Running Water, a Big Rock, Chili Cheese Chicken, Rose Crochet Pattern & a Casita Project

Chili cheese chicken.  A 5 star recipe whether you are low carbing or not!

Chili cheese chicken. A 5 star recipe whether you are low carbing or not!

We have running water.  Showers work!  Toilets flush!  I am in heaven!

The well guys were supposed to be here 1st thing in the morning, but they were late.  As it inched toward noon, I decided I would wait until after lunch and call them.  Just then Ron announced, “They’re here!”

One of the guys unexpectedly had to go to the doctor first thing this morning.

They replaced the tank, and all above ground plumbing and wiring.  The pump itself is a submersible pump, so it wasn’t damaged.  I asked the guys how long I could expect the pump to last.  They said generally 10-12 years.  I did NOT want to hear that, since we had the well drilled 15 years ago!  But he said it depended on a lot of things, and some of them go 30 years.

Since our water is not hard and doesn’t leave mineral deposits, I am hoping we can go the full 30!

The new pump house!

The new pump house!

When they were doing the estimate yesterday, I had asked them about a replacement pump house.  They said they had a couple of models –one fiberglass and one polyresin.  I think we ended up with the polyresin one.   I was picturing a little white wood pump house with a shingled roof.  I was shocked when a big rock turned out to be the new one!

It’s kind of cool.  It will just visually disappear into the woods.  They also ran an electrical outlet so I can plug in a light to keep everything from freezing when it gets below 20 again.

The pump tank, wiring and plumbing were burned, but it doesn't look nearly as scary as I expected.  Only the pump house was totally destroyed.

The pump tank, wiring and plumbing were burned, but it doesn’t look nearly as scary as I expected. Only the pump house was totally destroyed.

Insurance is covering everything except our $250 deductible, so that’s a huge relief!

The recipe for my chili cheese chicken in the header photo is from Linda’s Low Carb Recipes, and it is superb whether you are low carbing or not — if you like spicy Mexican style food.  Here’s the recipe.  Do add the extra cheese she suggests.  I added 2 ounces of cheddar.

I had lost the pattern for my raised rose afghan, so went looking to see if I could possibly still find a vintage crochet pattern from the ’70’s.  I’m not sure this is exactly the same granny square motif, but it’s close.  Here’s the pattern if you’d like to do it.  Since the photo in the pattern is not good, I am inserting a better photo that I found online.  Like I said, maybe not exact, but close.

I am definitely going to do this one again someday!

My next Casita project will be replacing cabinet latches.  Some of the push buttons are becoming uncooperative and are hard to open without hitting them several times.  Ron could not get his sock cupboard open our last trip so kept banging on it trying to get it to cooperate.

It broke instead.

So instead of just replacing that one, I think I’ll go ahead and redo all of them.  I’ve read that they are using better fitting bezels now.  If that’s so, the problem shouldn’t recur.

Ron's afghan.  I am slowly making myself one to match.

Ron’s afghan. I am slowly making myself one to match.

Also, the hinges on the large cupboard over the refrigerator are rusting so badly that they leave a little pile of rust on top of the refrigerator when I open the cupboard door.  Some of the lower cupboard hinges are getting rusty, too.  So, if I can remember to call Casita tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and order them.

I posted a photo of Ron’s afghan the other day.  But I found a better picture, so I replaced it in the original post.  I’ll add it here just cause I want everyone to see how truly gorgeous it is!  That’s the nice thing about a blog.  You can show off to your heart’s content!  😀

After all the stress and excitement of the past couple of days, I think I’m coming down with a cold again.  So now I have an excuse to have homemade chicken soup and spoil myself.  And go to bed early tonight!

Not too bad!

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  1. Marcia GB in MA

     /  January 9, 2014

    I’m glad the pump replacement didn’t turn out to be too $$$ and I love the rock 😉 Keep us posted on the Casita cabinet latch replacements. We have 3 broken ones on our 2011 and are looking around for something sturdier.


    • Marcia, I read somewhere where, I think it was Larry of Little House Customs, said that the problem was poor fitting bezels and that they are using the right size bezel now. I’ll double check before I order new ones.

