A New Toy Arrived Today!

The new to me Nook!

The new to me Nook!

A few days ago I was telling my friend Peggy what a pain it was to lug all the books that Ron and I take with us when we go camping.  I added, “Someday I’m going to have to break down and buy a Kindle.”

Peggy is getting ready to move and is trying to get rid of as much stuff as she can so she won’t have to pack it and take it with her.  So she said, “I’ve got a Nook that I’m no longer using.  Would you like me to mail it to you?”

I said, “YES!!!”  So today my Nook arrived!

What an awesome gift!

I downloaded my first apps today.  I feel so COOL!  :D

I downloaded my first apps today. I feel so COOL! 😀

As soon as I opened the package, I had to email her and ask her how to make it work.  The power would turn on, but it wouldn’t DO anything!  She wrote back telling me how to unlock it by swiping over the little lock icon….  and then I was on my way!

She sent me two books to see if she had formatted them correctly and if I could load them on the Nook… and it worked!

I am ecstatic!

The book I just started!  :)

The book I just started! 🙂

Now this would be no biggie to a lot of people, but when you consider that I am still using a flip phone, this is a giant step out of the Stone Age for me!  😀

So as soon as I finish this post, I will be burying myself in a good book for the rest of the evening.

THANK YOU, PEGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the low carbing front, my scale is not budging.  But the doctor prescribed replacement thyroid hormones for me, and my fasting blood sugar was 82 today!  As soon as the thyroid meds kick in, I should feel more like exercising.  And if I never lose another pound, I am REALLY making progress on the health front!

I had one commenter tell me what an awful, unhealthy diet I was on and what I should be eating.  It really fried me as she has no clue about my particular health concerns, and I got pretty defensive.  But then I decided that my results speak for themselves, and that’s all that really matters!

heartMy low carb gluten-free results so far: Normal blood glucose, normal blood pressure, fewer COPD meds and doing great, arthritis pain gone, ENERGY, allergies much less bothersome, improved mood……




  1. I really don’t understand where some people get off thinking what they do is perfect and everyone should follow their way. You know how you feel I’m sure your Dr. is thrilled with what you are doing . Keep on keeping on Sharon.

    Now that I got that off my chest. LOL

    I don’t know anything about the nook but have heard others say they are very happy with it. I have a Kindle and I love it. I bought it so I wouldn’t be lugging books that I do not have room for. Enjoy your Nook.


    • Jo, I really like it when people who don’t understand how it works ask me to explain it because they really want to know. They don’t have to agree with me, and usually they don’t. And that’s okay. But to simply preach at me about what horrible choices I am making without knowing any background is just plain ignorant and arrogant.

      I was one of those who never thought an e-reader could replace the feel of a real book in my hands. I am truly surprised. I still have real books that I treasure, but for ease of reading and portability, I love the Nook… and I am sure I would also love the Kindle! 🙂


  2. Old Guy

     /  January 31, 2014

    I too am on a low carb diet as I told you in an earlier reply..My Wife & Niece are on it as well..Their weight has only gone down a little..But we all are having an overall better health evaluation….My niece has had thyroid meds but did not loose any more weight…I hope I am Not discouraging you about the weight lose,,Not my intention..As I stated earlier ,,as long as your Numbers improve and you are feeling better keep up the Low Carb….My DIL Just started the Daniel Diet ,, I will let you know how she does with that Diet..It is a little different than low carb, but seems to be a sensible eating plan for most folks..I know I am sensitive to certain types of Carbs..So for now I am sticking with the Low Carb…I have not gotten an e-reader, so I am still in the stone age of reading books from the thrift stores…Old Guy


    • Hi, OG. What is really impressive is going to the low carb boards and reading people’s lab results after 6 months of low carbing.

      It is not for everyone, and there are some wonderful other diets out there. If I could eat lots of whole grains, I would probably build my diet around grains and legumes. I think the most important thing is avoiding refined sugar and other highly refined foods. As close to whole foods as we can get is probably the best.

      But I still eat a piece of sugar-free candy now and then, and they are a real chemical stew! 🙂

      Browsing for books at thrift stores is one of life’s simple pleasures!


