Pre-Trip Excitement

Everything is packed in the Casita except the refrigerator foods, and they are next.  Dogs are bathed. Menus planned.  Crosswords squirreled away behind the cushions.  Long johns, long sleeved shirts, jeans, shorts and short sleeved shirts are packed.   This is the South, after all.

Ron is washing the trailer again.  He washed it yesterday, scrubbing embedded mildew off the roof using baking soda.  But baking soda streaks ran down the trailer and dried, so he’s washing that off right now.

I’ll freshen up the water system in a few minutes.

The anticipation and excitement of an upcoming trip finally struck me.  And I am loving it!

Cozygirl sent me a picture of the view from her campsite.  It’s beautiful!  And we’ll be right next door. You can see a sneak preview here.

We plan to head out tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!  😀

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  1. Oh I can feel your excitement!! Well, I’l be praying the Lord is willing and that ole creek stays dry!! I just know you guys will have a terrific time together and what a nice campground and site!! Have tons and tons of fun!!!


    • We are really looking forward to this trip. So glad we are getting to meet up with Carla and Jerry before they head South and West!

      We’re counting on having tons and tons of fun! 🙂


  2. EmilyO

     /  November 4, 2013

    And heeeeeere we go. I am ready!


  3. Horst Kelly

     /  November 4, 2013

    Safe Journey…and Hi to Carla and Jerry…..enjoy yourselves….take photos…Horst sends


  4. I’m getting ready for a short get away too. The excitement builds!
    Although, in my case, I’m packing rain gear . . .


    • Glad you are getting out, too! Looking forward to seeing it on your blog.

      Rain gear is better than staying home… mostly, anyway! 🙂


  5. Have a wonderful time. And as always be safe.
    I will wait for my screen room before I leave.


  6. Enjoy this well deserved time in the woods…..let the fun begin!


    • Lynne, I am loving being here, but am discovering that I am slowing down fast! One walk this morning wiped me out.

      But it’s the prettiest place to be wiped out in that I know! 🙂


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