Uncle, Already!





The weather is wearing on all of us, including the dogs.  We are coping with extra naps, snacks and comfort food.  😀

I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll be able to make it to the North Carolina mountains this month.  It will depend on the weather.  I don’t think camping on top of a mountain without hookups in daily thunderstorms would be a lot of fun.

Maybe I’ll concentrate on more Casita projects and just look forward to camping weather, whenever it comes.  Maybe August?  The cooler mountains would be a real treat then.

But, soggy as it is here, I would much rather have our weather than the hot, dry fire weather out West.




  1. Seventeen inches on the beach we love to know…ecks! Can hardly wait to puddle jump the good and the bad forecasts…surely there is some sunshine in sight! Hopeful the clearly comes…I want to hear stories of the NC mtns!


    • I was thinking how wonderful it would be to just head west or north or whatever direction it would take to get to happy weather! If it was all up to me, we would!


  2. We are now into our monsoon season and while grateful it can be a real downer too. I have saved some indoor projects for this weather. But I get bored pretty fast being an outdoor person.


    • That’s the problem… I live to be outdoors. Well, one consolation is that when I finally get back outside there will be lots of mushrooms to study! 🙂


  3. Seems just yesterday that parts of the Southeast were in a severe drought. Hope all your rain is helping to fill the lakes and reservoirs again. Won’t be long before the sun is shining again and you can hit the road. Don’t know how long you have had it up, but just noticed your header photo. Love it.


    • Jerry, I still cringe when I remember that drought. And when I see the dried up lakes in southwest blogs, it almost makes me cry. So I guess I just need to grow up and quit whining! 🙂

      The header was one of those shots that had everything in a wide, narrow strip that really lent itself to using there. Glad you like it.


  4. Yep, the rain is getting old. Doris is the only one in the family who seems OK with it. I just keep telling myself that it’s either this or the suffocating heat and humidity.


    • Suffocating heat and humidity is the ONLY thing that is stronger than my itch to get out. Coleman Lake in Alabama ought to have chanterelles now, but that’s not even enough inducement to go camping there!


  5. We’re having thunderstorms in the Sierra near Tahoe lately too. But the rain is very localized so its easy to avoid.


    • Lee, I just took a look at your blog with Dora the Explorer. Your photos are gorgeous… especially the sun rising over the lake. Wishing you many happy trips ahead. And enough rain to help you enjoy the sunshine — and vice versa!


  6. I kept thinking we would meet up in a campground this summer but between the weather and health problems it isn’t looking that way. I had knee surgery 2 days ago so I don’t know how long it will be before I can take the casita out again. Until then I will enjoy your blog and the wonderful pictures you post.


    • Cynthia, I would have loved to meet up somewhere. Maybe we can meet up this fall. Or sometime! 🙂

      I hope your knees heal fast. I know several people who have had that surgery and they are doing great. It’s such a blessing that fixes like that are available to us.

      I love sharing my trips with people on the blog, and it delights me when people let me know they enjoy them, too.

      Hopefully, the rain will pass in a couple of weeks and we can get out again.


  7. Hi Tinycamper! Just joined the group reading your blog! We live in LaGrange, Georgia and also remember the severe droughts we have experienced in the past. As much as I am tired of the rain I look at the grass and all things green and say a huge “thanks!” We have just purchased a “new to us” Casita from Bob and Beverly Weddington (Cincinnati, Ohio). We should be picking it up late next week. So excited to be able to actually camp again. We full-timed for over a year and although we loved it, it was a different type of lifestyle. There were so many great places we just couldn’t get into with that big rig! We missed camping!! Looking forward to meeting you “down the road” somewhere! We also have a blog (left over from full-timing but hopefully to be resurrected when we begin to get out more). Stop by when you have time – http://www.freedom2roll.blogspot.com
    Mike & Gerri Jones


    • Welcome, Mike and Gerri! You live near some of my favorite camping places. We especially love R. Shaeffer Heard.

      After I wrote my complaint about the weather, I remembered the lake in Carrollton being nothing but mud flats. It was a spooky feeling. I do wish we weren’t getting quite so much rain, but it is so reassuring to know that we will not have to worry about water rationing or forest fires this year.

      Big rigs are nice, but I love the go-anywhere convenience of the Casita. You can’t live IN them — you live out of them. But that’s perfect for travel and camping. So welcome to Casita-hood! 🙂

      Looking forward to meeting you on the road, too!

      Thanks for the link to the blog. I’ll enjoy checking it out!


  8. Marsha

     /  July 5, 2013

    We had severe drought last year and lots of rain this year. It’s like feast or famine.


    • That seems to be the new norm, doesn’t it? Guess we need to learn how to dance in the rain, huh? 🙂


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