t forget the “Gas Buddy” app – I use it just about every day on the road. Looking forward to your adventures!


  11. Glad to here you Guys are moving towards a travel date!!!….Congrats on your new smart phone…it seems it become a sorta “lifeline” when I’m on the road…I did get a weather app, which gives be real time updates and alerts for severe weather, includes a radar function…pretty sleek and helped me make decisions when I was trying to decide “Where Next”…also if you have a laptop you should be able tether to the phone…came in handy for me…3 months, wow..what an adventure that will be..I can’t wait to tag along and read, see your photo’s etc….take care..Horst sends


    • Well, I can’t promise our trip will be exciting because we are essentially low-key home bodies.. But I’m sure we’ll see some pretty sights worth sharing! Good to see a note from you!


  12. Cool Beans and good for you. Unlimited DATA, I would be ecstatic.


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