Welcome, Newborn 2014!

There’s something different about this New Year. In spite of all the things that are so very wrong in our country and in our world, I feel optimism and great anticipation as I look forward to 2014.

Although we had to cancel our travel plans for this winter, we’re making new ones for spring. Maybe having to postpone our plans makes the thought of future travel even sweeter!

Ron is onboard with the low carbing now, and we both are feeling so good! I can’t remember when I’ve had so much energy and wanted to do so many things! I can’t SEE much weight loss yet, but I can feel it. So I’m content to work with my body and let the inches come off whenever they are ready. I just have to remember to leave the low carb fudge I made for him alone!

Ron's afghan

Ron’s afghan

One of my friends has been busy knitting caps for cancer patients and has inspired me to get back into needlework. I made Ron a variegated ripple afghan 3 or 4 years ago. I was going to make myself one to match. But I got about 18″ of it done and burned out on the project.

Today I dug it out of my bottom craft shelf and started on it. When I get it done, we’ll have matching afghans for the Casita. I do wish the beauty would come through in a photo, but there is something about the greens that the camera will not pick up. It also doesn’t pick up the rich, ridged texture like it should.

Raised rose patterned afghan

Raised rose patterned afghan

I’ve posted photos of both of these afghans before, but I just wanted to post them again because I really love them.  I made the raised rose afghan about 15 years ago.  I sized it to be a coverlet for a twin bed.

There’s not a lot to post about right now.  We’re in for a very cold snap, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any winter woods walks in for a while.  I’d love to see what winter mushrooms might be peeking out in the forest.

Maybe I can do that tomorrow before the real cold hits tomorrow night!


  1. Tim

     /  January 1, 2014

    Happy New Year to both of you!!
    Hope this is a great year for ya.
    We have on again/off again weather here. Warm one day and the next I think my long johns will freeze in place. Lol
    So ready for Spring!
    Take care,


    • Tim, so good to hear from you! It’s been a while. And now you are my very first commenter in 2014!

      ROFLOL. Oh no! Hope your long johns really don’t freeze in place! 😀

      Wishing you a very happy (warm) new year!


  2. What a beautiful afghan!

    Happy 2014!!!


  3. Happy New Year! I love the colors in Ron’s afghan! BTW, I’m not sure but I think knitting and boondocking in the desk Southwest could be very complementary activities.


  4. Beautiful afghan Sharon, I have been working on one for a few years with that same pattern.. LOL but I had started it up north and then just put it away to make some chemo caps and matching scarves. So as soon as I finish more caps I will finish the afghan and donate it also. Afghan’s are great to work on when it’s cold once it gets big enough to cover your lap. LOL

    Time for more hot tea and honey.


    • This is a perfect time to get back to work on this one. It’s going to get really cold here!

      Ah…. tea and honey. I got some mint medley tea the other day and it is so good!


  5. ditto, the beautiful afghan…. you posted earlier about you thought you were getting too much protein?! but that’s what the low carb was about, I thought. I did that a few years back and lost a about 25 pounds … I loved that way of eating but the meat was something I wanted to quit eating … especially bacon which I LOVED at the time.

    I hope you tell me you are following a vegetarian low carb plan … and if so… which one… I think I’ll google … I do watch my carbs along with all the other changes I have made. I’ve lost a bit of weight but y energy level is still touch and go… could be from ALL THE STRESS … LOL … gotta have something to blame m’fat on… sigh

    and, yes…. I’m thinking about totally enjoying 2014… totally. Happy New Year, Sharon 😉


    • Nope, sorry to disappoint you, Carolyn, but it’s definitely not vegetarian. I guess I should have put that my meat portions were too large. I am trying to eat more reasonable portions of everything, especially meat — which I do dearly love!

      I like the idea of a vegan diet, but there is no way on earth I can keep from feeling like I am starving to death without meat and fat. I can eat a barrel of beans and rice and still feel munchy!

