The Window is In!

I can see outside now!

I can see outside now!

I finally got a break in the rain, so was able to install the new clear, smoke colored, opening window in the Casita’s door.

The old window out and on the ground.

The old window out and on the ground.

The first step was ridiculously easy… removing the screws that held the old frame in, sliding a spatula underneath the bottom outside flange… and it just fell out.  After I had the old window out, I test fitted the new one.  Perfect!

This is going to be the easiest mod I’ve ever done! I exulted.

There was one chore to do before I could mount the new window — scraping off the old silicone.  I used a good silicone remover which made the job not difficult.  Just tedious.

Next was sticking the weather stripping to the new outside flange.  It was cut perfectly to size.  So I had Ron carry the new window outside for me where I would triumphantly mount it.

The new window

The new window

But then, Murphy reared his ugly head.

The directions said nothing about drilling screw holes in the frame.  So I got a few screws in, but the weather stripping wasn’t compressing and there was a half inch gap between the window and the inner frame.   I thought it must be that the weather stripping was too thick, so I removed it and replaced it with butyl tape.  But the butyl tape wouldn’t compress and there was still that one half inch gap inside.

Then I realized that the screws weren’t penetrating deeply enough, so I drilled pilot holes for the screws and tried again.  Still no compression of the seal–and still that gap.  So I figured I needed to drill the pilot holes deeper….  and I drilled a hole all the way through the outside frame.

New window interior

New window interior

So I took out all the nice, matching black screws that were provided and hunted through my screw collection until I found some shorter screws that were the same width.  Amazingly, the screws bit in, compressed the outside sealant and pulled the inside trim flush against the window.

But there was still some covering my mistakes to do.  I had to insert a screw into the outside frame (well sealed) to cover my Murphy drill-through.  And I had to paint it and the interior screws black to match the frame like the factory screws.

Anyway, it’s done, and now that the window is in, I am thrilled with it.  I can see the view outside my dinette bed while I’m reading, surfing, working crosswords or just enjoying a cup of coffee.  And the window opens!  Having that extra ventilation is wonderful.

New window open

New window open

The window has a very good latch.  It’s as secure — or maybe more secure than the original window.  If someone wants to break in while the window is closed, they are still going to have to break the glass.  And I won’t leave it open unless I feel it is safe to do so.

But like all projects, this one means I have a couple of new projects to do

First is new curtains.  I don’t want curtains up in the daytime because they would block the view.  So I’m planning to mount an attractive curtain rod and make curtains with little rings to go on the rod. They will slide off the rod easily so I can store them during the day.  And they will slide open easily if I need to open them to see who is outside the door at night.

That presents another project.  The screen door is between me and the window.  The only way to open the screen door is to open the outside door.  So I plan to attach a small cup hook to a narrow dowel and hang it from the last curtain ring on the right.  It can hang down to door handle level where I can reach it to open the curtain without opening the door.

The Murphy screw

The Murphy screw. I’m calling it a beauty mark. 🙂

BUT before I can see who is at the door at night, I need to wire my outside porch light so it can be turned on from the inside, too.

But I’m so thrilled with the new window that I’ll get the curtains done before our next camping trip in July.  The wiring might have to wait a little longer.

I need some time to recover from the Murphy ambush!


  1. Hate that evil Murphy! But on the other hand, I have learned preserverence at his evil hand!! Great job! I just love when a project finally comes together!


    • Karen, that evil Murphy is responsible for turning me from an easily irritated and short-fused person into an almost ploddingly patient person over the years. I don’t like the lessons, but I do handle life better now.

      Thanks for the kudos! 🙂


  2. Brilliant!


  3. Another nice job. It’s nice to have a door you can look out of. I have those non see thru doors on my trailer I really don’t like them either.


    • We had some campers knock on our door one night when we were out camping to warn us of an approaching storm. I was panicked because I had no idea who was there, and wasn’t about to open the door. The non-see-through windows are great for bathrooms, but that’s about all!


  4. Great project! Replacing my window is on my list too – I’d like to be able to see who is at my door before I open it.
    Don’t you wish Murphy would go camp somewhere else!


    • Well, if Murphy doesn’t show up it really is a simple project, Anne. I’d encourage you to try it.

      Not only is knowing who is at the door great, but I only have one other small window on that side, so the increased view of my surroundings while camping is a big deal! 🙂


  5. Oh, I want one now!!! Love to be able to see out the door…we put a peep hole in but nothing compares to a full view and VENTALATION! Nice job….can you make two sets of curtains why your at it LOL!


    • I did think that I will have to spray my screen door with bug spray now that bugs can come through the window. But it’s worth it to me. That window I couldn’t see out of was driving me crazy!

      Carla, if I didn’t hate sewing SO badly I’d probably make dozens and set up a little side business doing decorating for Casitas. But I truly despise sewing. I used to make all of my clothes and my kids’ clothes back in the 70’s and I just flat burned out on it!

      But If you like the curtains I come up with for my door, I would make another one for YOU ONLY! 🙂

      BTW, I still want to install a peep hole someday!


      • Aren’t you just the sweetest….I gave my sewing machine away. But I’m betting after I see yours it might be a good hand sewing job for my raining days we will probably have plenty of :O)


  6. EmilyO

     /  June 29, 2013

    Wow, you did good. What a job! I have the see-through window; but it got so that I wanted to control who could see in when the door was closed and when. Have blinds but am not really happy with the situation. Like the ability to open that window – hmmmm.


    • Emily! You just gave me a solution that I LIKE. I would like to have blinds on that window. Will just put a long dowel instead of the shorter wand so I can reach it from the door lock opening in the screen door to open the blinds if needed! And mount the blinds high enough so that when they are up, they are above the top of the window so they don’t obstruct the view!

      I think I will mount the blinds in a way that they would be very easy to remove and clean as needed, as they will get dirtier faster when the door is open.

      Thank you!


  7. Love all that you are doing! Our 16 ft’s come with a window….at least the old ones did. We messed up when we left the window open for ventilation during a bad rain storm. Water got into the door and now we are having problems with our locks as the screws must have some rotten wood that does not hold.

    Also one of our buddies from Texas installed a wal-mart type security light on the outside of his trailer. It’s motion triggered and comes on when there’s movement outside. I think the base stays on with some type of glue and he just sticks the light on when he’s stationary. Something to think about.

    Good luck with the sewing!


    • Lynne! A motion activated light! That’s the perfect solution. Thanks!!!

      Oh dear…. the door lock not working properly is a big problem. I’m sorry to hear that.

      The inside of my 17′ door is styrofoam, and it is straight and not curved like the 16 footers. I wouldn’t have any idea what to do about that. Maybe Larry at Little House Customs would have some suggestions.

      Hope it’s not impacting enjoyment of your trip.


  8. lynne

     /  July 1, 2013

    Forgot to add that the light is not wired but battery operated.

    David installed a secure latch…not a real problem yet. Cold and raining this PM!


    • I figured the light was probably battery powered. That’s a relief because I’d rather not have to do any more wiring unless I absolutely have to!

      Thank goodness David was able to come up with a good workaround solution!


  9. Cynthia

     /  July 5, 2013

    You amaze me with all the projects you do. I love the window and would like to replace ours. Where did you find it?


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