Last Day at Whitetail Ridge

Ron and Sheba and the little island that looks like Tom Sawyer ought to appear on his raft at any moment.

Ron and Sheba and the little island that looks like Tom Sawyer ought to appear on his raft at any moment.

Today is chilly.  Ron is gone to town to search out a good take out dinner.  He took Sunny with him.

I’m sitting inside the Casita watching the reflection of the sunset turn the sky and the water a serene mauve.

Earlier Sheba and I went for a walk.  I deliberately left the camera behind, wanting to soak up the scenery and Sheba’s companionship without distraction.

We sauntered uphill and downhill, enjoying the play of light on the trees and over the water.  Noting sunbeams that turned the brown carpet of fallen leaves to golden magic. Inhaling the faint scent of a distant campfire.  The almost deserted campground was completely silent.

We detoured to the water’s edge so Sheba could wade and lap up her fill of water.

I felt as though I were saying goodbye to something significant, but couldn’t put my finger on anything definitive.  Maybe just saying goodbye to another autumn as we head into winter.

When we got back, I was warm enough from the walk to sit outside with Sheba for a little while.  I treated her to a dinner of her favorite canned dog food instead of the usual mix of kibble and canned.

Then I watched the setting sun blaze through the leaves, seemingly illuminating them from within.

Now the mauve is fading from the water and twilight descends.

It’s been a beautiful trip.

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  1. It sounds gorgoeous. Our California outdoor thermometer says 92 degrees. I could use a bit of that cooler weather and colorful foliage.


  2. Jane

     /  November 13, 2013

    Love your stories and adventures. I’m widowed, retired and hoping to get a Casita. Would you please list the county & state of the parks you visit. If I can pinpoint them on my Atlas it helps! I have 2 dogs & a cat who would be traveling with me. They are my family now!


    • Jane, I’m just thrilled that you are going to get a Casita. Some campgrounds limit you to two pets, so you just might forget to mention the cat. 🙂

      Even better than listing my campgrounds, I think, might be to show you how I find mine.

      I go to then select the Map of the state I am interested in. Then, from the filters on the right, I choose “Army Corps,” as they always have beautiful parks where our senior discount applies, and they are always on nice lakes. Sometimes I choose “All Public Lands” because that also includes national forests and city and county parks.

      Then, once I find a park in a location I like, I get the address, then go to and see whether the place has good reviews and looks like a place I would enjoy. That also keeps me from ending up in a very disappointing campground.

      In any case, the campground we are in now is on West Point Lake near La Grange, Georgia. There are several Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds on the lake, both on the Alabama and Georgia sides. I have only stayed on the Georgia side at R. Shaeffer Heard campground, and here, at Whitetail Ridge. I have loved both of them, but I think I like Whitetail Ridge better.

      Usually when we are camping, I try to put the details of where we are in the first post, then I sometimes don’t in the following posts from that site. I will try to remember to put the campground name, and the town and state where it is located in the keywords of all future posts. The keywords appear after the end of each post. 🙂


  3. What a magnificent post this is….such depth of detail of the “senses” you saw/felt…wow….sorry to get carried away…but you really visualized your evening walk to/for us….thanks for sharing…glad you and Ron are enjoying this Journey…Horst sends


    • Horst, it is so special that you picked up on the rich sensory impact of our day. Glad you came along with us. 🙂


  4. What a wonderful walk you had. Enjoying all that you had while on this trip and bringing it to a final closure.
    Glad you enjoyed it so very much.


  5. Even though the year is not over, it may have been saying “by” to this camping year. I believe that you may be winterizing when you get home. We put the pink stuff in last weekend and glad there’s no worry with this current 20+ degree spell.

    Happy for you that you’ve got some great memories to dwell on…..and another great trip soon!


    • That may have been it. We have to winterize our water system as soon as we get home today. I am dragging my feet about leaving. 🙂

      This will definitely go in the book as one of my favorite places to be. And I am already getting antsy for the next trip! 🙂


  6. cozybegone

     /  November 14, 2013

    I love the way you described the season changing! Glad you and Sheba got some alone time…until TX you’ve sure had a sweet trip!


    • Yes, this trip has been very special! I’m glad we are down south where fall comes late and winter even later. I always love to go to Texas or Florida in the winter, though, because when we get a little farther south, all the sudden there is green grass again!

      Gail and I are REALLY looking forward to the Texas trip! Four short weeks to go!


  7. I am so glad you all have had such a wonderful time at Whitetail!!!!! I wanted so much to try and meet you guys while you were so close but I have been so sick with this “bug.” Believe it or not, I am still fighting with it. I KNOW you guys didn’t want to be exposed to it!!!! We were going to go further south camping (to escape the low temps) but I just couldn’t make it so the “pink” stuff went in this week. We just didn’t want to chance this weather and the low temps. We do plan to go out next week (maybe??) and then in December we are heading to Stephen Foster to see the beautiful Christmas lights!! In January we hope to travel into Florida for a spell and avoid the colder temps in Georgia!! Its a plan anyway!! 🙂


    • Gerri, I am so sorry I missed seeing you!!! But you are right. With my COPD, I do my best to avoid exposure to anything that might be contagious. You apparently were really whammied by it this time. I do hope you are well on the way to recovery!

      I hope you can get out next week. And definitely to Stephen Foster for the lights in December!

      My mother is finally dating after Daddy’s death 12 years ago. I told her to be sure her friend takes her to Stephen Foster for the lights! 🙂

      We also are heading to Florida after we leave Texas, so will be there in early January. Maybe we will bump into you then!


  8. Sounds great…I hope we will be able to meet you all. I’ll keep up with you via the blog so we’ll know where you are or are heading!! Hope you mom is able to make it to Stephen Foster! We are so looking forward to getting out and seeing such beautiful scenery!! You guys take care!!


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