Surviving Winter

Hope springs eternal.

Hope springs eternal. 🙂

I was really getting a bad case of cabin fever, and felt increasingly morose about the endless winter.  This one has been so bad, and it has really worn on me.

The only green in our yard is a very healthy crop of field garlic.

The only green in our yard is a very healthy crop of field garlic.

So I went shopping for some clumping onion seeds.  I already had most of the seeds for my spring vegetable garden, so all I needed was the onions.  But entering the garden department was like walking into a Garden of Hope.

Spring WILL come.  Eventually!

I also got some bulbs — caladium and oriental lilies for a sunny spot out front, and lilies of the valley which will share a shady spot with impatiens and hosta.

Field garlic closeup

Field garlic closeup

My N2A card for the Nook came today.  Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong one and will have to exchange it.  By mail, that may be another two weeks.

I had been planning to move my blog to my own domain, but have run into problems with it.  My web host inexplicably set up separate accounts for the domain registration and hosting.  I wanted them merged into one account, as has always been the case with every other web host I’ve had in the past.

I was on Live Chat with the customer representative, Geeshma, when I realized she had no clue what she was doing, so canceled the Chat and initiated a written Customer Service request instead.  Guess who answered that?

Yep, Geeshma.

Once there were birds -- and there will be again!

Once there were birds — and there will be again!

Somehow, the accounts were finally merged, but the email address I use for family stopped working. So I contacted Sales this time, hoping to find someone who spoke English as a first language.  No joy.  It looks to me like the people who started that business have sold it to someone in another country… I’m guessing Pakistan.

Anyway, I contacted them about the email problem.  No one had a clue but they would turn it over to  their “engineers” who would contact me in 3 or 4 hours.

The next day… still no answer from them.  So  I got royally fed up with their unbelievable incompetence and moved my domain to a new host.

Hours after I moved my domain,  I got a letter telling me that the problem with my email was that the domain was hosted on another server.   So their “engineers” had figured out my problem.  I won’t comment on that.  😀

I ran a DNS check, and found that the mail records had been hopelessly corrupted.  So I lost that email address forever.

But you know what?  I’ve got new hosting.  And I’ve created a new family email address.  And I’ll move the blog to my domain whenever I feel up to jumping into it.

And spring is coming, it will be warm again and there will be clear blue skies with puffy little white clouds, trees with spring-green leaves, blooming flowers — and golden sunshine — in just a few weeks!







  1. cozybegone

     /  February 7, 2014

    Well that’s why my email didn’t go through this a.m.! Seriously, I wrote and message came back – undeliverable. Geeshma….you stink!!!!


  2. I was thinking of changing my blog to a paid account of some sort, but was holding back because everything always seems to blow up when I try to do something like this, and I think “Why didn’t I leave well enough alone?”. So I think I will just leave well enough alone! Thanks for helping me make this decision! ;->


    • Well, if you do decide to move it, do NOT use FatCow web hosting! 🙂

      I have had no problem setting up with Dreamhost. But then I’ve dealt with this kind of stuff before. I did have to read their step-by-step instructions and follow them exactly to get my POP e email working on my computer.

      If you just go with a paid WordPress account instead of moving to another server, it should go automatically without a hitch. One of my sisters did that and has had no problems. 🙂


  3. MarciaGB

     /  February 7, 2014

    Hope “springs” eternal! Hope your web hosting problems are solved. What a headache.


  4. EmilyO

     /  February 7, 2014

    Seeing the empty bird nest reminded me to start watching for the thrush that has a nest in the cholla cactus located in the alley. Yes, spring is coming. My forsythia just keep blooming, even when our nights get way below freezing. They give me inspiration. Hang in there.


  5. They didn’t sell the company they sold out American workers to Pakistan and India.
    I wish I knew what you know about computers I am still fighting google and blogger but of course no one answers me so I guess I’m just fighting with myself. But tonight I found a phone number lets see if I get Geeshma or her sister maybe another family member. 8~(


    • Jo, I have been aware for a long time that all of our economic resources have left this country. But trying to deal with those people who couldn’t care less about my business – and couldn’t have done anything even if they did — depressed me beyond words at the state of our once-great economy.

      Good luck dealing with Blogger. And I really do hope you don’t get Geeshma! 🙂


  6. Your ordering seeds and plants is classic Winter Therapy. Don’t give up on it. Am hoping that I don’t somehow lose track of your blog in your hosting transition. What’s your motivation for the change?


    • I meant to start some seeds this evening, but got busy with other things. For one, another made-up recipe that turned out more delicious than I could have hoped! 🙂

      My motivation — and I am a bit torn about this — is to have the freedom to put ads on my site. I am struggling to pay for dental work, Ron and I both need new glasses, and we need so much done to the house that I simply can’t get done. If ads could help a little with that, it would help me get over my slight discomfort at commercializing the blog.

      I decided not to — several times. But I have a very practical sister who keeps telling me how silly it is NOT to….


  7. Spring will come and all the misery of winter will be forgotten.
    Isent an email and it did not bounce back. Hope you got it!

    Keep thinking about all the little buds pushing their way to the top!


    • Hi, Lynne, I got your email. Am waiting till the headache is gone in the morning to answer it. I am always so happy when you get time to write! 🙂


  8. Great post! And eeegads with the host issue!!! I’m so sick of out-sourcing.


  9. Horst Kelly

     /  February 8, 2014

    I don’t know about Spring coming….Down here Mother Nature keeps teasing us…we get one day of temps in the 70’s, then a week below 32 degrees..then a couple days in the 60’3, then freezing again….its a “Roller Coaster””….and no way to get off….

    I finally had a little luck with a couple of tech services…Apple(Mac) has folks that English is their native language as well as Best Buy, and the platform where I keep my photo’s, Smugmug….in fact I believe must of their Tech. experts are also clients…can’t lose with a system like that…
    Hope all works out for you…Horst sends


    • I do hope spring is kind to us after this difficult winter!

      I am so glad you found a couple of places that still use English-speaking tech help!

      My new web host apparently does, too. In fact, in their FAQs they make a point of saying that technical help is provided in English. Of course, that could be pidgin English, but I hold out hope for better times ahead. 😀


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