Window Fix & Book Storage

The window latch bar reinstalled

The window latch bar reinstalled

In yesterday’s post I described how my very hard to open bathroom window came apart when I gave it a big tug to open it.  And I described how I fixed it.

To my great relief, it worked!

And after lubricating the window track with spray silicone lubricant, the window glides up and down easily and smoothly!

I got the metal bar a little off center, but it's sturdy and it works.  So I'm happy with it.

I got the metal bar a little off center, but it’s sturdy and it works. So I’m happy with it.

I didn’t want to just spray the silicone lubricant and get it everywhere.  So I sprayed some of it into the can’s plastic lid, then used a Q-tip to apply it generously to both the upper and lower window track.

Since it worked so well, I lubricated all the upper and lower window tracks in the trailer.  Now all the windows slide as smoothly as the bathroom one!

The other project that I considered essential before leaving was building  secure book storage.  And the only place in the trailer to put it was underneath our clothes storage baskets.

(Originally we had beautiful decorator baskets, but their metal edges scraped the fiberglass, so we switched to four plain fabric baskets until I can find something pretty that works.)

A view of the curb side window track

A view of the bottom curb side window track that was treated with silicone lubricant using Q-tips

I found a plastic drawer unit in my craft room and decided that would make a decent temporary base for book storage.  Then I found a very ratty piece of inferior plywood scrap in the shed, and decided to build a prototype using it as a cover for the book drawer and a base for our clothes baskets.

The ugly prototype book storage solution -- but hey, it works!

The ugly prototype book storage solution — but hey, it works!

I rounded the corners of the plywood, put D ring weatherstripping around the edges to keep it from scratching the fiberglass if it shifted, and put a piece of white duct tape over an ugly void in the top layer of plywood because I was afraid it would weaken it.  Then I built a frame of 1×3 wood on the bottom to fit down into the drawer.  That will keep the board anchored inside the drawer when we go over bumps and will also help support the weight of the clothes.  Finally I placed a piece of non-skid shelf liner under the drawer to help keep it in place.

So my prototype is very rough and ugly, but if it works as well as I think it will, I’ll buy decent materials and redo it.  And I need to devise a nicer-looking way to pad the edges.

So it will be Thursday before we leave for Doll Mountain, but my beloved books have a place now.  So it’s worth the delay!

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  1. I’m happy you will finally be leaving. Something is always needed to be done or falling apart just when it’s time to head out.
    Have a great time.


    • Thanks, Jo. I have never done a project where I haven’t run into a whole bunch of unexpected other things I have to do to make it work! 🙂


  2. You got me curious in your last post so I went out to our Casita and tried to open the other windows. Nope…tight as a tick!! Now I have a project, get some spray silicone lubricant and a few Q tips and apply to the windows. Hope mine begin to glide as well as yours!!!


    • It should work. Be generous with the lubricant!

      Did you make sure your windows aren’t latched? Sometimes it’s hard for me to rmember which side of the latch to push to lock or unlock them.


  3. Marcia GB

     /  July 31, 2013

    Great fixes – you are so clever! I wonder how many Casita owner blog readers checked their windows? Our bathroom window was stuck, too and thanks to you, now it’s not!


    • Marcia, I wouldn’t have thought of it if the bathroom window hadn’t come apart and I had to fix it and try to think of something to keep it from happening again.

      What really makes me happy is that my problem ended up helping others with their stuck bathroom windows! .


  4. Smart! Both the window fix and the book storage. I am in AWE of your DIY abilities. I have to pay someone to change a light bulb. BTW, how many people does it take?


    • Kim, believe me, I would rather someone else do it. But since I don’t have that option, it has been an adventure jumping in over my head and not drowning — so far, at least!

      As to the light bulb… that’s one I haven’t figured out yet! 😀


  5. cozybegone

     /  July 31, 2013

    That window always gives me fits. I’m so happy your journals have found such a sweet spot…you never cease to amaze me with ideas! Enjoy those mountains!!


  6. So strange! Our bathroom window is so loose, it barely stays up. Maybe ours was used frequently.
    Good to hear that you are getting out of town! Hope the weather cooperates as you are deserving of a great trip.


    • I am really surprised that your window is loose. Wow! I think they use the same window in the 16s and 17s.

      Anyway, great that you don’t have the sticky window problem.

      It rained today, but it has passed. We have actually had several nice days lately. So I don’t mind rain and long as it moves on and leaves a pretty day behind it. 🙂


  7. kathy nik

     /  July 31, 2013

    Casita really should hire you as a consultant! I am always amazed by your ingenuity. I can see you on the Conestogas on the pioneer trail, thinking of new and better ways to find storage, and ‘fixing’ problems along the way!


    • Kathy, I bet almost every one of the pioneers became experts at fixing anything that broke. You do what you have to do.

      They also learned about packing only what they needed, because I read that they threw out a lot of stuff within a short time after heading west. Just like I threw out a lot of stuff out of my backpack shortly after hauling it up and down a few mountains. 😀

      Speaking of the pioneers, I read once that many people starved to death on the trail with tons of food beneath their feet because they didn’t know enough about wild edible foods. Really sad.


  8. Once again, you truly amaze me with your talents. To be able take what you have lying around, and make something truly useful from it is a gift. Good information on the windows, also. Don’t remember that ever being mentioned on any of the forums. Hope you have a fantastic trip to the mountains. You deserve it:-)


    • Jerry, coming from you that is very high praise, because I’ve seen pictures of a house you built. I was so impressed!

      Thank you. 🙂

      It’s thundering now, but it’s supposed to be a nice day tomorrow. We are so excited about running away from home!


  9. As Jerry said…you are an amazing person….given my “Tim the Tool Man Talent”…I would have ripped the entire window and frame out and tried to replace to no avail….and ended up with cardboard and duck-tape….

    Thanks for sharing …have a Super Adventure to Doll Mountain…Horst sends


    • Horst, I hollered out loud when I read your comment. That’s MY usual way of doing things! The hardest, most roundabout, convoluted method…. then an awful lot of work fixing my fixes! 😀

      Thanks for the good wishes. We can’t wait to get there!


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