Autumn Splendor on Whitetail Ridge


Sometimes words get in the way.

As I walked through the campground this morning, every sight I saw brought a poem, song or psalm to mind.  I felt almost as though I walked on the edges of another dimension.

I hope that you can sense some of that in these photos.  🙂


exposed tree roots

fall colors

grass seeds



odd hollow stump

One kind of creepy note — really weird hollow stump.


pine cone and acorn





tree trunk decorated for fall

tree sculpted by vines

waters edge

casita at whitetail ridge

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  1. You find the beauty everywhere! Even on a laundry line.


    • Kim, I think I look for beauty on the macro scale because I was so near sighted when I was a kid that the only place I could see was around my feet! It has served me well. I truly can find something to take my breath away almost anywhere. 🙂


  2. Love this …. yes… I have never quite ‘got’ the folk who can’t see the trees for the forest .. or is it .. see the forest for the trees … HAHaaaa… whatever… I don’t like a lot about me but my ability to see things that give me absolute pleasure is something I am ever so grateful for.. you know kinda like a kitten with a piece of lint? You ever watch a kitten carry on over such a thing?

    I burst out in song whenever… and wherever … My God How Great Thou Art and I’m not even religious but He’s still great! to American the Beautiful to The Hills Are Alive … to I Feel the Earth Move … under my feet… Something About a Truck … 😉

    I’m getting antsy again… you brought back memories of how wonderful it is to be just out exploring and smelling …. all the senses coming alive…



    • Carolyn, some of your trip pictures were indescribably beautiful. I had never seen such majesty before. How I would love to see those places!

      And I remember when you burst out in song and what an emotional whammy those scenic mountain drives gave you.

      And yes, I feel some of the same thing, on a smaller scale, when I see these exquisite details of nature as she winds my favorite season down. 🙂


      • aw… I’m glad you remember … I tell you! on my knees… Fall is a glorious time of the year… I wish I had been blogging in 2007 when I went to New England for the Fall foliage… man oh man oh man!


  3. Jan McGilliard

     /  November 10, 2013

    Magical! What was the temp?


    • Jan, it got up to 70 today. We are supposed to have two more wonderful days around 72, then it will get cold.


  4. There is something magical to me about trees and water. And the Autumn is just the best time. Your pictures always reflect such beauty thank you for sharing as always.


  5. cozybegone

     /  November 11, 2013

    How something as sweet as a twisted tree can make you stare at it…you captured some beauties! Beach is a beauty down here…wow!


    • Yes, it’s the details and how they came to be. 🙂

      I bet you are in WOW mode down there! That beach looks like heaven on earth!!! Enjoy!!!


  6. MarciaGB

     /  November 11, 2013

    I did get that other-worldly feeling looking at these pictures. A world where all is calm, serene and peaceful and all is well.


    • Marcia, I am so glad you picked on up that feeling. I was wondering if I sounded like I was nuts. But there is something so deeply moving about everything being the way it is supposed to be that almost seems to warp time and space for me!


  7. Great shots! It looks very peaceful 🙂


  8. Yours “posts” are coming to fast….haha…what a SUPER group of photo’s…I can’t even pick a favorite…I am envious of your and Ron’s campsite…..need to put that on my list of places to see…thanks for sharing…..Happy Trails…Horst sends


    • When I’m out somewhere, the posts just fly. When I am at home, I have to work at them a little harder. :).

      I just love finding tiny little “worlds” to enjoy and to share. No matter where we are, there is something special if we look.

      This is a wonderful campground. It has all the amenities we need, but retains the rustic feeling. It also attracts a lot of tent campers. I bet you would love it.


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