      It probably IS stress! It will wipe you out! Sure wish you could find a solution to it. (Hugs!) 🙂

      Wishing you a very, very happy new year, Carolyn. Lots of blue skies and double rainbows! 🙂


  6. Happy New Year! The afghan is beautiful. I’m looking forward to making some of the low carb peanut butter cookies. I’m doing the low carb thing too, but the low everything approach (cutting the calories, carbs, fat, etc.). It sure makes a person feel better. Take care! — VT


    • Brad, it has made such a difference in my blood sugar. I’ve read that LC spikes your cholesterol for 3 or 4 months, but then it starts normalizing.

      Cutting calories, carbs AND fat sounds tough! But if anyone can make it taste good, you can. 🙂


  7. Happy New Years, I have really enjoyed reading your blog the last few months. As far as your diet, I think you will eventually get tired of the meat carb diet and then you could if you desired switch to more veggies. I find that the meat carb diet really helps get past the sugar cravings and emotional eating. It is a great way to start a diet. Good luck! Knitting is also a great way to divert your attention from cravings, two birds with one stone! Great afghan.


    • Elizabeth, I am not having cravings! It’s amazing.

      And as far as vegetables, I eat a LOT more than I did before I started low carbing. I even have a salad with breakfast some mornings.

      Also, I am cutting back on the protein because I lose weight faster than when the excess protein is converted to glucose. But I’m still eating around 7 ounces a day, which is actually still more than my body absolutely needs. The only things I’ve cut out completely are potatoes and grain.

      My blood sugar is way down to absolutely normal levels now, and my blood pressure has dropped from running in the mid 140s/90 to 130/80 this morning. And all that has happened since I started this diet on Dec. 22.


  8. What beautiful afghans!!! I can only imagine how beautiful and rich the colors are in person. The raised rose afghan is just so sweet!!! Love them both!!
    Wishing you and Ron both a happy new year filled with good health and much happiness!! Hopefully we will get to meet sometime in 2014!! Have fun with your spring planning!!


    • Gerri, I just love those afghans. Especially that raised rose one. So glad you see the specialness and sweetness of it like I do. 🙂

      Back in the early 70’s, I saw some patterns for a raised rose afghans. I promised myself I would make one some day. So decades later I finally did it. Funny how a picture will linger in your mind like that.

      Thanks for the wonderful wishes! And I do so hope we can meet sometime this year. We will probably end up at West Point Lake sometime during the year if we don’t meet somewhere else. 🙂


  9. Jane

     /  January 2, 2014

    Temp going down into the TEENS Friday night in Alabama. I am sooo ready for a Florida campground…


    • YIKES!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you are long past due for a Florida campground!

      Hope your electricity stays on and you keep warm and safe!


  10. Horst Kelly

     /  January 2, 2014

    I think the consensus is that we(us bloggers) all would like to have one of your stunning Afghans(smiling) … glad too see your energy/diet and all is going well….stay well and you and Ron have only the Best in the New Year…Horst sends


    • Thank you, Horst! We are feeling SO good! And I’m glad you like the afghans!

      And, as always, thanks for the warm wishes to Ron and me.


  11. cozybegone

     /  January 3, 2014

    You sent me to Walmart for a skein of yarn….double crochet was calling my fingers. Something simple though…a grand-puppy blanket! Something so soothing about sitting with a hook and yarn… How ever do you do a raised rose!?

    Nippy here this am….fighting condensation in the clothes closets…glad we found it! Now empty and a fan a running. We like to keep the heat off and bedroom cold…maybe that’s not a good thing in these temps…


    • So glad I got you interested in crocheting again. 😀

      I had forgotten how relaxing and soothing it was! And how sweet to make a grandpuppy blanket. I need to make Sunny something, too. He is so sensitive to the cold!

      You can do a web search for raised rose afghan patterns. They are a vintage thing. I bought an afghan book back then that had patterns. I have no idea what happened to the book. But I did see some when I did a web search.

      Oh yuck about the condensation! Maybe Jerry can put vents at the top and bottom of the door. Someday I will do that in the Casita, too….


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