  3. I’ve been looking at your recipes and following along with you …. I have also been trying to lower my carbs and have been for a long time. I was on Atkins a few years back and thought I would never eat any other way. BUT being an emotional eater … and a HUGE lover of pie and Homer (van) would turn into any bakery he saw while we were traveling about … I ate carbs… BUT I didn’t gain back a lot of weight … I did but then would lose and so forth.

    I think it is the most logical way to be healthy. I no longer eat meat very much so that’s the hardest part about low carbing . but I’m feeling my way…

    There are people who read blogs … don’t have one of their own … but LOVE giving advice to people who do have blogs… kinda funny sometimes… but that’s how some people live … judging others…

    LOVE your Nook and welcome to the 21st century .. LOL … I downloaded Kindle for my Mac yesterday and just love it! I have a laptop. I ordered a pal’s book … so, I’m finally joining in with ebooks… Our local library is also getting next month, I believe, they said… where we can download directly from them! you check out whatever you want online … you have a certain time to read it .. then it POOF goes away… no more library fines or losing books!

    heck of a deal … but I still enjoying going into libraries but this is so awesome for people who can’t get out !


    • I remember some of your posts about pies and goodies when you were living in Homer. They looked SO good!

      The only reason I am such a die-hard low carb fan is that way of eating gave me my life and health back. Some days I don’t take ANY COPD meds! And I am so happy!

      I still love browsing through libraries, book stores, thrift shops…. I just love books. I had read that a lot of libraries will lend e-books now. Will have to check that out!

      Also, I dearly love so many of the old classics that are in the public domain now, and they are usually free. I am enjoying some of the books I loved as a child again, too. HaHa! Second childhood!


  4. Hope you enjoy your Nook. Am SO happy you don’t have a Kindle, because to me (being a former independent bookstore employee for many years), Amazon is the evil empire. With a Nook, you can purchase ebooks from independent bookstores, Google, or anywhere. All better options than Amazon, which has done its best to crush the book non-Amazon book industry. A Kindle limits you to purchasing books only from them.

    I’ve tried, but just don’t enjoy reading ebooks. I need to smell the ink, and feel the pages. Old school, I guess. You’d be astonished by how many books we’re lugging on our voyage. 😉 All reading is good! What are your favorites?


    • Judy, Peggy told me about how proprietary Amazon’s e books are. It was a real turn off.

      There are some things like my mushroom reference books with their heavy, glossy paper and their rich color photographs that can never be replaced by ebooks. But just for light reading, I’m happy with the Nook.

      I read everything. I’m a reading omnivore. The only things I avoid are things that are too scary, too edgy or too graphic. I love books that open my eyes to the wonders of our universe and world and the good that is around us. I especially love personal accounts of epic adventures or stories of changes that cause great personal growth in people.

      Right now I am immersed in A New Kind of Country by Dorothy Gilman –compliments of Peggy! 🙂


  5. Marsha

     /  February 1, 2014

    You can get a Kindle reader for your Nook and get books from Amazon (they have some free ones). Also, check to see if your local library has eBooks that you can borrow. I have a Kindle and can get borrow library books for up to three weeks. My husband has a Nook and uses the Kindle app for some of his books. Of course, you can always get books from Barnes and Noble. There may also be other formats available for eBooks.

    I love eReaders because you don’t have a bunch of books (and magazines) laying around until you can do something with them.


    • Marsha, I am astounded at the motherlode of .epub books for the Nook that are available. I also heard of an app that converts Amazon’s format to .epub. Nook can also read .pdf books.

      Will check out my local library soon.

      I went to Project Gutenberg last night and downloaded some of the public domain classics that I wanted to reread free.


  6. Mary Alice

     /  February 1, 2014

    I just learned from Judy that I can get books other than B&N. You will love your nook. Congrats with all your accomplishments on your healthy eating plan. Blood pressure, glucose and less pain are all big breakthroughs.


    • Thanks, Mary Alice! I am down another pound this morning, so am just thrilled. And I never thought I would enjoy taking my blood sugar readings, but I really look forward to seeing those numbers now!

