Thanksgiving & Experiments

For culinary use only  :)

For culinary use only 🙂

We had a lovely, peaceful, sweet Thanksgiving Day today.  Just Ron and I and the dogs.  It’s the first time we haven’t shared the holiday with the family in years.  But we are looking forward to spending Christmas with Gail and Mike.

I decanted my cayenne and ginger infused oils today.  The cayenne is fiery.  The flavors are intense.  I can’t wait to cook with them!

However, I rubbed a bit of the cayenne oil on my arthritic thumb joint to test the effect, and — nothing.  No effect whatsoever.  My thumb didn’t even get warm.  So my hopes for using the oils in a home arthritis remedy were dashed.

I did read some extremely encouraging news on the use of frankincense and myrrh to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility:

Here are pertinent snips:

There have been more than 20 scientific studies carried out on these two ingredients in the past 15 years for the treatment of arthritic and other inflammation, the most recent of which was this year at the Indira Gandhi Medical College at Nagpur in India.

…The study noted that those applying the extract to the skin reported up to 70 per cent better mobility in their knee joints and a 50 to 60 per cent decrease in knee-joint swelling. In addition, the frequency of the swelling was significantly reduced.

…Another study, carried out last year at the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Tubingen in Germany, found that commiphora molmol (myrrh) extract was found to have significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects when used on localised acute and chronic inflammation in rheumatoid arthritic patients.


Sunny and Sheba enjoying turkey, dressing and giblet gravy.

Sunny and Sheba enjoying turkey, dressing and giblet gravy.

The only problem is that frankincense is expensive, and good quality, uncut myrrh is off the charts.

I do have 1 oz. of frankincense, and have 1/3 oz. of myrrh on order just to experiment with.  I hope I can concoct something that will help a little, anyway.

If not, it’s been entertaining.  Expensive entertainment, though!  🙂


  1. Nancy

     /  November 29, 2013

    I’ve found that has a great product and pretty good prices. I have bought a lot of Young Living oils and while they are very good I’m not sure that they are any better than MR’s oils. I have two book, well three but two that I use all the time. Reference Guide for Essential Oils and Essential Oils Desk Reference. The third book I have is The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. It’s good but I really like the other two a lot better.


    • Nancy, thanks so much for recommending Mountain Rose Herbs. I have heard only good things about them. I think I will probably switch to using them as a sole supplier. I also love Edens Garden products, but I’d rather use a supplier who can supply herbs and essential oils as well as all the other supplies needed.

      I ordered The Complete Book of Essential Oils, and it should arrive Monday. Wish I had seen your comment before I ordered it! I also have Hands On Healing Remedies in my Amazon cart, as I am also interested in using herbs that I grow myself.

      I think this is going to be a fascinating hobby. I am especially excited about making my own creams and lotions to treat my eczema and very dry skin. It will be so much fun learning how to use essential oils and herbs in them!


  2. I have been experiencing problems with arthritic pain so you touched on a topic that really hits home. Lately I have been on a pomegranate kick – eating fresh fruit, drinking juice, even infusing the fruit into some tea. It seems to have helped somewhat with the joint pain and inflammation. Others have said cherry juice works wonders. I’ll be reading the results of your experiments. Take care and thanks for posting! — VT


    • I appreciate that input, Brad. I have not done a lot of study of diet and arthritis. I do know from when I had my garden that eating too much eggplant would trigger painful arthritis outbreaks. I’ve read that all of the members of the nightshade family are bad about that, but eggplant is the only one that was obvious to me.


  3. I forgot to mention the idea of cooking with the infused oils is making mouth water! (I cook with a lot of garlic infused olive oil). Ginger? YUM! Cayenne? The same! 😀


    • I would also like to see what you would do with them, Brad, since you are such a creative cook yourself. 🙂


  4. Your concoctions look so pretty in their little jars! Love the place settings from the previous post.


    • Thanks, Kim. As you can tell, I am looking for projects to keep me entertained until I can get on the road again! 😀


  5. Sorry to hear the oil doesn’t help your pain. I was in hope it would be a breakthrough for you. Now, I guess you will just have to use them for cooking. How sad.:-)


    • Well, I’ve read that no one actually ever died of heartbreak, so I’ll survive the letdown. 😀

      The oils will definitely spark a lot of creative cooking. More cheap entertainment!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron!! Glad it was a nice, quiet day for you all. I hate to hear the oil didn’t help. I know absolutely nothing about “natural, home” remedies. I am open to learn though and enjoy learning more from your blog. Good luck with your frankincense and myrrh…let us know how it goes.


    • Gerri, as I understand it, some home remedies are effective. Not as effective as modern medicine. But they can give some nice health boosts — if one knows what they are doing. And if one is in reasonably good health, one should be able to take care of the minor issues with home remedies.

      It’s an idea that intrigues me.

      I hope the frankincense and myrrh really works, too. My problem is figuring out how much to use in a balm so it will be effective, but not so much that I waste it. It will be guesswork!

      Glad you are enjoying hearing about it. I am debating splitting that stuff off into another blog since many here are not interested. But I also like the idea of keeping my whole life journal in one place, too. 🙂


  7. Sorry to hear one hasn’t worked for your. Like Kim said they do look pretty in the jars.


  8. I also like your idea of keeping your “whole life journal” in one place as I have learned so much and have just been exposed to things and ideas that I would have never sought out on my own.
    Looks like you are finding lots of creative ways to spend time before going on your next travel adventure. Keep it up and you will be on the road in no time!


    • You know, it’s funny Lynne. When I post about mushrooms, I lose some camper followers. When I post about camping, I lose followers who are interested in my nature posts. I’ve lost a couple since I posted about playing around with the lotions and such.

      But, to me, it’s not about having the most followers. It’s about connecting with people on a deeper level. And there are several people who have followed my ramblings since the beginning of this blog. They are precious to me because they have known me through my ups and downs, my crises, through my victories and defeats, and through all my harebrained rabbit-trail chasings, and they still stick around.

      That’s the kind of blog readers who are important to me. And they are the ones I enjoy sharing my life with. You are one of the ones at the very top of my list. 🙂


  9. You can never make everyone happy. So just work on making yourself happy.

    There is a lady on Youtube , petprepper , that has had good luck with the cayanne oils and such. She’s a little ummm? edgy but really a nice lady. She says that she does’t feel any heat with the cayanne oil but within a few minutes feels better. Might give her a look see. Also there are a ton of great videos on Youtube about this kind of thing.


    • Nancy, thanks so much for that info. I have to admit I couldn’t resist making a salve with the cayenne and ginger oils. It turned out to be the most beautiful color. But what I didn’t realize was how irritating ginger is to the skin. It really did irritate mine. So I threw that batch out.

      After reading your reply, I think I will probably make another batch with just the cayenne oil. And I’ll definitely watch those videos!

      Thanks again!


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