That #*!&% Curtain, Other Projects & Camping Plans

The door curtain with dowel hanging from curtain ring so we can open it at night with the screen door closed

The door curtain with dowel hanging from curtain ring so we can open it at night with the screen door closed

So I got the curtain up today and discovered that one magnet on each end of the curtain rod is not strong enough to hold the curtain up.  I added some sticky tape to hold it up while I took the picture, and as soon as I got the photo, the curtain fell down.

I really rue the day I decided not to use riveted rod holders!

Tonight I’ll glue on another magnet per side and hold my breath that it works!

Dowel with cup hook hanging from curtain rings

Dowel with cup hook hanging from curtain rings

I screwed a small cup hook into a 1/4″ dowel that I hung from one of the curtain rings.  This is so, when the screen door is closed at night, I can reach it from the door lock area to open the curtain it without having to open the whole door.

While I was at it, I removed the old, rusty kitchen rack.  I’ll replace it with a similar spice rack to hold small bottles of dish soap, vitamins, and such.  But installing the new one won’t happen until tomorrow.  I’m still unbelievably disappointed at the curtain rod problem.

I also bought new wire racks for the inside of the closet and the bathroom.

I removed this old, rusty kitchen rack today.  Will put up a shiny new one tomorrow.  :)

I removed this old, rusty kitchen rack today. Will put up a shiny new one tomorrow. 🙂

We are planning to go camping Tuesday.  We originally thought Monday, but there’s a 70% chance of thunderstorms.  There’s only a 20% on Tuesday, so that will be our travel day.

We’ve decided to go to the mountains in spite of daily thunderstorms.  We’d get the storms anyway if we camped in the Talledega National Forest in Alabama or in the North Georgia COEs.  And it will be 10 degrees cooler at Mt. Pisgah.

On a happier note, I did find several boletes today.  I probably won’t have time to identify them, but I do know that one is a bolete and one a suillus.  One is unknown.  Also found a new amanita.  So assuming I calm down from today’s Casita mod disasters, I’ll work on that this evening!  🙂



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  1. Bummer when things fall down. Or aren’t the right size. Or style. Or price. I hear ya!

    I know you are looking forward to the get-away.


    • We are desperate to get out. If the curtain rod won’t stay up, we’ll hang a towel over the door! 😀


  2. EmilyO

     /  July 19, 2013

    Oh lord, do I know those frustrations, I am mechanically inclined – Emily style. Wish we could get some of that rain – I hung my sheets out to attract rain, the sheets dried, the clouds came, the thunder made noises, the squall came; but my elm tree is so thick the rain didn’t even dampen the sheets. And, the grass that needs the water didn’t get any. Okay, am frustrated too. Didn’t realize your trailer didn’t have carpeting on the door like mine.


    • Emily, the weather is so lopsided this year. The West so dry; unprecedented rain in the East. I do wish we could mix it up a little. 🙂

      Ron ran to a guy in the store who told him it’s good we are not camping at Talladega next week. The rain has all the snakes scrambling for higher ground and people in the area have been finding them in their houses!

      EEK! Makes a thunderstorm on a mountain sound like a cake walk to me!


  3. We ordered new replacement racks from Casita the other day. One quick way to make me a happy camper!!


  4. I know you must be frustrated but walk away for a spell and then go back….give it another go around!! The curtains do look very nice and they will be wonderful when you are all finished…hang in there!
    Enjoy your getaway to the mountains!! We are heading out in the morning for Ohio to pick up our Casita!! 🙂


    • Gerri, I did walk away. I was going to glue on more magnets tonight, then decided nope. Tomorrow’s another day and I’ll work on it then.

      I do like the way the curtains look. There is also a big overlap in the center that will give extra privacy, too.

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do post pictures of your new Casita. I can’t wait to see it! And can’t wait to see posts about you out and about enjoying it! I can’t remember anything that has ever made me happier than picking up our new-to-us Casita, and I know you must feel the same way!


  5. kathy nik

     /  July 19, 2013

    I couldn’t help chuckling at the title of your post! How many projects I’ve worked on in the 40 years in our house that didn’t quite turn out the way I’d planned, and I’ve had magnetic things not live up to their promise, also. Then there was the wallpaper border that fell down the next day. The curtains will look great when they are done! It IS a good plan. Hope your trip works out! We’ve been cheated out of sitting in our gazebo for a week due to 90 degree days and daily storms. But I got some indoor work done since we have wonderful A/C.


    • Kathy, I very rarely feel like swearing… and I didn’t today. But I sure wanted to! 😀

      I know the magnetic curtain rod does a great job holding up the curtain on my refrigerator. So hopefully another magnet on the Casita door will work. I’m tempted to just glue 3 on each side so I won’t have to ever worry about it.

      I will, of course, have to repaint the inside of the door someday.

      Ha! I went through the wallpaper border fiasco on the Aliner. Then, when I finally got it fixed and it looked great, humidity made the edges start curling after several months.

      I know how much being able to enjoy your gazebo means to you. This is a tough year due to strange weather. I am catching myself feeling flashes of anger this evening, and I think it’s just due to all the disappointments lately.

      Sure hope blue skies, low humidity, decent temperatures and breezes come your way soon. 🙂


  6. I sure hope the new magnets work. Whether you realize it or not you do have patients, by now I would have screwed the rod on.


    • Yes, I do have a fair amount of patience. But since I’m at the angry stage now, it might end up getting on screwed on after all! 😀


  7. lynne

     /  July 20, 2013

    Excited when I saw you were going to MT Pisgah! Say “hi” to Ranger Jim if you see him.

    Take some warm clothes!


    • Will look forward to meeting Ranger Jim! And I took a look at the forecast and am taking long johns for evening wear! Wish we were meeting you there!


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