Camping This Week

We’re skipping the mountains this time.  I’m a worry-wort, and I’m concerned that so much rain may have weakened some of the roads.  Probably totally unfounded, but it’s a real concern to me.  Also, I’m concerned that going a week without hookups in cloudy weather might mean the solar panel couldn’t keep our battery charged.

Last week I checked the weather in northern Mississippi and it looked great, so we were going to head there to escape the rain.  On checking it now, they are predicted to get as much as we are.

So we’ve decided to head to the Doll Mountain campground at Carter’s Lake in north Georgia.  At least our Georgia fishing licenses are good there.

If I can get everything done, we’ll leave Wednesday.  I not, it will have to be Thursday.  I don’t have a long enough lead time to make reservations through Reserve America, but it looks like there will be enough walk-in sites available.

Today I thought I’d give the Casita a quick wash.  But I found black mold (mildew?) embedded in the roof.  So by the time I scrubbed all that off with bleach, dish soap and a nylon scrubbie cloth, I realized I’d also removed most of the Poliglow.  The roof still shines, but it doesn’t bead water anymore.  So redoing the roof’s Poliglow is another project on my list.

The rest of the trailer was as easy as I had expected it all to be.

Except that I discovered road tar on the bottom front of the trailer and in the wheel wells.  I didn’t have the energy to tackle it, so I’ll worry about that later.

When I was putting up the shelves in the bathroom the other day, I decided to open the bathroom window for ventilation.  It’s always been hard to open.  This time, it was really hard, so I gave it a mighty pull — and the metal top, along with its rubber seal, came off in my hand, leaving a bare glass edge in the window.

I wasn’t sure what to put it back on with.  It looked like there had originally been some kind of sticky glue on the front edge of the rubber.  I was afraid to use anything too permanent in case I messed up and would have to redo it.  So I put some silicone sealer on the inside of the rubber and put it back on the glass.  I let it set overnight, then put a little more of the sealer in the metal track of the piece that came off, then firmly pressed it on.  It looks okay, but I haven’t tried to open the window again.

I did decide that if I put some silicone lubricant in the window track it would make it easier to open and close in the future.

When I finish packing the Casita tomorrow, I’ll use the lubricant in the other window tracks, too, as they are all hard to open.

Sorry, no pictures today.  I was too pooped to worry about the camera.  🙂


  1. Wishing you all a GREAT time in the mountains!! Hope the fish are biting!! The gentleman that owned our Casita kept it nice and shiny but we will need to put some Poliglow on it as well. Where do you buy yours? Hope your window is fixed and secure. I noticed when we were camping our way home, I tried to open that window the morning I took my shower and couldn’t get it to go up. I think I will leave it alone for awhile.
    I am still trying to get things organized. Bought some items at Wal-Mart yesterday that can be left in the camper (less to pack each time we go out) and Mike created a couple of tubs of “camping” things such as chocks, bal-leveler, the sewer solution stuff, rope lights etc. that will be kept in our garage and transferred to the XTerra when we get ready to go camping. Once we get the sleeping arrangement figured out we’ll be good to go.
    Yes, we LOVE our Casita and can’t wait to get back out camping again, especially now that we are getting ourselves organized.
    Thanks for your information about the rivets/rivet gun. We looked at Home Depot but they were out of the guns. We will get one and begin to practice. Good advice!!
    We are thinking of making a camping trip to FDR State Park (not far from us) to just “see” what we need, and get more used to things….then onward and outward we go!!!


    • I am so glad you are happy with your Casita! I was worried after your first rainy introduction to camping in it. 🙂

      You can buy Poliglow direct from Poliglow or from Amazon. Here is Poliglow’s order page:

      It’s expensive, but so worth it. A LOT of people use Red Max Pro floor polish that is a lot cheaper and makes it shine just as well. I pay extra for Poliglow because it’s made for fiberglass boats and has UV protectorants.

      I don’t know if you are interested in twin beds in your Liberty. If so, this is the very best example of one that I’ve seen — my opinion, of course! Anyway, it might spark some ideas.

      Excellent idea about camping close by before heading out. I am so excited for you. Please do keep up your blog so I can tag along! 🙂


  2. Bon Voyage!


  3. We use The Solution, and The Bullet on all our rigs. .Love your little Cassita


    • Thanks Betty and Joe. The Casita is definitely for a niche market… but we’re in the niche. 🙂


  4. alex

     /  July 30, 2013

    If you are ever in the mood for a gorgeous camp not in the mountains, may I recommend Millers Ferry State Park in Alabama. Its right on a river so you can kayak, too. A more beautiful setting in a well kept park would be hard to find.


    • Thank you, Alex. That might be a good place to stop over on our way back from Texas this October. I’ll check it out on the net and find out where it’s located and how to get there. 🙂


    • Marie Short

       /  July 30, 2013

      I’d like to hear more about the AL campground, and what kind of river it is… Whitewater? Flatwater?


  5. alex

     /  July 31, 2013

    It is flatwater near the campground, at least. There may be a lock nearby. Amazing bird life.
    The location is somewhat remote, as it is off any beaten path, but definitely worth a detour. It is nearest Camden,AL.


  6. Gene Masse

     /  July 31, 2013

    If you get tired of the rain try heading West. We need rain. Up for a longer trip try the Black Hills of South Dakota. Beautiful area for camping and lots to see. Not nearly as hot also.


    • Gene, we really do want to head West some day. The only thing is, our property would be waist high in grass and weeds if we were away more than a week or so in summer. Some day I hope to sell this place and get a smaller place that doesn’t require such constant maintenance.

      The only time we can realistically head west is in fall and winter when the grass isn’t growing.

      I would LOVE to see the Black Hills and Montana and Colorado and the southwest. And the Oregon Coast.

      If I could get hubby on board, we’d do it anyway, and to heck with the grass! 🙂


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