Kimbopolo Was Here!

Kim and her Roadtrek

Kim and her Roadtrek

To my absolute delight, Kim stopped by to visit on her way home from her Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Mountains/DC trip today!



After a Casita tour, we escaped into her van for a wonderful girl-talk session, leaving Ron to babysit the dogs.

Kim had owned a 16 foot Casita before and loved it.  We decided that Casitas are better for camping for several days at a time, whereas vans are ideal for seeing the sights, or for impromptu solo trips to enjoy a little personal space for a while.

And we decided that I must have a van someday!  🙂

Her van is beautiful.  It’s cozy, like the Casita.  And like the Casita it has lots of windows so you don’t feel closed in.  Her passenger seat swivels, and she can set up a large or a small table by it.  And, unlike

Inside Kim's van.  I was really impressed that she has comfortable seating, since I don't in the Casita!

Inside Kim’s van. I was really impressed that she has comfortable seating, since I don’t in the Casita!

the Casita, her electric sofa seat reclines, so she also has comfortable seating in the rear.  I was impressed!  And only a tiny bit jealous!  😀

After visiting inside her van, we moved outside to a vacant campsite overlooking the lake.  But the temperature started dropping and the wind picked up, making it too chilly to enjoy long.

Kim had hoped to be able to dump her tanks here for a small donation, but the gate people refused.  So she left to find another dump station before heading home.

Looking toward the front of Kim's van

Looking toward the front of Kim’s van

I was really surprised they refused her.  Ron said he bet if someone else were at the gate house, they would have allowed it.

Kim, Peggy and I are planning to get together in Florida in January at Stephen Foster State Park.  That is something to look forward to!

The temperature is dropping rapidly now.  I turned on the furnace a little while ago since the little electric heater wasn’t doing the job.  So glad we got the furnace fixed before we left on this trip.

Our chilly lake view

Our chilly lake view

Since it’s going to be cold tomorrow, I was ready to head home.  But Ron wants to stay until Thursday.  So I’ll probably spend tomorrow inside surfing, reading, doing crosswords, drinking tea, and enjoying the lake view outside my window one more time.

Another of my tentative van plans.  This one has a real refrigerator in it.

Another of my tentative van plans. This one has a real refrigerator in it.


  1. cozybegone

     /  November 12, 2013

    I’m a tad jealous…what a lovely mobile home. Glad Ron wanted to stay out longer…guessing you’ll keep plenty cozy with a room with a view! Winds picking up here but you’d never know it…


    • Carla, he is outside grilling hot dogs right now. He is loving the furnace because it is shooting warm air outside at him, too!

      Hope the weather behaves so you can enjoy your time there. I am so happy for you!


  2. MarciaGB

     /  November 12, 2013

    What a nice surprise! I’ll bet you had plenty to talk about :). Kim’s van looks very comfy.


    • We did have a lot to talk about! I’m looking forward to continuing those conversations in the future.

      Her van is very comfortable and it just seems so natural to visit in it. 🙂


  3. How great to have Kim give you a surprise visit. Yes her van is really nice.
    Happy Ron wanted to stay until Thur. You will have plenty to keep you busy and with a wonderful view. You plan for our van looks pretty good. I know your both happy to have the heater working.
    I think I am going to go back to Harbor Freight and get another one of those little heaters. Its so cheap It might be best to have and extra.
    The wind is blowing here again. 😦


    • Ron even bundled both dogs in the truck and took them shopping so I wouldn’t be distracted by them while Kim was here. 🙂

      You know what might be nice for you, Jo? An electric blanket. It would keep you toasty in your camper.


  4. lynne

     /  November 13, 2013

    What fun for the both of you! There is nothing like a good ole girls talk between camping bloggers! stay warm and pamper yourself today!
    Having something to anticipate in the future makes returning home much easier!


    • Lynne, today I am toasty inside and feel so happy and pampered. It’s a wonderful day!

      We have lots to look forward to with our upcoming trip. Now just have to get the truck’s cruise control and brake pads fixed.

      I can’t believe how much happier and hopeful I am since we got out — knowing we have another trip on the horizon! 🙂


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