No Woods Walk Today — & About Veggies

When I got so excited yesterday about the prospect of hunting winter mushrooms today, I forgot that it was going to rain before the cold front moved in tonight.  Today is a dreary, soggy day that it would be no fun to venture out in.  So I’m staying inside and working on my afghan.

Taco salad low carb dinner

Taco salad low carb dinner

A friend commented in my blog yesterday about my low carb diet.  Apparently most people believe that you cut out veggies when you low carb.  Nothing could be further from the truth — at least the version of the diet that I do.  I actually eat a lot more veggies now than I did when I was not low carbing.  Sometimes I even have a small salad with breakfast!

The only things I’ve cut out on this level of the diet are grains, potatoes and high starch vegetables like lima beans and corn, along with high-carb fruits.  Low glycemic fruits like blueberries and strawberries are definitely welcome.

The starchier foods can, of course, be added in again in moderate amounts as I get closer to my goal if I can tolerate them without gaining again.  I doubt I will ever be able to eat a lot of them.

Pork chop strips & bok choy stir fry with salad

Pork chop strips & bok choy stir fry with salad

I have only been on the diet since December 22.  Already my blood glucose levels have dropped to NORMAL.  My blood pressure was running around 145/90 and now it is down.  It was 130/80 this morning.

Cholesterol usually spikes horribly the first 3-4 months on a low carb diet, but then there is an inexplicable (to medical science) normalization of cholesterol levels beginning at around 6 months, even when pre-lowcarb levels were in the sky-high ranges.

Eating healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, etc. is highly encouraged on my diet.

I am by nature a slow loser, and I’m a senior female, so my weight loss will be slow.  But I am already reveling in the increased energy and feelings of well being that my low carb diet is giving me!

And I am having NO FOOD CRAVINGS!  Just feeling happy and satisfied!


  1. cozybegone

     /  January 2, 2014

    It’s will sneak in and the loss will be so apparent…..I love your determination! You make up your mind to do or try something…you do it!


    • I am so committed to it, Carla, that I figure it is as good as done! And how wonderful to have Ron on board with me!


  2. That’s fantastic! Really good numbers.

    Hey, any meal plan that includes avocado is OK by me!


  3. Absolutely fantastic!!! Those numbers are amazing!! Isn’t it interesting what a difference it makes to eat healthy!!! I found out this past week that I have a rare genetic blood disorder….Factor V Leiden Mutation. I am now on Coumadin and they say I have to cut back on dark leafy veggies (Vit K). At the same time, I need to lose weight!! You are motivating me….thanks!! Keep up the good work!!


    • Gerri, so sorry about your diagnosis. But I am so glad they found it and can treat it!

      People differ in their response to diets. I hope you find one that you can just love living on. It sure does make life happier when you love what you eat. One of life’s elemental, simple pleasures!


  4. alex

     /  January 2, 2014

    I went on the same plan almost two years ago. No grains, limited fruit and no sugar or sweeteners of ANY kind (even artificial) Lost 30#s in a year, never hungry- weight stable for a year and blood sugar lower. I am a Registered Dietitian and all my early training was lowfat diet for weight loss. I believe the evidence is compelling that could not be further from the truth. You are on the right track, keep up the good work!


    • Good to hear from you, Alex, and I appreciate your perspective as a Dietician.

      What is really encouraging is that I’ve read research from Mayo Clinic and other respected sources with positive things to say about low carb dieting. Such a difference since Dr. Atkins was attacked so bitterly for his work!

      Now, I just wish that nutritionists would quit telling diabetics they need so many carbs. It just breaks my heart to see them being given advice that is guaranteed to keep their appetites raging and their glucose levels difficult to manage!

      Thanks again for your comment!


      • alex

         /  January 4, 2014

        I wish they would, too! Old habits die hard, but some high-profile physicians are putting some scathing research on lowfat trends out there. Be cautious about all sweeteners, the non-nutritive ones have some negative effects with regard to overall hunger control.


        • Alex, can you give me some names to google to find out more? I’d like to print some of that out for my doctor. I don’t know if she would listen or not, but I’d like her to have the chance to read about it if she cares.

          Yes, I’ve read about how non-nutritive sweeteners end up making you hungrier so you end up eating more. I still haven’t given them up, but am using less of them. Hopefully some day I will leave them alone entirely. 🙂


  5. Pamela Corpuz

     /  January 2, 2014

    Hello,….My name is Pamela and I wan to thank you for being able to read your blog and in doing so it as given me the courage to do the things I have always wanted to do….but I had thought that I have/had to do things the way “society” says they should be done….my children are now grown and it is now my turn……again thank you


    • Pamela, I am so glad the low carb approach gives you hope. Many of us have found we simply cannot lose on a low fat, low calorie diet due to uncontrollable hunger.

      There are several good low carb diets out there. Check them out and decide which one you think would work best for you. Then buy the book and read it so you understand how it works and what you are trying to accomplish…. and what to avoid so you don’t sabotage yourself.

      There are also some good low carb forums that are great for moral support. I belong to these two. The first one is probably more supportive for a newbie. The second one is more of a “do your own thing” meeting place.