      And I’ll let you know what I find out! 🙂


  2. I like the “stealth” pump house! It sounds like you are having a terrific winter so far – other than the insurance deductible. I love the crocheted items! I’m getting ready to start my sister’s Christmas scarf (from 2013…) Have a great one! Your blog is fun – it’s making me hungry, too!


    • I love the stealth pump house after I got used to the idea! In summer when the vegetation grows around it, it will probably be invisible.

      You crochet? How cool! My ex knitted and crocheted. He did the most intricate, cable stitch knitting I’ve ever personally seen anyone do. I hung onto one of the afghans he made simply because the work was too exquisite to part with. His grandmother taught him to knit and crochet when he was working as a lineman. He fell from a pole and was in a body cast for 9 months. The needlework kept him sane!

      Check out Linda’s Low Carb recipe site. I don’t mess with any of them except the 4 and 5 star recipes. Some of them are truly superb! Another LC gourmet recipe site is Buttoni’s blog. But some of hers are a little too carby for my VLC diet.


  3. EmilyO

     /  January 9, 2014

    I have the old latches and when they started breaking on me, I am replacing them with window sash locks. I do have to add little blocks of wood, but they are so much easier to open on my arthritic hands. Like the new pump cover.


    • Emily, will you email me a picture of the latches you are talking about? If I could find something else that would work better, I would like to switch. And it would be nice knowing I could just go to the hardware store for replacements. I don’t mind putting up a wood backing for them.

      I was almost obsessive about keeping the Casita looking showroom new at first. But it’s going on 9years old. Now I just want it to be in good repair and comfortable — and not cost a fortune to maintain..


      • EmilyO

         /  January 10, 2014

        I thought I had some pictures but cannot find any. Will slip across the street tomorrow and take some pics and email to you. I was like you at first – keep it showroom neat, Ha it’s me now. My Eggie is almost 14 yrs old and he needs some work on him.


        • I would appreciate it, Emily.

          Sometimes I regret upholstering mine because I have to keep it covered with blankets anyway when the dogs are inside. And I get upset at Ron at the inevitable spills and stains. It’s supposed to be a place we can relax in and be comfortable!


  4. That’s one nice rock …. and good call lining out some foil first…looks delicious!


    • I am liking that rock more and more.

      Oh, in the recipe it said to line the pan with foil. Otherwise you would be scrubbing it for days! 🙂


  5. Ahhhhh! Life as it should be. Glad to hear that things are back on an even keel for you and Ron. I told John first that I just want to meet up with you in a campground someday and go mushrooming. The simple life, eh?


    • It would be so much fun to have someone to go mushrooming with! I need a spotter! Usually Ron finds them, then I try to identify them.


  6. Well you were off to a good start getting your pump repaired and the cool rock house for it and finding you rose pattern which by the way is really pretty.
    The recipe sounds great and I already printed it out.
    I like the raised pattern on the afghan. I think I mentioned I was making one but didn’t do the raised look. That will be my next project.
    I made another pot of chicken soup today. I hope your cold doesn’t get out of hand like mine did. Take care.


    • Jo, if you like spicy, I can just about guarantee that you will be crazy about that recipe. It is one of those that surprises you with how good it turns out!

      I have some leftover chicken soup that I’ll probably have for lunch tomorrow. I’m not really sick right now. Just don’t feel right and am irritable. And I never feel irritable unless I am coming down with something!


  7. I’m so happy all is well………except for your sniffles 😦
    Chicken Soup cures what ails ya! 😀 ❤ Feel better!!


  8. Glad things are resolving! Can’t wait to try the chicken recipe!


  9. The chicken looks yummy!


  10. john

     /  January 11, 2014

    You could easily paint the fake rock like the rocks in the area then it would blend in. Also if anyone will need incandescent bulbs in the future you better buy them now as they are being phased out. It is true that they consume power and the LED lights are really good but when you need a heat source on the fly an incandescent light source works well.


    • John, the rock actually looks like many of the rocks in the area. The well is drilled through 300 feet of white quartz and green granite.

      I thought about the incandscents… on my list. 🙂


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