I did get the other magnets glued to the door today.  Am giving them a full 24 hours before I put the weight of the curtain road and curtains on them.  I am confident it will work out fine.

Also got the new spice rack up and remounted the paper towel holder.

No pictures today.  Maybe manana!  🙂

I can’t remember if I posted this, but a friend of Ron’s from Alabama said it’s good we are not camping in the Talladega National Forest next week.  He said all the rain has the snakes running for higher ground and snakes are even coming into people’s houses in the area.

I hope that doesn’t mean they are all running up to Mt. Pisgah, too!  😀

We went to Walmart this evening, and the whole parking area stinks of mildew.

In case you think I am over-reacting to all the rain we’ve had lately, I thought I’d share this map.  It is the first time I have EVER seen blue on a drought map in all the years I’ve been following them.  So we live in a blue area and we’ll be camping in a blue area… but at least it will be cooler in the Smokies.  I looked at a 10 day forecast.  Most of the nights should be in the 60’s, but some in the 50’s are also predicted.

That’s COLD after all this heat!

"Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be....."  :)

“Blue, navy blue, I’m as blue as I can be…..” 🙂


  1. cozybegone

     /  July 21, 2013

    The curtains are holding – wahoo! Wishing I had that window to open…Casita got covered in ants so I was reluctant to keep the door open. We have them controlled now and leaving anyway. I think they are licking the sap off the surface. As for the “blue”….you’ve had your share…50’s at night for sleeping sounds perfect to me! Snakes not so much…watch them pups and your toes.


    • Carla, diatomaceous earth or boric acid powder dusted inside the interior of your lower compartments should kill ants, roaches, and any other crawling critters that may invade your trailer indefinitely, unless it gets wet.

      I’ve been reading the “Me and My Dog” blog. She has had trouble with mice out West. Hope you escape that trauma! Kim also got one in her Roadtrek one time. So don’t freak if that happens, too! 😀

      Hope you are having a wonderful day today as a fledgling full timer!


  2. I really enjoy your posts. What part of the smokies are you headed to?


    • Thanks, paddlewhisperer! We are heading for the Mt. Pisgah campground. No hookups and no cell service, but I’ve been told the showers and bath houses are nice.

      Hope we get enough sun for our solar panels to keep our batteries charged!


  3. alex

     /  July 21, 2013

    I think you are holding up marvelously well! I would be positively psychotic after all that rain. Love your blog (good luck with the magnets)


    • Alex, I’ve fought bouts of depression and irritability from all the rain and gloomy skies. If it weren’t so hot outside the blue area, we would definitely head for someplace drier. I am dreaming of fall camping!

      I am happy to hear that you enjoy the blog. That makes my day! And thanks for the good wishes!


  4. Right, it sure has been another wierd weather year. looking forward to your adventure. Stay warm!!!


    • I’m anxious to read your cliffhanger about what you saw when you scoped out your new camp host assignment! Hope Rhonda’s back now and things are back on an even keel. 🙂


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