Easy One Pot Low Carb Meal

lc beef soup

Easy low carb one pot meal — beef soup. Delicious!

Tonight I didn’t feel like getting creative in the kitchen, so threw together an easy one-pot meal.  I browned boneless beef short ribs in a little oil with peppercorns.  Then I added salt, celery seeds, a few red pepper flakes, and garlic.  After the meat was nicely browned, I added the water and threw in a large bouillon cube.

When the beef was done, I cut it in pieces, put it back in the pot and added chunks of onion and yellow and zucchini squash and cooked till the squash were almost done.  Then, about 10 minutes before serving, I added sliced napa cabbage.

It’s amazing how something so very simple can taste so wonderful — rich, satisfying and filling.

I made Ron a 3 minute chocolate cake for dessert.  I didn’t fix one for me because they are pretty high in calories and carbs.  But since Ron can handle a lot more calories and carbs than I can, I only “taxed” a small portion of his treat!

Rons low carb chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting.

Rons low carb chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting — with my small “tax” missing. :).

The 3 Minute Chocolate Cake recipe is all over the net.  It was okay.  But I wanted really good, so I played with the recipe.  Here’s what I came up with:

1/4 cup almond meal

2 T cocoa

1/4 t. baking powder

5 packets Splenda

1 T butter, melted

2 T vanilla sugar free syrup (Torani or DaVinci)

1 egg

Mix all ingredients.  Pour into a small glass bowl.  Microwave until almost dry.  Do not overcook.  It will dry a bit more after you take it out of the microwave.  Run a knife around the edges of the cake and invert on serving dish.  Let cool.  Mix cream cheese with 1 t. sugar free raspberry syrup (or 1/4 t. vanilla or raspberry extract and Splenda).  Spread onto cake.  Makes two servings.

This is truly a decadent dessert… especially if you are low carbing!  One of my sisters occasionally eats the whole cake for a meal when she feels the need for some sweet pampering!

If you don’t want to add the cream cheese frosting, it is still delicious without a topping.


heartMy low carb gluten-free results so far: Normal blood glucose, normal blood pressure, fewer COPD meds and doing great, arthritis pain almost gone, ENERGY, improved mood……

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  1. That looks delicious…all of it! I might try that…thanks for sharing your recipes.


  2. Another great recipe I will make the soup for sure. Have you ever heard of the 3-2-1
    cake? that is so easy and only takes 1 min. in the microwave.


    • Yes, Jo, I have heard of that–I think. It’s made with cake mixes, isn’t it? I have heard that it is delicious!

      But unfortunately, it’s not low carb. 😦


  3. Horst Kelly

     /  January 15, 2014

    The “one pot meal-beef soup” looks good…especially good on a cold day..thanks for the recipe!!!…bet Ron is coming the table with a big smile on his face!!!…Horst sends


    • Ron is so easy to cook for. Basically he will try anything, and likes most of it! He has survived some very interesting wild meals, too! 😀


  4. I hope Ron appreciates your effort….not sure that I would be doing the same if we were low carbing.

    Sorry about being off line for so long….I was trying!
    If you go to RVSue’s post of 1/12 and find the looking back photo, we are camped next to Cow Plop rock!


    • Well, I fell down on the job today. Ron had to buy himself some Atkins bars. 🙂

      I’ve missed you! Headed off to RVSue’s blog to find your picture. 🙂


  5. The beef soup looks really good!!! Thanks for the recipe…I’ll give it a try!!!! The cake looks yummy as well. I get a sweet tooth alot and it sounds like a cure…a delicious cure!!!


  6. That low carb dish looks awesome! Great job on the progress! I’m encountering the same thing these days – weight loss, lower blood sugars, and best of all – the arthritis pain is gone… even in the subzero. Your food looks awesome and that’s so cool because it makes the program so much more doable. Congrats! — VT


    • Brad, I wondered how you were doing with managing your diabetes. Isn’t it amazing how the arthritis pain lessens, too? I don’t understand it, but it sure is a welcome side effect of low carbing!


  7. I like your remark “I taxed” his cake. My son use to say in a dramatic begging manner, “No Tax!” Meaning I was not supposed to eat any of his desert. Brought by sweet memories. 🙂


    • So cute. My kids always tried to be generous, but you could tell they were worried I was going to take way too much! Sweet memories for me, too!


  8. After entering my last post, I realized I had all the ingredients for the cake in my kitchen. So I quickly whipped up one for me. I didn’t have vanilla syrup so I used caramel. The texture reminded me of my mom’s sponge jelly cake somewhat. Very good. For those who might try this, I will say, it is amazing. I just threw everything in, with somewhat sloppy measurements, beat it for a minute or two, and microwaved it about 90 seconds. I ate it without the frosting. Thanks for the recipe!


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