Quick Update

There were only two doors whose hinges were so rusty they had to be replaced.  I cleaned all the others with oil that included rust inhibitors and they look good now.  I’ll have to make oiling them a part of routine maintenance now.

I also cleaned and oiled all the acorn nuts because one had a tiny bit of rust starting on it.

I think the rust problem started when I got the Maxx window vents and decided that leaving the windows cracked so air could circulate was a good idea.  What I didn’t take into account is that this is the humid southeast, and fresh air is laden with moisture.  So I think I’ll plan on running the air conditioner or heat strip periodically to dry out the trailer.  Or buy a good dehumidifier.

I learned something new.  I found replacement screws in my supplies that were the same thickness and length as the rusty ones.  But the cupboard door wouldn’t close properly when I got them in because they were pan head instead of flat head.  So the two are not necessarily interchangeable.

We’ve had to cancel our Whitetail Ridge trip next week.  The cold weather that is on the way would make for unpleasant camping.  We are such cold weather wimps.

There’s a Proverb that says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  That proverb is true.  🙂


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  1. Bummed that you canceled your trip. You will always be my Tooltime Tinycamper hero. You can do anything. Wish you would come work on the Fireball from time to time.


    • I might pass on the invitation to work on Fireball — at least until I get my messy trailer back in shape! 🙂

      I did think of a beautiful, CHEAP way to ventilate my cupboard doors. Will post pictures when I get around to doing it!


  2. You always find a way to fix what needs to be fixed.
    Sorry you had to cancel your trip. But lets face it nobody want to be stuck inside on a camping trip. We will get out soon I am sure of it


  3. Go the way of a small good dehumidifier. You will end up way ahead on every consideration including less wear on your AC. The Dehumidifier will work great for you.


    • Thanks again, Wayne! I do worry about the wear and tear on the AC. I really don’t want to replace it!


  4. Bummer. I know that was a tough decision to make.


    • For a while it depressed me so badly I didn’t really care if we ever went camping again. But now things are looking a little brighter.


  5. Tuesday and Wednesday temps are to be in the 40’s! No, I would be cancelling any trip with those readings….my blood is too thin!

    But we are having very nice weather now….will enjoy while we can. Just finished a post called Spring is Here….should I eat my words?


    • Oh, Lynne! The flowers blooming on your property are gorgeous! The variety is stunning!

      I think this upcoming cold front will be winter’s last gasp. And then I hope it goes far away for a long time! 🙂

      It’s supposed to be a little warmer here — in the high 40’s and low 50’s. Still not my kind of camping weather!


  6. MarciaGB

     /  March 22, 2014

    A small dehumidifier and/or a couple of Damp-Rid containers will work wonders.


    • Marcia, I got a Damp-Rid container, and am planning to order a dehumidifier. I thought good ventilation would take care of it, but it was not enough.


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