      There is another one, Atkins Diet Bulletin Board, but they only discuss the Atkins Diet and are very rigid, almost militant, about the slightest deviation. I was on Atkins before, and felt almost bullied there, so I do not recommend it.

      However, for learning the nuts and bolts of the how low carb diets work, it is probably the best place to get specific information.

      Hugs, and the very best of luck to you!


  6. You’ll do it. Although it’s strange that I really don’t KNOW you, I admire your determination. If anyone can make a plan and stick to it, it’s you! Good luck. Stay warm.


    • Judy, years ago I belonged to a primitive skills group. It was an online group and I had never met any of the others in person.

      I was really afraid to meet up with them as I was the only female. But once I did go to a gathering, I realized everyone talked and acted exactly like they did online. I was among a whole group of good friends.

      That’s when I realized that we really do get to know our online friends a lot better than we realize.

      Thanks for the wonderful compliment! And give my favorite doggie (other than mine) a scratch behind the ears for me!


  7. Your positive energy just jumps off the page! So glad to hear your enthusiasm.
    I have gained some over the holidays and never did get back to my pre AK weight before the holidays. I like getting reminded about low carbs.

    Loved your afghans!
    Hate the cold weather…


    • Lynne, can you believe I have ENERGY? I really thought I was headed to a funeral for a while! It’s amazing how a person can bounce back!

      You’ll find something that works for you…. and do it when the time is right for you!

      Thanks for the afghan compliments. Things like that mean more to me than they did when I was younger – even though stuff in general means less. Go figure! 🙂

      I hate cold, too…. and I’m sure you are getting hit harder than we are tonight.

      Sunshine is straight ahead! Hang in there!


  8. I just read your comment on Dieticians telling diabetics to eat more carbs. My daughters Diabetic Dr. told her to eat much less carbs, the bad ones and eat more of the good once like the veggies and fruits. Maybe the rest will follow suite soon.
    Your doing a great job.


    • Thanks, Jo. It is SO GOOD to hear of someone doing right for their patients instead of using outdated information!

      Take care of yourself and get well soon!


  9. oh my trying to keep a low carb diet … with no meat, I love avocados and eggs … I also eat a lot of berries and melon ! nuts and cream. I love blueberries with cream… yumola

    I do eat very well… it’s portion control that I’m now working on. After having given up sugar … my cravings are just simply not there for much food at all. It is amazing. But I do love cheese … I can make a meal off various cheeses and fruit ! vegetables. I eat them raw.

    If I would get back to walking ~ I’m blaming the cold …. but there are eleventy million places to walk inside BUT I have to get out in the cold to get there…. doncha see

    soooooo pathetic … isn’t it the best feeling to know you’re doing yourself good… It’s like saying … I like me… I really do 😉

    Your enthusiasm is inspiring! portion control! here I come….


    • Carolyn, I do know that there is at least one person on my LC board doing vegetarian (not vegan) low carb. I think with eggs and cheeses it could be done. Not by me, but apparently by her! The problem is that most vegetarians would want to use beans and such for their protein, and that is way too carby.

      I’m also working on portion control. I used to eat very reasonable, normal portions back in the 70’s. In fact I often used a salad plate as a dinner plate. Somewhere along the way I started eating two or three times the serving sizes. I think restaurants and fast food places were largely responsible in that trend.

      Remember the small coffee cups we used way back when? I think they were 6-8 ounces. Now everyone uses big mugs. Water glasses used to be 8 ounces. Now they are at least 16 ounces. The original bottled Coca Colas were either 5.5 or 6.5 ounces. Then soda sizes surged.

      And now we are stuck with trying to get back to normal portions. Do you know how tiny 3-1/2 ounces of meat, 1/2 cup of green beans and 1/2 cup of cauliflower are! They look like a toddler’s plate. But I am finally getting where I am more satisfied with them. Got a way to go, though! 🙂

      I’m waiting to walk until my new anti-pull collar for Sheba arrives. It was supposed to be here today. And now frigid weather has moved in, so it will be a few more days.

      I am doing some stretching exercises and light weights inside. Can’t ride the exercise bike because my knees are about blown out! 🙂


      • yes I do remember the smaller portions for everything … I like beans okay .,.. I will do a black bean, salsa and cheese low carb tortilla ~ gooood …. I also like soups. Today, I had kale and corn chowder ~ small bowl ~ soooo good and satisfying in this cold weather. I watch the protein I eat because it does satisfy my hunger urges.

        bummer on your knees! I have no excuse … just plain ol laziness ~ filled with lazy excuses.

        I do a lot of streching exercises also … my ol back muscles ~ my Aunt calls it the sciatia nerve . I guess so .. old muscles… drives me insane! always something with the aging business….

        I bought some pretty dishes …. small ones… this helps my psyche think I’m special … hahaa ~ I also eat reeeeeeeal slow …

        I think we’re just wonderful! but you’re not fat… I am … I want to get unfat and put on a red bikini .. HAHAaaaa .. that’d clear a beach pronto


        • ROFLOL! I think I will spare the world the sight of me in a red bikini! 😀

          I bought those pretty Japanese dishes to help me with portion control, but they are up in a cupboard and I never think to use them! Will put them down tonight so I see them first thing when I open that door.

          Sounds like you have a delicious handle on what to eat that agrees with you! YUMMMM!


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