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Weather stripping added around air conditioner to keep air intake from making black streaks on carpet

Weather stripping added around air conditioner to keep air intake from making black streaks on carpet

For a while I have noticed the Casita’s ceiling carpet around the air conditioner getting dirty.  Finally a nasty black streak of dirt appeared all the way around it.

I took a close look at it and realized the air conditioner housing wasn’t sealed tightly against the carpet. That was allowing air to enter through the top of the unit without the benefit of a filter.  So the surrounding carpet was acting as a filter.

So I took the AC housing down, scrubbed the carpet, and remounted the cover.  But the screws would not go far enough to snug the cover down tight against the carpet to prevent the problem from recurring.

An air conditioner filter that fits the Casita's unit properly

An air conditioner filter that fits the Casita’s unit properly

So I scrounged through my supplies and found some white weather stripping that I thought might work.  It looks like it will do the job.  Time will tell.  🙂

Another problem we’ve had all year is very high humidity from the exceptional amount of rainfall in the area.  Even the ground stinks like mildew sometimes.  Inevitably the Casita started smelling a little musty.  I knew that if I didn’t dry it out good, I would soon be dealing with mildew inside the trailer.

I bought Damp Rid, but was not convinced it would be adequate.  For a while, I ran the Casita AC or heater, but I figured that was getting to be an awfully expensive solution.  Finally I put the little electric heater that we used to use in the Aliner in the Casita.

The little electric heater makes a fantastic dehumidifier

The little electric heater makes a fantastic dehumidifier

I like the little heater because it is thermostatically controlled, and it only runs when it is actually heating.  The Casita’s air conditioner/heater fan runs the whole time it is on.

Running the little heater is a lot cheaper than buying and running a decent dehumidifier.   And it has completely dried out the Casita’s interior.  There is not a hint of dampness or mustiness in it anymore.

I also, after using all kind of unsatisfactory substitutes for the factory air conditioner filter, found the perfect solution at Amazon.  It’s a foam filter just like the one that came in the air conditioner.  The only difference is, you have to cut it to fit.

I bought 3 filters, and figure it is good for at least 9 filter changes in my air conditioner!


A spider lurking on the side of our storage shed

Our weather has been rainy and dreary the past two days.  I didn’t find much outside to take photos of.  But we have several big, fat spiders making their home around our storage shed.  So here’s the best nature shot I could muster up for you today!  😀

We had to cancel our trip to Texas.  Instead, we were going to meet with friends at a nearby COE.  But they’ve had to cancel due to a family emergency.

If the government doesn’t shut down, we’ll still use our COE reservations.  If the government shuts down (which means closing the National Parks and Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds) we may go to a nearby state park for a few days.

We are just bursting to get out again!

In preparation for cooler weather, the Casita's closet has been stocked with jackets, raincoats, dog sweater and coat, hats and fleece gloves..

In preparation for cooler weather, the Casita’s closet has been stocked with jackets, raincoats, dog sweater and coat, hats and fleece gloves.

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  1. Just found your blog, plan on prowling around a little! We are staying in a 5th wheel where hubby works out of town, but my dream is to have a little camper van to go visit my long distance kiddos. Can’t wait to see how you use yours:).


    • Carla, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get the van. My sister is camping right now in her DIY camper van and having a ball with it in Texas.

      I do have the little Casita, and it delights me, although it is a little more involved than just hopping in a van and taking off.

      Wishing you the very best of luck in finding a little camper van so you can hop in it and visit your kids anytime the urge strikes you! 🙂


  2. Your camping unit is so cool! Forgive me if I shudder just a bit after looking at the spider picture. It is beautiful but one of those critters did a number on the arm this year. *smile*
    Great job on the air conditioning fix and the correction for humidity.


    • So good to see you here, Brad. Yes, I remember that spider bite. I hope it is all healed up now.

