Ramblings on Cameras, Camping Plans & Low Carbing

My little Panasonic Lumix has two dust specks behind the lens, which makes light spots in my photos.  Drives me nuts.

It’s such an inexpensive camera, I probably would do just as well to get a new one instead of taking this well-loved one in for a professional cleaning.  But a new camera will come out of the camping money I am trying to save for a spring trip to Florida.

Also, I’m going to have to have some oral surgery soon.  I’ve put it off until I can’t any longer.

I’d much rather camp than pay an oral surgeon!

……the best laid plans of mice and men…..  🙂

And there are little repairs that must be done on the Casita before a major trip.

So it seems that it’s a time for deferred dreams.  And I have learned a lot, but still don’t like those delayed gratification lessons.  I am running out of time.

Leftover roast beef solution.  A little carby with all the onions, though.

Leftover roast beef solution. A little carby with all the onions, though.

Tonight was another “I don’t feel like cooking” night.  So I grabbed a saucepan, sauteed onions and peppers, added chunks of left over roast beef, Linda’s Low Carb Taco Seaoning (I leave out the Xanthan gum because I want no possible hint of sliminess), cilantro, a few celery seeds and some hot red peppers.  I also sneaked in a couple of sliced link sausages left over from breakfast.

It was not great.  But it was decent.  Ron ate his like a fajita on a low carb tortilla.  I ate mine on a plate with a big glob of sour cream on top.

If you are watching carbs closely, you would probably want to replace the onion with green onions.  And if you are one to experiment with herbs, seasonings and spices, you could probably come up with a more robust flavor.  And jalapenos might help.


P.S.  I checked my blood glucose 2 hours after dinner and it was pretty high.  I think the onions were too many carbs for me.  Will use green onions or very small quantities of regular onions from now on.



  1. cozybegone

     /  January 20, 2014

    You explain carbs so well…and I think your pics are great. Half the time I capture with my phone… Can’t wait till you take off again! Not sure which I’d prefer…a tortilla or the sour cream…so happy Ron is onboard with ya. Easier to cook for two. Another cold front…FL will feel extra special warm for you two…xo


    • Ron put a glob of sour cream on his tortilla, too, after he saw mine. 🙂

      We’re still planning a spring trip, but it won’t be as long as we originally hoped.

      Yes, it makes it easier and a lot more fun to cook for two!

      I am thoroughly sick of winter! Sure did love your beach photo today.


  2. Arrrrgh! The oral surgeon got a substantial portion of my income last year ( but with pretty good results). Another $4K this year, and I should be done for awhile. I understand why some folks elect to head to Mexico for dental work. But life with bad or substandard teeth is not a very good option.


    • Actually I will be glad to just go ahead and get this done. Hopefully it’s the last major work I’ll need on my mouth!

      Glad you had good results!


  3. Your dinner looks great. I love to through what ever left overs in a pot and see how it tastes. Mostly it’s pretty good. 🙂


  4. Sounds tasty! I LOVE Mexican food and you can’t beat the low carb tortillas. I was delighted to discover that Aldi sells a house brand (basically the same thing as) “Flat Out” wrap that works great and costs a lot less. On those days when poking lettuce leaves, I just put the salad in a wrap.


    • Well, Brad, that wasn’t one of my better recipes. But it did give an interesting way to serve leftovers.

      You are so good at creating recipes that you will probably come up with a really fantastic seasoning idea for it. When you do, share it with me! 🙂


  5. alex

     /  January 21, 2014

    Much Yum!


  6. Horst Kelly

     /  January 21, 2014

    Another SUPER recipe…I like your idea of “green onions”…I don’t know if you have any photo software, but most come now with an app. that takes off the “dust” on you photo….sorry to hear about the oral surgery…that’s always a downer…I also always wait until the last minute to have it done….take care….Horst sends


    • Yikes, Horst. I wrote that the recipe was okay, not super. If you are expecting super you will be disappointed! 🙂

      I found a couple of filters that remove artifacts and such. Thanks for the hint. It will keep me in my budget until I can get another camera… maybe next month.

      I found a frame for your photo today! Hopefully I can get the picture hung in the Casita tomorrow!


  7. However it tasted, the photo of your dinner looked great!

    Sorry you’re facing dental work. I just finished with an implant ($$$!) So I know how you feel – I keep thinking how much gas and campgrounds that one implant represents!

    Hang in there until your next trip!


    • I love taking food photos. But then, I love food, too, so no surprise there! I’m just glad you enjoy them.

      Thankfully I don’t need an implant. But all of my teeth are fused to the bone so dental work is a major, brutal challenge. That’s a genetic gift I wish I could return! I have been told by two different dentists in different years that my mouth was the subject of conversation at the National Dentists Convention. I’ll probably make it again next time. 😦

      Thanks for the good wishes. We will PROBABLY survive until our next trip!


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