      The Nook has some very good reviews. What I’ve gleaned is that Nook has it over Kindle in hardware, but Kindle has it over Nook in available books.

      Nook is now able to use a lot more apps than it used to be… so it’s not locked into Barnes and Nobles anymore.


  7. Well I was pretty much gonna say the same thing…your results speak for themselves. If what you were doing was wrong the numbers would show that. You are doing a great job!!! You feel great, your numbers are great so keep on keeping on!!!! Its working!! Anything that makes you healthier is a winner!!!!
    Love your Nook!! You will really enjoy taking it along in the Casita!!! No more lugging books just this neat Nook!!! I told Mike I wanted a Kindle Fire and we are seriously looking into getting one down the road….for the road!!! 🙂
    Take care!!!


    • Gerri, I actually feel better than I did years ago. I will take that result and run with it! 🙂

      And snugged in our little Casitas is where the e-readers will just sing for us!

      Also we always lug along several crossword books, and I am loving doing crosswords on the Nook! Also have Sudoku and other games that came preloaded on it. The one Peggy gave me even had Hangman on it! Wouldn’t that be great while you were waiting for a doctor’s appointment!

      You will REALLY enjoy a Kindle, I’m sure!!!


  8. A Kindle Fire can support a reader that can use books from other than Amazon.
    , but not the older, less sophisticated Kindles. Books in the public domain ( out of copyright for 75 years) can often be found as free digital editions. Go to Google Books and browse around. There are thousands of free ones. If you enjoy reading the classics, it is a good way to go.


    • Judy, I mentioned that I discovered Project Gutenberg online with thousands of free books. So glad to know that there is an endless supply of treasure out there free for the downloading! 🙂


  9. alex

     /  February 1, 2014

    I don’t see your entire intake, but can extrapolate somewhat based on what you use in your recipes and seem to have around the pantry. You seem to be choosing nutrient-dense foods- SO important especially when reducing overall Kcal intake. That’s my professional opinion- You go, girl!
    Alex (in RD mode)


    • Alex, I go out of my way to choose nutrient dense food. I try to avoid anything that just provides calories or carbs without being good for my body.

      Maybe once every week or two I will indulge in a piece of sugar free candy. And I wouldn’t even eat them if Ron didn’t have a stash of them in the house. I seem to have lost my sweet tooth for the most part! I am so glad!


  10. So cool! You will love having an e-reader!


  11. Our Nooks always go with us! This is our 3rd winter with them..if I’m counting correctly. We have a lot of garbage load on ours…not high quality reading material…but it was all free and sometimes the freebies are excellent.
    Check out Book Bub, another free book website. Most of my books came from Barnes and Nobel free Fridays..which I no longer do.
    Our highest quality of reading material comes from our public library. A bit challenging to set up but we are reading new best sellers!
    We keep finding good paper books while traveling. Almost every park has a trade off place where one exchanges a book for another. And going to other libraries!!! I spent 7 dollars at Scottsdale and brought home a grocery sack of great used library books. I’m feeling better and gearing up to do a post! Love


    • Thanks for the leads on even more free books! 🙂

      I don’t think we will ever pass a good bargain on books up, Nook or no Nook! I even leave paperbacks in laundromats sometimes if I need to get rid of some. I’m sure someone appreciates them.

      So VERY glad that you are feeling better! Looking forward to your new post!


  12. Shelly

     /  February 2, 2014

    I was going to give you some e mail addresses to the free book sights but I see you have already been given them. You will wonder what you ever did without it before long. Just think the room you will save in the camper!!! I love my kindle! I have over 500 free books I have gotten over the last few years. Enjoy!


    • Shelly, instead of just surfing in the evenings like I usually do, I have started reading books. It’s such a luxury, and so much more productive, I think!

      I’m trying to download only books I really think I’ll read, but it is so easy to get carried away downloading tons of them!

      And the apps…. all new to me, and so exciting! 🙂

      We have decided to upgrade to smart phones Monday, too. We had no idea what all we were missing! 🙂


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