      Thanks for the compliments on my little projects. 🙂


  3. Nice work on the AC….today I start cleaning my Casita out….I’m going to check the AC unit to make sure I don’t have the same problem….BTW , Meridian is suppose to call me today and I have high hopes that I can then get you the photo’s with 10 days ..give or take a few…hope you Guys can take a trip… travels…Horst sends


    • Horst, I have never heard of anyone else having that AC problem. Hope yours is fine. You would know if you did have it because there would be a black ring around your air conditioner!

      I am so looking forward to the photos!


  4. alex

     /  September 26, 2013

    Hi Tinycamper, just letting you know about one of my very favorite mods I did on my ‘Time Bandit’ was switching to a digital thermostat. Now I set the temperature I want and the whole deal (either ac cool, ac heatstrip, or gas furnace) shuts on and off fan and all within a range that I specify. I thought I would like it, but afterwards I loved it. Love ALL your stuff thanks for keeping your blog- Sincerely Alex


    • Alex, I would love to have that mod, but it’s not something I want to tackle myself. If I ever make it to Little House Customs in Texas, I will have Larry do that mod for me.

      I never realized how the constantly whooshing air could get on my nerves, but it is such a problem to me that I think I will take the little electric heater with me this winter instead of using the Casita’s heat strip.

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! 🙂


  5. MarciaGB

     /  September 26, 2013

    I really appreciate the way you stay on top of repairs and mods on your Casita. That’s not only making it more livable for you but protecting your asset as well. Good to stay on top of these things and have less problems down the road – literally!


    • Thank you, Marcia. I’ve learned that if you catch a problem early, it’s usually an easy fix. But if you let it go it can turn into a messy, expensive fix.

      Besides, I really love keeping my little micro condo on wheels looking as good as I can. 🙂


  6. cozybegone

     /  September 27, 2013

    Close to 2am cheering Dad on to pass another blood clot! Our night shift is almost over….while I’d much rather be headed to GA, sure glad were bedside with Dad! Chking our air next time we get back to Casita! You are so thorough…Lv it!


    • Carla, I am so happy you can be there with him. That has to be such a comfort to him! Family should ALWAYS come first! 🙂

      We canceled our Doll Mountain reservations. Are planning to go to a state park instead later in October. But at least we will be getting out camping!

      All the best to you, Jerry, Dad and your family!



  7. Good you found the issue with the AC and got it fixed up. We have been “puttering” in our Casita and decided to go back to the original plan of twin beds. We have an elderly Shih Tzu that has recently had a doggie stroke called ODV (Old Dog Vestibular) and although she is mostly back to normal we fear she may “wander” off the bed in the night. With the twins we can fix a nice doggie bed in the isle between the two beds. She and her BFF, Nick, can camp out there. I also think it will give us more room. We are now working on how in the world to mount the DVD player. We have a TV that was already in the Casita but no way to watch anything on it. Nice to have projects huh? If you have any suggestions please run them our way.
    Take care!! Hey, this weather is beginning to get really nice….camping is in the air!!!


    • Gerri, isn’t it fun to putter? I empathize with your concerns about your little dog. Sunny is not that old, but he has a chronic eye disease and arthritis in his hips that require daily medication. If he jumped off a bed, he would injure himself severely.

      I think you will probably like the longer look of the trailer with twin beds. That extra floor space makes it look more spacious to me. Of course, in cold weather, you can’t snuggle. 🙂

      I’m afraid I can’t help you with the TV and DVD setup. We don’t have either in our Casita. We rely on our laptops for news, weather and music. Ron uses the TV shelf for his cookie/doughnut/sweets stash.


  8. I know you are ready and raring to go! I sure learned I will be getting a sight with electric hook up in winter for that nice little heater.


  9. Looks like some good solutions you’re coming up with. Where to next?


  10. Tinycamper, I’m new to blogging and found your blog through recommendation from Al Bayfield. Love the casita set up. Did the shelf in the corner come with your unit or after market? If so, where did you get it. Love that idea. Thanks for the good info I’ve been finding from reading along. I will start my full-timing adventure in early 2014. Safe travels to you.


  11. Jean, nice to see you here.

    The shelf came with the Casita. It’s the TV shelf option.

    I am still dreaming of full timing. Wishing you all the very best!!


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